HQST 175 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystallin Solar Panel for Off-Grid On-Grid Large Solar System, Residential Commercial House Cabin Sheds Rooftop

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Price: $159.99

【Product Efficiency】 High module conversion efficiency. Bypass diodes minimize power drop caused by shade and ensure excellent performance in low-light environments.
【Compact】Package includes: One Solar Panel. For Good Partner Z bracket, please search B06Y5QX9VX. Good value compact design solar panel with higher efficiency solar cells that help increase space efficiency. Dimensions: 57.8*25.87*1.38 in
【Easy Installation】 Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow for fast mounting and securing. Compatible with different mounting systems such as Z-brackets, Pole Mounts, and Tilt Mounts.
【Reliability】 EL tested solar modules; no hot-spot heating guaranteed. Advanced encapsulation material with multilayered sheet laminations to enhance cell performance and provide a long service life. Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame for extended outdoor use, allowing the panels to last for decades. withstand high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa). TPT back sheet ensures smooth performance over a long period of time.
【Warranty】HQST provides complete after-sales service and easy-to-reach customer support.

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Brand HQST




1 2 3 s c
Cell Type Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Polycrystalline Polycrystalline Monocrystalline
Maximum Power 100W 100W 100W 150W 175W
Optimum Operating Voltage 18.0V 20.6V 18.2V 19.1V 20.3V
Optimum Operating Current 5.58A 4.85A 5.5A 7.89A 8.62A
Open Circuit Voltage 21.3V 24.6V 21.4V 22.7V 24.3V
Short Circuit Current 5.83A 5.28A 5.7A 8.09A 9.35A
Maximum System Voltage 600 VDC 600 VDC 600 VDC 600 VDC 600 VDC
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 15A 15A 15A 15A 15A
Dimensions 35.6 x 25.9 x 1.18 in 39.65×19.41×1.18 in 35.6 x 25.9 x 1.18 in 51.3×25.9×1.38 in 57.79×25.86×1.37 in
Weight 14.3 lbs 9.92 lbs 14.3 lbs 22.1 lbs 22.04 lbs

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1pc 100W Solar Panel, 2pcs 100W Mono Solar Panel, 6pcs 100W Solar Panel, 50W Mono Solar Panel, 175W Mono Solar Panel



10 reviews for HQST 175 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystallin Solar Panel for Off-Grid On-Grid Large Solar System, Residential Commercial House Cabin Sheds Rooftop

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    I bought this monocrystalline solar panel for a solar generator to run my refrigerator in case of an extended power outage. While I have not yet used it for my refrigerator, I have used it for a 150 Watt icemaker using a 400 watt inverter and in full sunlight, the panel output was 22 volts into my charge controller. it provided enough power to charge the batteries while it was also running the icemaker. Even on a heavily overcast day, the panel output was 18 volts. The construction is solid. I took it with me on a recent camping trip and it returned with no evidence of all the bangs and bumps it took riding over rough roads with no special protection. Even in a shaded area with very little direct sun, it produced enough power to charge the batteries while simultaneously charging several heavy duty 12-volt battery packs. The price of this HQST was significantly lower than other brands and it proved to be an excellent value.

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    Great product at a great price. I added this to my 100 watt Renogy panel and wired in parallel thus doubling my charging output. Works fast to charge my each12 volt batteries.I use the system with a 1500 watt Cobra 120 volt inverter to run lights, power drill, and bench grinder in my work shop off grid.

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    Jon Beaty

    I bought this to power a 60 watt, 620 gph pump for my outdoor waterfall. The panel is a great value for the price. Granted it provides more power than I need, I don’t have it in full sun all day long. However, it’s able to power the pump throughout the day with power left over to charge my inline 12v deep-cycle battery. The panel was delivered in pristine condition, looks good, and operates as expected.

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    I have wanted to do the solar system for a lot of years but, it has always been out of my financial range. Thankfully HQST came along with a price I could afford. Now retired and traveling, this gives me the ability to truly get away from the umbilical cord of the energy tyrants of the world and cut that ever growing tether!First and foremost I was truly impressed with the quality and appearance of this Solar panel… It arrived a day later than I had anticipated and I was pacing and watching for the delivery of it like a kid watching for Santa Claus at Christmas… As soon as it arrived it took no time at all to get it hooked up to my system and get charging…. I’m truly impressed… Thanks HQST for finally getting these into my price range… I will be adding more to my system as time goes on…

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    I started out building my off grid and grid tie hybrid system with panels from Renogy. As I expanded my system I tried HQST and found that the HQST matches Renogy perfectly on the roof. I tested the panels from both companies individually and in combination with GTI or MPPT and the results are comparable. The quality of HQST is as good as if not better than Renogy but less expensive. Will buy again.

