IGNIS Recessed Wall Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace – Accalia

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Price: $858.00

Ventless – no chimney, no gas or electric lines required. Easy or no maintenance required.
Easy Installation – Can be mounted directly on the wall or recessed (mounting brackets included).
Capacity: 1.5 Liter per Burner.
Approximate burn time – 5 – 9 hours per Burner per refill. Approximate BTU output – 6000 per Burner (Total BTU – 24000).
Includes Front Tempered Glass Barrier.




IGNIS Recessed Wall Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace – Accalia

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Accalia - Recessed Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

An exquisite refashioning of the traditional fireplace concept, the Accalia Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace is a luxurious addition to any contemporary space. Through sleek lines and understated beauty, Accalia will warm not only the room but the onlooker’s heart. A modern, rectangular frame that edges the clean-burning flames, is composed of high-grade stainless steel. The display of linear fire stretching 28.5″ in length, dances in front of the fireplace’s black powder-coated firebox for striking visual impact.

heat output of 24,000 BTU at its maximum

Accalia boasts the use of four ethanol burner inserts. Each burner is constructed of the like stainless steel and offers a sliding damper lid for flame adjustment to your liking, offering a combined heat output of 24,000 BTU at its maximum ability. Each burner functions separately and maybe attuned and extinguished using the included damper tool.

This bioethanol fireplace is offered with or without a panel of tempered glass. The glass, secured by stainless pins, acts as a safety guard and a windshield for the optimal performance and well-being of those in its surround.

An Eco-conscious fireplace, Accalia is powered by clean-burning bio ethanol fireplace fuel, producing no smoke nor odor nor requiring special ventilation.


Ventless: No Chimney, Gas Lines nor Electricity Required
Patented Design Using Spill-Proof Technology |Insert into Non-Combustible Surround
Easy or No Maintenance Required | Clean Burning
Perfect for Custom Fireplace Projects in New Constructions or Remodels
Dimensions: W 67″ x H 19.75″ x D 7.6″
Capacity: 1.5 Liters (1.6 Quarts) per Burner. Total 6 Liters (6.3 Quarts
Burn Time: ~ 5 – 9 Hours per Burne
Heat Output: ~ 6,000 BTU per Burner. Total ~ 36,000 BT
Minimum Space: 4800 Cubic Fee
Materials: 3mm Grade 304 Stainless Steel | Powder Coated Steel | Tempered Glass
Assembly Required: Minimum
Shipping Package Size: W 72″ x H 24″ x D 11″


Accalia Fireplace Body
Tempered Glass
4 x EB1200 Burner
Mounting Bracket
Damper Tool
User Manual


Ignis Bio Ethanol Fireplace FuelWe recommend IGNIS Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel

For the optimal fireplace experience, we recommend IGNIS Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel. Available in several quantities, this clean-burning fuel offers lively flames and long burn times. For the maximum enjoyment of this fireplace be sure to purchase a quantity equal to the fireplace’s fuel capacity.

Accalia - Wall Mounted Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

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5 reviews for IGNIS Recessed Wall Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace – Accalia

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    Love it love it love!

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    natalie washington

    This fireplace is amazing! The fireplace warms the room and the ambiance is an added bonus!

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    Soren Francker

    I just finished installing this gorgeous vent less fireplace in my condo and I’m so fired up and excited. Rather than recess it into my wall, I decided to hang it on the bracket that comes with the fireplace. For safety reasons I replaced a 70×24 inch piece of my ordinary wall sheet with a cement board (~$11 at Lowes) and install the bracket with 1/2 inch metal spacers so most of the heat can escape out in the room rather than travel through the cement board. With this fireplace I have real fire – instead of fake electrical look a like fire – in a condo that doesn’t have gas installed. It is cleaner and easier maintainable than a traditional wood fireplace. It is my new center piece and last night, I lit up all 4 containers with Bio-Ethanol and loved the look and warm feel. I’m planning to decorate the space around the fireplace with thin brick pieces but that’s just me. Alternatively I can just prime and paint the cement board to blend it in with the rest of the wall space.

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    Amazon Customer

    Great looking fireplace and gives off a lot of heat. Used in a retail shop & I get lots of compliments.

  5. blank

    Amazon Customer

    We are very happy with the purchase. The fireplace is very elegant and expensive looking. We are so excited to get it going! I can’t wait to post pictures once installed.

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