IGNIS Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace Burner Insert – EB1200

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Price: $85.00

Ventless – no chimney, no gas or electric lines required
1.5 Liter Burner ~ 5 – 9 hour burn time per refill
BTU Output: ~6000 / Double Wall Technology – 3 mm 304 Stainless Steel
Adjustable Flame – Easy or no maintenance required
3 Year Warranty / Spill Proof Technology / Patented Design




IGNIS Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace Burner Insert – EB1200

Limited only by your imagination our line Ethanol Burners can be utilized to build the fireplace of your dreams. All stainless steel double layer construction makes this perfect for any application. This burner can be used as a replacement or for a custom installation.

The options are endless whether you build it in to a wall or place it in an existing fireplace. Dimensions: 11.25″ x 5″ x 3.25″. Features: Ventless – no chimney, no gas or electric lines required. Easy or no maintenance required. Capacity: 1.5 Liter. Approximate burn time – 5 hour per refill. Approximate BTU output – 6000. Double Layer.

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10 reviews for IGNIS Bio Ethanol Ventless Fireplace Burner Insert – EB1200

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     We bought 2 of these. We use them together in our double sided fireplace. They make a wonderful flame. Looks great with some fake logs. Puts off an amazingly comfortable heat. Nice to use during a relaxing evening at home. Perfect to use as a supplemental heat source. Easily heats up our 400 sq ft living room area about 10 degrees above the temperature that we have our heater set at. Must crack a window to help add oxygen and fresh air back into the room and to let the odor out. If we don’t crack a window 1 to 2 inches everyone seems to get a headache within 20 mins. The ethanol fuel we have used seems to give off a slight odor, this bothers some more than others. With that said, there seems to be zero issues if we crack a window for ventilation as soon as we start the fire. We have had our heater set to 60 degrees and have started a fire with the nearest window to our fireplace cracked about an inch and after about 40 mins it has raised our room temperature to 72 degrees inside our large living room even when it was below 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside. These inserts creates a very nice calming flame. When full these burn for about 4 to 5 hrs on 1 1/2 liters of fuel each. Takes a good while (40 mins or so) to cool down enough to refill safely. Can take a few tries to light as the fuel can blow itself out when first lit. I’ve noticed the more I fill the insert the better it lights. Takes about 10 minutes before the flames grows to its largest/brightest. One of the lighters that came with it was broken on arrival and the other lighter broke after a few uses. We now use a bendable type extended grill/candle lighter and it works perfectly. These are awesome for emergencies! I was able to use this to keep my family warm when our power went out due to a storm one night. Our power went out and thus did our electric heating system. I started a fire and we all camped out comfortably in the living room for the night. It was about 26 degrees outside but easily stayed at 68 degrees or higher in our large living room which also opens up to our kitchen. At one point I had to slide the dampers closed just a little because it was getting too warm! Without these inserts we would have had to go to a hotel for the night. I definitely recommend buying one of these. Even if you bought one of these to simply keep as an emergency heater it would be worth it!

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    I wanted to wait a few months to leave my review after I had a chance to test it out. Overall I am very happy with the purchase. I spent a month trying to figure out which seller, which brand, what type of fuel, what fuel capacity, what size, etc. I finally decided to pick this product. It arrived promptly and well packed. My first impression was that it was heavy and very solidly built. I was expecting something more flimsy but this really exceeded my expectations. I read the directions and the only thing I was worried about and didn’t see in the listing up front was the vertical clearance needed. I believe the manual says you should have 24″ of vertical clearance. I only have about 18″. However, if you limit the opening you get a smaller flame and that also saves fuel so that’s what I’ve been doing. The smaller the flame, the more blue it is so I may not be getting the full flame effect as anticipated. I had a ceramic log in front but it doesn’t burn bright enough so I took the log away and just put rocks around the silver box to cover it and it looks good. It burns through fuel a little more than I’d like but that’s not the product’s fault, it’s just the nature of the beast. I am not sure if I am losing fuel to evaporation between burns because even with the lid closed, it’s not air tight, but again, that’s not an expectation I had so can’t fault it for that. Starting the flame is easy. In fact, my box included a little lighter wand to use which I was not expecting and was excited to have. Long wooden matches are just as good if you don’t use that. To extinguish the flame, you close the lid, but the flame still burns through the closed lid a little. It’s much easier to blow out at that point though. Perhaps if you wait longer it goes out on it’s own.So overall it’s a very solid piece of hardware at a good price. The finish looks amazing and doesn’t get dirty. Just wipe it off from time to time. I don’t know if I would use this as a main heat source or something I would use every day, it could get expensive. I just use it if I am in the mood or when I have company a few times a months. Customer service seems very good as well.

