Ignis Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace Burner Insert EB1400

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Price: $99.99

Ventless – no chimney, no gas or electric lines required
Capacity 3 Liter Burner ~ 8 – 15 hours burn time per refill
BTU Output: ~6000 / Double Wall Technology – 3 mm 304 Stainless Steel
Adjustable Flame – Easy or no maintenance required
3 Year Warranty / Spill Proof Technology / Patented Design

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Ignis Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace Burner Insert EB1400

Limited only by your imagination our line can be utilized to build the fireplace of your dreams. All stainless steel double layer construction makes this perfect for any application. This item can be used as a replacement or for a custom installation.

The options are endless whether you build it in to a wall or place it in an existing fireplace. Dimensions: 13.1″ x 7.25″ x 3.25″. Features: no chimney, no gas or electric lines required. Easy or no maintenance required. Capacity: 3 Liters. Approximate time – 9 hours per refill. Approximate BTU output – 6000. Double Layer.

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10 reviews for Ignis Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace Burner Insert EB1400

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    I love the ambiance of a fire in the fireplace. Problem for me was the gas unit in my fireplace burned too hot for most of our South Texas winter. I could only use it occasionally and for short periods. This little Ignis is perfect for my needs. I just set it right on top of my gas unit (gas turned off obviously). It looks lovely and puts off just a little warmth. It could not be easier to set up and use. If I want a hotter fire – I can just pull it out and use the gas burner. Also love that it’s portable – can use in any room and for relaxing evenings on the patio. My neighbor took one look and then ordered one. Well worth the reasonable price. A quart of fuel provides about 4 hours of flame. I’ve seen complaints that it takes several tries to ignite. My experience is 2-3 hits with the lighter. No big deal. Also, be patient- it takes about 10 minutes for it to reach full flame.UPDATE: Still love my Ignis. My only gripe is the cost of fuel. I have found that a quart of fuel gives me about 4 hours of burn. 12 quarts of fuel cost $65 on Amazon (I cannot find it locally). My cost has been about $1.35-$1.45 per hour. Yikes! In other words, 12 quarts @ $65 will give you (8) 6 hour sessions or (12) 4 hour sessions. If you burn 4 hours a day that’s about $150 per month. I will have to manage my uasage. It’s so beautiful I want to burn it all day, every day. Also, update on heating. A 4-6 hour burn raises my room temp maybe one-two degrees. Adds to coziness, but if you are looking for fireplace heat…nope.

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    EE Professor

     This burner is just fantastic! It came a few hours ago and I decided to “fire it up” (literally) before sticking it in the fireplace, which I will do tomorrow. I already know that it will be great because it is currently burning away on the table next to my desk. The top plate gets hot, so be very cautious how you use this. The flames are just perfectly natural and I could not be happier. No smell! This is significant because when we bought our house (in Southeast Texas) it came with a gorgeous antique marble fireplace that was “bought in New Orleans.” In the FP was an old gas stove and like a dummy I did not check for a flue–there isn’t one! I replaced the gas stove with a very high quality set of NG ventless fireplace logs. We fired them up one cold night and the odor was overpowering. Needless to say that it was the only time we ever lit it again. We figured that if we lost power during an ice storm or something we could get by, but for a cozy evening fire it was out of the question.After a wonderful winter weekend in a rented house in Orlando that had a fireplace, I decided that I was going to have a cozy fire no matter what. I started looking at ethanol burners and came across the Ignis. I made some measurements and decided on the EB1400. This thing is just incredible. My only real concern was the ‘naturalness’ of the flames. Well, they are perfect and I know already when I put the burner onto the gas log set it will just be perfect. So easy, so simple, so perfect.One reviewer gave a low rating because they had trouble lighting the burner. They clearly did not understand the physics of an alcohol burner. It has to ‘warm up’ in order to maintain alcohol vapor to the point that the flame is self-sustaining. This can take a bit of patience, but once the system gets going it will burn for hours with a perfect flame. Well worth it considering the efficiency and simplicity of the system.This is a super high-quality product that I am confident will be working perfectly until the house falls down. I can see that it will add value at whatever time we sell someday because who does not enjoy a fire on a cold, wintry day, but does not want the mess and fuss of either wood or gas?UPDATE: added video of FP in action. Very realistic flame.

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    Leanne Johnson Cantrell

    It used to be that spring/summer was a sad time for our wood-burning fireplace, as it sat vacant between the months of April and September. Outdoor fire pit didn’t fill the void either, as it seemed many nights were either too wet, too windy or the ground was too dry to risk an open fire. Found the Ignis Fireplace Insert after doing copious research and reading many happy, happy reviews. Amazing! Now we can have a care-free fire any night and the sad, dark empty fireplace is now lit with a warm and beautiful flame. Love it. Thanks Ignis and thanks Amazon for a great instant gratification solution with free Prime 2-day shipping!

