Ignis Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel for Ventless Fireplaces – 12 Bottles

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Clean Burning Fuel – No Soot or Hazardous Fumes.
Made with 100% Natural Alcohol.
No Oil Products Added.
Use only as directed for ventless fireplaces designed to burn non-toxic biofuel (alcohol). Always follow recommended procuedere provided by fireplace manufacturer. Never add fuel to an open flame.

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Ignis Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel for Ventless Fireplaces

Get ready for cold weather by stocking up with this Ignis Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel 12 Pack (1 Quart Each). This clean-burning fuel is earth-friendly, so it appeals to your green side. It also gives off a delicious warmth that penetrates your space, leaving you feeling comfortable all season long. This set of three quart-size bottles features pure bio ethanol that has been crafted from 100 percent natural alcohol.

It burns cleanly and does not produce any soot, smoke, or ash. Replace your wood-burning fireplace with an ethanol insert and make the planet-friendly switch now. DANGER: FLAMMABLE LIQUID & VAPOR. Keep away from all source of ignition. Never add fuel to an open flame. STORAGE AND HANDLING: Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children. Do not expose to direct sunlight or source of ignition.

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3 reviews for Ignis Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel for Ventless Fireplaces – 12 Bottles

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    Sweet B

    I hate my ventless fireplace. The fumes off the artificial logs or whatever smells bad enough to give me a headache and make me nauseous. I removed the propane feed, installed the Regal Flame PRO 12 Inch Bio Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert, and use this fuel with it. No fumes. No headaches. It looks lovely. I will continue to use this in my home.

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    Amazon Customer

    This was the second time I ordered the product. Shipping/packaging is very safe and labeled appropriately. Bottles are packed safely. I store the bottles in the shipping box. The first time I used my ventless fireplace “box” there was a faint odor. However, I believe this was just caused by “first use” of item. Following the first use I have had no odor/fumes from this product. Also very easy to pour (with funnel) into the ventless fireplace box.

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    jeanine m Frumenti

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