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    Lisa B.

    I live in a relatively small condo that doesn’t allow fireplaces so I decided to create my own. I purchased this to put inside a medium sized chiminea to create the fireplace ambiance. This is a great insert that can be used in a variety of applications. The unit itself is surprisingly heavy and clearly solid. Is has a deep reservoir and a single quart bottle of fuel falls well below the maximum fill line but gives 4+ hours of burn time. I haven’t set up my system yet but I burned one quart of fuel to see how it performed. No complaints. The flames were about 6-8 inches high and provided a nice amount of ambiance. I didn’t feel a lot of heat but I think that will change once its in the Chiminea. The unit comes with a nice handle for opening and closing the vent to control the flame (my friend also liked it for its back-scratching capabilities). The packaging was well done to avoid any damage. The unit is about the size of a wine bottle (see picture). All-in-all I think this is a good product at a very reasonable price and I’d buy it again.

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    Terry Man

    This is a really nice piece. So nice… I bought another one!Well constructed and a big clean flame.Tried the other similar priced one but this is so much cleaner looking and while the opening is smaller, the flame is much larger.Highly recommended!Just an update… I had a question on the unit and contacted them…. They got back to me imediately! and really helped me out.Love it.

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    We have an old wood fireplace that was converted to natural gas, but it hasn’t been used in the last decade. We used this ethanol fireplace insert to get our fireplace into working condition, without having to do a major overhaul. The burner is very high quality and made of heavy gauge stainless steel. Since ethanol burns so clean, I would imagine that this burner could potential last the rest of your life. Very easy to use, and versatile in the ways it can be set up.The only downside is that we were unable to achieve the a natural looking yellow flame that other reviews show in their photos. We’ve used various brands of denatured alcohol and bio-ethanol, but we were only able to achieve a small blue flame even after observing the instruction guide’s 20 minute warm up period. If you’re expecting a roaring yellow fire, this isn’t going to produce it.UPDATE: So I bumped my review up from 4 stars to 5 stars. We used Ignis brand bio ethanol and we’re getting the yellow flame as pictured.

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    David S.

    This is a extremely well constructed weighty fireplace burner and made with the superior 304 Stainless Steel. And not only did it come with the Damper Tool, but a plastic funnel and a long, (no battery needed), click spark lighter. Easy to setup and fill as the “MAX” fill line is very easy to see. Burn time is very good at about 5 hours when filled to it’s max capacity of 1.5 Liters. Heated our 18′ by 12′ dining room very quickly and kept it nicely cozy. Combined with the log set we have, this burner provided a much more realistic flame experience than the gel cans did, not to mention burning 2 hours longer with a higher flame to boot! You won’t go wrong with this fireplace burner and we can’t recommend it enough.

