HQST Solar Panel Mounting Z Brackets with Nuts and Bolts – 4 Sets of RV, Boat, Roof, Wall and Other Off Gird Installation Compatible with Most Brand Renogy, Richsolar

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Z-Brackets Kit makes it easy to mount solar panels to recreational vehicles (RV’s), boats, motorhome, cabins or anywhere else where you need a simple yet reliable method to mount solar panels. All parts you need to mount your panels to roof/wall are included in this product.
Component: Z-Bracket, M6 x 16mm Hex Cap Bolt, M6 Split Lock Washer, M6 Flat Washer, M6 Hexagonal Nut, #10 x 1Ā¼ in Self-Drilling Cap Screw, Plastic Retaining Ring.
Aluminum corrosion-free construction. Unlike stainless steel solar bracket, our corrosion-free aluminum alloy bracket is LIGHTER but STRONGER, better support for solar panels, and no burden on the roof.
Ideal for mounting solar panels. Compatible with most brand, such as Renogy, Richsolar, Newpowa.
Perfect for irregular surfaces. Mounting Z-Brackets are very strength and durable, which make the brackets not easy to be bent.

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HQST Solar Panel Mounting Z Brackets with Nuts and Bolts

HQST Solar Panel Mounting Z Brackets

The HQST Z-Bracket Mount System is designed to support the installation of single solar panel units, generally in off-grid installations. These units are ideal for installation on RV roofs and non-inhabited dwellings such as sheds or garages. It is also suited as attachment to a user made structure such as a wooden frame. The system comes complete with all fasteners to secure the system to the installation surface. This system makes the installation of small solar systems easy, affordable and quick.


Package Includes:

One (1) HQST Panel Mounting Z Brackets (Set of 4) includes

– Four Z Shape Solar Panel Brackets

– Eight Long Cap Bolts

– Four Short Bolts

– Four Spring Washers

– Eight Washers

– Four Nuts

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10 reviews for HQST Solar Panel Mounting Z Brackets with Nuts and Bolts – 4 Sets of RV, Boat, Roof, Wall and Other Off Gird Installation Compatible with Most Brand Renogy, Richsolar

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    Dave’s cyber security

    Now my stars have got to be considered as one that had the proper tool to put these hands on a cable. They’re fine if you do it right

  2. blank

    Snowball’s Chance

    It has been 2 years and they are still looking good. You need VERY strong hands to clamp to the wire with the crimp tool. That would be the only drawback. Easy to figure out to do your own install or add to your existing array.

  3. blank

    Michael T. Doherty

    Purchased 3 sets of these to mount (2) 200w solar panels to my travel trailer. Used 6 mounts per panel to be very safe on these larger panels. They are well made and worked great. I purchased then because they are are a low profile mount (1″ high) that I thought would be better on an RV roof because they would be less likely to cause the panel to catch a lot of wind. I think that is true and they worked beautifully. I used dicor and well-nuts to attach them to the plywood/rubber roof. No issues or concern about them coming off, but the mounts are so low that you cannot reach under the panels to access the nuts/bolts to remove them. That will be a issue if I need to remove the panels to clean the roof or replace the panels in the future. Not good to have to take the mounts off the rubber roof to remove the panels. If I had it to do over, I’d buy mounts that are higher so I can remove the panels without removing the mounts from the roof. They are a well made solid mount, but I think their low -profile is a problem.

  4. blank


    These worked great for attaching my solar panels to the roof of my RV. A little lap sealant and they’re on there nice & secure.

  5. blank


    When you’re browsing Amazon and comparing products, it’s easy to misjudge the size and weight of the components. I expected these to be a fairly basic and lightweight (cheapish) product. I was WRONG. These are quite hardy and heavy and makes me feel much more at ease that my panels will remain safely mounted for years to come! Well worth the money and you even get that HQST vs Renogy discount šŸ˜‰

  6. blank

    K Shaffer

    Nice solid feeling mounts… I like the dual anchoring holes in the base…comes 8 with self drilling lags, and 4 bolt/nut/washer sets for boltingto solar panel… Use to mount solar panels flat to a utility trailer roof.I did use 1/4-20 bolts instead of the included lag bolts to anchor throughtrailer roof, but that was just a personal preference. I believe these aregoing to last for a while! Currently these are holding 40 watt panels.Happy with this purchase!

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    Matthew A York

    I purchased these MC4 connectors to make an extension cable for a folding solar panel. The connectors seem to be good quality and attach securely to connectors on the solar panel’s wires. I was a little worried about how easy installation would be since I do not have an MC4 crimper or the assembly tool, but it turns out that a crimper for 30A PowerPoles created a nice tight crimp on these and I was able to screw on the caps by hand without needing the assembly tool. It is a little fiddly to disconnect the plugs by hand, but it is possible without the specialized tool.

  8. blank

    Doc’s Radio Den

    These worked out very well for my application using 10 AWG wire.Easy to assemble and I already had a crimper for large Molex contacts. It worked just fine.Good price , nice gland nut even though I used liquid tape behind the gland, but just to play it safe.Good value. Thanks

  9. blank

    M. Booth

    The first order came without the metal pins and was returned. (for free, thanks Amazon!)The second order was complete. These worked fine, HOWEVER they require the Renogy tools to work. I had no idea there was NO standard in MC4 connectors and tools.

  10. blank


    These make panel mounting easy. The screws have waterproofing gasket. It would have been nice if they provided more holes because they are not necessarily in the correct place for your particular installation. Also, holes on the vertical wings would have been helpful.

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