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    California Heather

    This bio ethanol burner is the single coolest thing I’ve discovered/purchased in a LONG time! I’m a candle lover but the gorgeous large blue and gold flame this kicks out blows all the candles of the world away with regard to beauty, size and the movement of the flame. I placed it inside my small non-functioning fire place and have lit it up every night since receiving it. It is a room-changer for sure!I already ordered another to use as a fire feature for my back patio. It’s very safe. I like the fact that It takes a little doing to get the flame going. It doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that ‘explodes’. I’m sensitive to that having lived across the street from a home that burned and I could hear gas exploding. Also #CaliforniaWildfires. Obviously it burns clean and doesn’t kick out any ash or embers.I’m thrilled with the look, the simplicity, the safety, and the price. But I see I’m going to be buying a lot of fuel because I love it so much!

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    Ian Russell

    We received our new fireplace insert a few days before New Year’s Eve, and it was the perfect way to celebrate. We live in a city apartment, and have longed for a way to have a cozy fire in our sitting room. This ventless fireplace is the perfect solution. The insert feels very solid in your hands, the kind of solid that makes you confident in a product. It’s exceptionally well manufactured, and the lid that closes to extinguish the fire works seamlessly. We have an open plan apartment, and this little burner (set inside a wood stove) actually radiates a nice amount of heat. More than expected, but not too much to be alarmed about the safety of anything around. We’ve found the burn-time estimates to be pretty accurate, and overall we’re delighted with the fireplace.

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    I bought this Oct.30,2018I use this every winter. I love it. I only fill it 3/4 of the way and it will burn for a solid 11 hours. This is the best burner I have ever seen. I will be buying another one for my sunroom. I only wish i could buy another lighter that came with it. I have checked their website and they don’t offer it on its own but its a nice long one as nd refillable. The one mine came with doesn’t light with ease anymore. Other then that, this is a great burner!!

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    Love the looks of the fireplace insert. I am using it as an insert for a wood burning chimenea for indoor use. The instructions are nice and clear. The product is of very good quality. I am waiting on the bio fuel to arrive to try it out. I will post an update when I have done so.Update 10/15/2018 : Received the bio fuel promptly. Added one quart to the vessel to test. The lighter provided didn’t have fluid in it so I used to use another lighter. I wish the lighter that came with the unit came with filling instructions.Other than that the burner worked very well. Within minutes the basement was filled with cozy warmth with virtually no odor.I am very pleased with the purchase and the prompt customer service.

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    I bought this because to refurbish my existing masonry fireplace would have cost a fortune. Behind the screen it looks close enough to a real fire to add coziness to the room. Plus it is clean and can be put out quickly. The quality was better than expected. My only issues were not knowing how many bottles would fill it, so I had to keep checking, and makkng sure to pull the vent door straight so it would not jam.

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    mary morelli

    I love it! I was very upset with Ignis and returned my first purchase because I couldn’t get fuel. The fuel order was postponed several times. Now that I have fuel, I gave this another try. Our fireplace doesn’t work well for wood fires, and gas inserts were soooo expensive. This is easy and beautiful. We placed natural stone around the unit and it looks lovely. No smell. I haven’t evaluated burn time per bottle of fuel, but I am happy. We are already thinking of a larger unit.

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    Rick from Encino

    Exactly what we were looking for. We had purchased a copper fire pit 

    40″ Solid 100% Copper Fire Pit Bowl Wood Burning Patio Frontgate Deck Grill

     and wanted a different solution than using wood or logs. So, instead, we purchased this firebox, and about 1.5 cubic feet of black volcanic sand, along with about 1/4 cubic feet of reflective fire glass. See the photo that I’ve attached. By the way, be careful where you place your burner; the building materials dealer wisely talked me out of buying larger (3-5″) stones to surround the burner…they contain oxygen and could blow up when heated. Not so with the sand, or the glass.The burner itself took about three quarts of ethanol to reach the “maximum” line, clearly marked inside the chamber. It lit very easily, and just as predicted in the user manual, it took a few minutes until the flame was clearly visible. It then rose about 6-8″ above the surface of the burner. I realize that several others mentioned that it was difficult to light the burner, but I would suggest that they may not have realized that it was burning — but that it was an invisible flame at first. The aesthetics of the burner are very nice, it seems well built and sturdy; the tool for closing the little door that varies the flame (or puts it out) is quite handy. And the price (about $90) was quite nice. I saw others priced in the $800 range…this one is a deal!

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