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    Got 4 of these for an array on a pole. 2 from eBay, and 2 from Amazon. I put 2 series sets returning about 33 volts each with the inverter on, and about 39 volts with it off. On a 70 foot run using a 6 awg wire. I get on a good day about 300 watt max.So I have 25% loss. I know my inverter uses about 10% (

    Solinba on Grid Solar inverter 500w DC22-56v to AC90-130v for 24v Solar System USA plug

    ). So I’m looking at a 15% loss. The 6 awg wire has no more then 5% loss. So 10% loss that could be my angle, clouds, to hot (Phoenix), inverter lied about stats, or the panels.Little tip for DIY I found is with the right inverter try getting the volts as high as you can. More volts = less loss, and less wire needed. Example the power company uses 750,000 volts allowing those somewhat small wires to feed house after house.Renogy make this same 100 watt panel however HQST gave me the best deal. Overall I’m happy.Stuff needed (From Memory)4 x 100 watt panels $480125 foot 6 awg wire $12510 foot 8 awg wire $6inverter $85mc4 connectors $610 foot 2-inch pole $2220 foot unirack large $4020 foot unirack small $30DIRECTV mount parts (got free) $65DC bus box $62 foot trench “Just my back here”bolts, washer, other $40Conduit $302 spray cans of rust paint $105 foot deep hole “My back”320 pound of cement $12Power meter $15——————$837 – $902 (APS Peek rates will return this investment in about 5-6 years)

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    Brian M

    I bought 2 of the panels. My reason for this purchase was the size fit the area free on top of my camper and the price and the good reviews. I attached one on top of my travel trailer and wired a sae port on the side so I can plug in the second one if I park in the shade and lose the ability to produce power from the one on top. I bought my own mppt solar charger, which has a bluetooth app which shows my rate of charge. The panels have performed great and should be more than capable of keeping my 100ah lithium battery topped off.

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    Corey J.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find additional unlisted products tucked neatly away in the back of the 100W mono panel… A set of z-brackets with screws, a pair of 15+- ft 4mm2 cables with Renogy MC4 connectors on one end, and a PWM 20A controller with load and boost! That’s about $50 of extra stuff!They have clearly overdelivered on this product!

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    Ronald Joe Record

    For $81 (price as of Nov. 15, 2019) this is an excellent value. The HQST 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel works great to charge my batteries and was very easy to setup. I use this primarily to charge a Suaoki 200Wh Solar Power Station and a backup battery. The Suaoki comes with MC4 connections to a solar panel but Suaoki incorrectly marked the polarity of their cable. I contacted HQST Support, they responded promptly, and the problem was resolved. Suaoki Support did not respond. So, kudos to HQST for providing not only a great inexpensive well made product but for providing excellent support. I will definitely purchase from HQST again.

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    Skip Henson

    I like this panel, but I liked it even more before the latest ten dollar price hike. I bought this panel for $82.99 and now after just a week it is $94.99. Personally, I think I got a good deal for a very good panel (I actually bought two of them) and I am pleased with my purchase. Now there’s only a five dollar difference between these and the branded Renogy panels.I based my purchase on reviews done by Will Prowse on youtube and I liked the performance given by this panel at the price point at which I paid. There are other panels out there that will perform similarly for less (and since the price hike, about 20 dollars less) but my experience is only with this panel.Now, about how it performs: I am finding that the power output is adequate and expected. Remember, no 100W panel actually puts out 100W of actual power. In DIRECT sunlight, and I do mean actual direct sunlight with 100% of the panel illuminated, I am getting steady 17v at roughly 120 to 130 watts (Please note, I have TWO of these panels, in parallel, so my wattage is doubled here, so each panel is putting out about 60 to 65 watts into my MPPT (EPEVER Tracer 30A) charge controller. If any of the panel is shaded, the wattage drops considerably, but this is common. I was hoping for a 30% loss instead of 40%, but hey, I’ll take it. Compared to the Harbor Freight 100w setup that is directly beside these panels, it is exactly doubled, which would also be expected. I have two watt meters connected post-panel, pre-charge controller to measure these values in real time. Does it outperform the HF setup? at 84 dollars per panel it does, versus the 150 you’re going to have to buy the full setup for at HF.This is an actual mono-crystalline panel, it has the dark black look to it and is aesthetically pleasing. I found the quality of the framework to be good, and the connectors on the back were were marked with a label to eliminate any confusion as to polarity. It is a panel on an aluminum frame, so any mounting you will have to do yourself, so your mounting options are up to you. There are poly-crystalline panels that will perform as well as these, at the cost of being slightly larger. I highly recommend the reviews by Will Prowse as I mentioned before, as I am new to this (I consider myself a hobbyist, now) and found them very informative and could watch this very panel be tested against other panels in its class.Packaging was adequate. It was in a box with some foam around it, but the tape had been torn in a few spots and the box was beginning to open, but I found no damage to the units whatsoever and they operated right out of the box.So, do I have any complaints? No. I got exactly what I expected.Did they make false claims? Absolutely NOT! Well, the whole industry does with the advertised wattage of panels, but I got the product I bought.Would I buy it again? Definitely not at $94. I think for 40% loss I would spend an extra hundred bucks and buy four poly-crystalline panels and quadruple my power output. However, I am not disappointed in my purchase and have no regrets over buying them.

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