Hydrogen Water Bottle Ionizer Generator – Unique Smart Water Bottle With Molecular Reader. True SPE PEM Technology Of Up To 1200ppb. On-The-Go Travel Design. Portable Sports Hydrogenated Water

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Price: $187.97

LED Screen Shows PPM after Generated and Shows battery life. Touch button for operation.
Titanium Platinum Ionizer Filter. Premium quality electrode plate for the highest PPM and lowest ORP
USA Eastman Material used for the bottle. The shelf made from Aluminium. Heavy duty & luxury design.
Better Than Tablets. Electrolysis does not change taste or smell of water. No ozone or chlorine.
Not like other products. This H2 maker has a built in ventilation system to assure odorless water.

Brand 1HydroNation



Hydrogen Water Bottle Ionizer Generator – Unique Smart Water Bottle With Molecular Reader

With this easy to carry hydrogen generating water bottle, you can have the benefits of the hydrogenated water all the time. One time purchase, Eco-friendly and more affordable than any other form of Hydrogen-Rich Water on the market. From now on, all of your water consumption is Hydrogen Enriched Water! The LCD screen shows the PPB generated so you know how much hydrogen you have in every single serving of water consumed! Knowledge is power!

H2 Hydrogen-Rich Water gets absorbed by the body faster than any other type of hydrogen consumed. Unlike other products on the market, hydrogenated water from this maker is odorless and does not include any chlorine or ozone. The built-in ventilation system releases the unwanted gas outside the bottle, preserving the fresh taste. With the Premium Titanium Platinum Ionizer, this luxury device will generate Hydrogen Enriched Water for more than 10000 times. Each time in less than 5min.

This Unique Smart Water Bottle is detachable which makes it convenient for traveling or carrying in a bag, purse, or pocket. Also, we included an adapter to attach your own bottle. The adapter fits two different standard size bottles.

H2 absorb water is a Japanese technology that has been developing for the last decade, which helps with reducing skin aging, suppresses inflammation, reduces muscle fatigue, motor deficits, and muscle degeneration.

1HydroNation is equipped with Solid Poly Electrolytic Technology (SPE) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) techniques which have the ability to produce pure and safe hydrogen-infused drinking water with up to 1200 PPB and -400 ~ -200 ORP.

This technology produces higher H2 concentration than Hydrogen pills and tablets. For optimum results, you should use water that contains added minerals. Safer than the H2 pills and tablets which use chemical reactions for generating Hydrogen-Rich Water. FDA approved and CE certificate.

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10 reviews for Hydrogen Water Bottle Ionizer Generator – Unique Smart Water Bottle With Molecular Reader. True SPE PEM Technology Of Up To 1200ppb. On-The-Go Travel Design. Portable Sports Hydrogenated Water

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    Bubble Bee

    I feel that it is my duty to write a review on 5 Star Product from a 5 Star Company that provided 5 Customer Service.HYDROGEN WATER: Before by this product, and understanding its value, and therefore appreciating it that much more. There is a guy on YouTube who does an experiment on self regarding the effects of drinking water versus coffee versus hydrogen water, has on your blood.THE COMPANY: I was VERY surprised to receive the product on Christmas Eve, as I ordered it about 2-3 days prior that, and did not expect to receive it until a a day or two before New Years or even in the New Year given the expected delays around the Holidays! But to my surprise, my Ionizer was sent PRIORITY MAIL and arrived promptly! It was like a Christmas gift to self. It is evident that excellent customer service is a priority for this company! See attachment of picture mail box.THE DESIGN: Sleek, contemporary, elegant, convenient, easy to use and carry. Can take it ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. I think it has the best design and function on the market as per my research of other similar products online. I mean, even the box it comes in is elegantly designed. This company means business! See attachment of picture.FUNCTION: I did research online regarding how to determine a good ionizer that filters out chlorine etc. by-product. Essentially the plates that conduct the electricity have to be placed a certain way to ensure that the byproducts does not mix with your drinking water, of which this product is designed in that way, with a feature that expels the byproducts from the drinking water. The product displays the amount of hydrogen produced in water, which ranges from about 900 – 1100 with my experience.EASE OF USE: Very easy to use. Press and hold button to turn on. Press button again to start. Press and hold to turn off. You can use their container, which holds about 350 ml, or you can attach a bottle using their attachment piece with a bottle sized at 1.5L. Either or, you will get hydrogenated water within about 5 minutes. You can get at least 20 cycles (I have not formally counted but a reasonable estimate) before you have to charge it, of which it takes about 20 minutes to fully charge; faster than a Telsa supercharger LOL. To put it to perspective, I charge it once per 3 days with moderate to frequent use. See attachment of picture.TASTE TEST: The water taste significantly lighter than the original water use. I have always used water bottle. And the bottled water tastes heavier than hydrogenated water, proving its functionality. Do your experiment yourself. Did not think water can get lighter; but Yes, water can taste smoother and lighter! I personally prefer the taste of hydrogenated water.EFFECTS: One overarching effect is that I am able to consume at least 30% more water because hydrogenated water absorbs so quickly that it does not give the full / bloated feeling one gets from drinking lots of water in a short period of time. Example: I am able to consume about 1.5L within the first 1-2 hours of my day and feel well hydrated for much of the day, decreasing the amount of water I need for the rest of the day. I feel I do not need to use the bathroom as often to urinate: I guess the water is used more efficiently? I do not know. Otherwise, I cannot say I have more energy or feel better because I already feel great from eating a predominately (90%) fruit and vegetables diet.MY EXPERIENCE / ADVISE: 1. Consume water within about 2-4 hours as hydrogen decreases over time. 2. You do not have to run more than one cycle per water bottle / container as the difference is not that significant. 3. When using a the water bottle, ensure you take the bottle off device once completed. If having difficulty getting the small bottle attachment piece / cap off since it creates its air-tight (it is NOT the actual device, so do not worry), you can run warm / hot water on the cap which expands the molecules and help loosen it.LASTLY, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A HYDROGEN WATER IONIZER, THIS PRODUCT IS IT! PRICE MEETS PERFORMANCE MEETS EXPECTATION!