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    Michelle Romero

    We purchased this burner to go inside of a cabin, inside of an antique cast iron 1875 Parlor Stove. It is very easy to unpack, fit right in the stove and lit with ease. Having the black metal grate is totally worth the extra money. Within 2 minutes you could feel heat on your palms if you put them near the opening and within 10 minutes, the top of the cast iron was getting warm. 30 minutes later, it had totally taken the chill off the cabin. The cast iron acts as a conductor, but only gets warm on the top (above the flames) but not the sides or floor, or face- which is perfect! Sure, it’s not the cheapest way to heat a cabin, and we do not anticipate it will be as efficient as a wood stove would be- but it’s the coolest way to utilize an old stove! No chimney hassle, no hearth needed- it’s self contained within the stove. Of course, we know not to close the stove front while it’s in use…and some heat goes out the back through the chimney opening, but we have it positioned safely away from the wall to allow the heat to move about the room. So pleased! It pays to think outside of the box 🙂

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    Gene in MN

    When we get this lit, it is a marvelous addition to our patio coffee table.The length is exactly 12 inches. Our coffee table has removeable 12 inch square tiles.When we removed one of the tiles, the top flange of this fireplace rested perfectly on lip that supported the tile and the body of the burner hangs underneath.It is made from some very heavy stainless steel and is welded together. Very well constructed.It was a very easy matter to cut a segment out of the middle of the removed tile to fill the gaps on each side of the fireplace as it rested in the opening where the tile used to fit. I cut them so that the top flange of the fireplace would rest on top of the pieces of cut tile.Because it is the same length as the tiles, it looks like it was made for this table.I have not been able to find Ethanol Fireplace fuel in my area and have been experimenting with other relatively pure alcohols which are available in a hardware store to see which would work in place of the dedicated fuel.All of my locally available alcohol options worked to an extent but were difficult to keep lit initially.Once the fireplace had warmed up for several minutes (and after a 20 or so re-lights) most of them produced a nice yellow/orange flame, very similar to the one in the picture on Amazon, except that some produced flames that were much larger.The flame would get more than a foot (30 cm) tall and I had to partially close the cover to control the height of the burn. I am able to adjust the cover so that the flames were dampered to the point where they appear just the same as in the picture.Some other options burned with blue flames that never grew very tall but were really pretty when it was dark out. They were a little more difficult to keep lit, though.Most of the locally sourced alcohol options that I tried left a sooty ring around the opening on the metal but the residue did not reach beyond the fireplace flange.I need to try some of the fuel designed for this fireplace to see what results that I get.The lid works well to control and snuff the flame and the lid adjusting tool is made of stainless steel and black plastic.The tool is nicely designed and easily looks good enough to leave out on the table with the fireplace as a matched set.

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    Nice! I have two tiny coal fireplaces in an Edwardian-era house. It’s not in my current budget to reline the chimney to safely burn wood or coal, or to convert to gas or anything fancy. A year or two ago I bought a fake ceramic log for each fireplace, put them in the existing antique grates, and put cans of fire gel behind them. This looked good and heated well, but smelled kind of weird and toxic. My husband found the odor intolerable. (I tried several brands of fire gel.)This ethanol burner is a great replacement for the fire gel cans. Unlike them, there is hardly any odor until the ethanol starts running out or until you pull the cover over to extinguish the fire. And in the long run, the fuel is cheaper than gel. It puts out plenty of heat and IMO looks nice.The burner is well-made of stainless steel — very sturdy– and made in the USA! ( At first I assumed it was European, because it has the sleek look of Swedish or Italian design. )I am happy enough with the first burner I purchased to buy a second one for my second fireplace.

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    Wow. I am delighted! We have a currently non-working fireplace due to some renovations. With Covid, I’m not keen to have a new whole firebox or insert installed just now. I figured this would hold us through for another season without a big investment and we could always take it outside to the patio or use it on a dining table for fun. My architect husband was initially skeptical. But, wow we are both super impressed. It is a solid and well crafted piece of equipment. And very handsome in a simple way. Not thin or flimsy at all. It was very easy to use. After a few minutes the flame was beautiful and created great ambience. We will enjoy it this winter! It makes no heat but that wasn’t the point for us.Also, the funnel was broken in transit so I called the company and left a message on a Friday. I kid you not, I was called back in minutes with the promise that a new funnel would be sent out Monday. UPS just told me it will be here tomorrow- Wednesday. Talk about customer service. All to say, if you are on the fence, go for it. One of my happiest purchases of the year. Solved a problem, not expensive, versatile, great customer service; can’t ask for more.

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