Hydrogen Water Bottle Portable Water Ions Generator Hydrogen Water Generator Glass Cup for Home Travel (Silver)

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【Safety】:Electrolysis technology promotes the stable combination of hydrogen and water, with high hydrogen concentration and good stability.
【High Efficiency】: It only takes 3 minutes to quickly electrolyze, change the water quality and accompany you often. In the three-minute micro-electrolysis hydrogen production process, the higher the mineral content in the water, the stronger the electrolysis effect and the higher the hydrogen content.(Do not use water exceeding 60 degrees. The produced high hydrogen water is too hot. During the cooling process, the hydrogen will run away due to long time.)
【Applicable to Various Water Qualities】: Short electrolysis time, more stable parameters, suitable for all kinds of drinking water: tap water, mineral water, direct drinking water, outdoor natural water, river water, etc. Solved the problem of residual chlorine after electrolysis, making drinking water safer and healthier.
【Healthy Life】 1.5L of water per day is equivalent to the antioxidant value of hundreds of fruits and vegetables. Hydrogen-rich water can reduce toxic free radicals, thereby reducing human aging and enhancing immunity.
【Service Guarantee】: 100% satisfaction guarantee-if you receive a product defect, please contact us directly through the Amazon message box. Online customer service can provide you with a money-back guarantee and replacement guarantee.

Brand DQXY116



Hydrogen Water Bottle Portable Water Ions Generator Hydrogen Water Generator Glass Cup for Home Travel (Silver)

Product Name: Hydrogen-rich water cup – Hydrogen Water Bottle

Product size: high 220mm cup diameter 67mm

Cup material: borosilicate glass

Product weight: 0.65kg

Number of jobs: 12-15 times after full charge

Working temperature: 0-50 degrees

Hydrogen concentration: 600-900PPB

Product capacity: 360ML

Rated voltage: 5V

Maximum power: 4W

Full charging time: 3-3.5 hours

Electrolysis time: 3 minutes

Function: Health

Hydrogen Water Bottle Product Details:

1) The built-in sealing ring is made of food grade material to prevent leakage.

2) Feel good, one button to start, easy to operate. 3) The bottom soft rubber anti-slip bottom pad has a good anti-slip effect . 4) Round and smooth, no wounds, more comfortable when drinking water. 5) USB charging cycle

Note: Please charge in the empty cup state.

Prompt: 1. Please reserve 1cm space in the bottle (keep the water level 1cm lower than the bottle mouth). When producing hydrogen, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the bottle after hydrogen production will cause the bottle cap to become larger. A little tightly opened.

2.Do not use electrolyte-free water, such as purified water, distilled water, etc. Tap water needs to be boiled or filtered, and the temperature should not exceed 50 degrees.

3. Hydrogen water bottle, only increase the hydrogen concentration, electrolysis will not change the pH value of water. This is a “HYDROGEN” water maker, not ALKALINE. If you wanted to change the PH of your water, you need to get an ALKALINE water maker.

Hydrogen Water Bottle Portable Water Ions Generator Hydrogen Water Generator Glass Cup for Home Travel



Additional information


Batteries :

1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available :

May 26, 2020




6 reviews for Hydrogen Water Bottle Portable Water Ions Generator Hydrogen Water Generator Glass Cup for Home Travel (Silver)

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    Amazon Customer

    Works very well. All functions are as stated.Great purchase.

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    Easy to used, It will be better if attached english instruction on the product.

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    This is a very good product that can improve your health with a very minimum cost!The seller’s quickest repose for my request of replacement was the BEST!It’s a good buy!

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    Vanessa ochoa

    It comes with USB charge cord and English instruction, so do not worry about those old reviews that are not accurate now.When it works,the bubbles and the blue lamp are visible which is exciting to watch.What’s even better is it can finish the job in few minutes,usually it is three mins.Absolutely love it,the water tastes better which very make me feel like I am living in a healthier life.

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    Ruth G.

    I feel so much better after I started drinking this water. My body absorbed it easier than regular water. I use it for my dog with breathing issues and they are gone with using this.

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    M. Mitchell

    Water tastes clean and was refreshing gave me a boost of energy so much so I forgot to drink coffee that day but ofcourse I paid for that with a major caffeine head that night. Also is half the price of all the other brands I saw. I use high ph bottle water not cheap bottle water so I can’t say how it would work with that but not sure way you would pay 40 for it and use cheap dirty water probably not a good idea. Last you should drink all the water within 20 minutes

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