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    Archangel Audio

    This hydrogen water maker is amazing. Love it and use it daily. | FOLLOW UP: 2019-07-12: Cleaned it with citric acid per the instructions. The screen is now unreadable, the battery has stopped charging, water tastes funny. Ive reached out to customer service to see what can be done. Right now, Im pretty disappointed. Enjoyed it very much before it got dirty. You are supposed to clean it every 6 weeks. Ill report back if Customer Service gives me some insight on how to fix? | Update 2019-09-04: Customer Service sent me a brand new unit about six weeks ago. Working great. Will update if I have issues cleaning again. I can say Customer Support stands behind their products.

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    I love this Hydrogen water bottle, Absolutely the best water ionizer maker. One, it is my favorite color. Two, it is a great size. Not too big and not too small. Three, the locking mechanism is perfect and always keeps it locked when it is supposed to be. Four, it shows exactly how many PPB H2 it generated when it’s finished and alarms 🚨 3 times. I don’t usually drink anything but water anyway – but this changes it up and makes it more readily available to ensure I drink more hydrogenated water in the day.

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    First the unit itself is a work of art! Second in a short 2 weeks it has saved me about $60.00 already! Next it really Works… Cost is in line with others, but I believe far and away better. ✌

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    Tatyana Z

    Brought this ionizer couple months ago and I’m so happy with it. No issues at all. Works perfect! Makes qualify ionized water.

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    scott crawford

    fast shipping, well built, easy to use. i would recommend to anyone.

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    R. B.

    Love it! Don’t know what it is actually doing on the inside of my body, but I can see a significant difference in my skin. The pores aren’t noticeable at all and the skin on my thighs above the knees was sun damaged many years ago. It felt like sand paper. I’ve been drinking this water for about four weeks now and that patch of skin now feels like the rest of my leg.

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    I just got it a couple days ago and I like the fact that is so portable. As I am a truck driver, it’s hard for me to stay hydrated. So heard about the benefits of the hydrogen rich water, and the different water ionizers on a radio station and thought of giving it a try. I usually attach standard water bottles that I buy from the rest areas to the adapter and keep it in the cup holder. So far so good. Makes water more fun to drink! I like to challenge myself to get higher PPB every time lol.

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    Great product and loving it!!!!!

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     I just got to learn about the health benefits of the hydrogen rich water and was thinking of giving it try, at least to jump start my new year’s resolution. I looked at few hydrogen generators on Amazon and off Amazon, but didn’t find something that was high quality and good looking. This is a very unique water bottle, which I find the look to be luxury and very good quality made. Didn’t want to go for a cheap knockoff water ionizer and ending up buying a second and third. I like the fact that has a screen that shows the amount of hydrogen, better than the one with only a button and don’t know actually how much it’s generating. I love the product so far and I will update my review later if there’s anything to add.

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