Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Solar Hydrogen Education Kit

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Horizon puts renewable energy technology into the hands of our future scientists
Solar Hydrogen Education Kit generates clean energy using the sun
Renewable hydrogen is created using only solar energy and water
Combining cutting-edge science, education and fun for all!
Includes fuel cell, small electric motor, propeller blade, experiment manual and assembly guide

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Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Solar Hydrogen Education Kit

Horizon Fuel Cell line of educational products demonstrate the science behind renewable energy technologies in a fun and tangible way for all. However, as technology continues to progress towards carbon-free energy systems. Innovation is placed into the hands of our future scientists. Therefore with the Solar Hydrogen Education Kit you have freedom to invent your own clean energy applications. Using fuel cells and renewable hydrogen created using solar energy and water.

This new set is an optimal tool for inspiration and education in classrooms, as kids get to develop their own applications using a zero-carbon fuel. The kit also comes with a small electric motor and propeller blade. The starting point for motorized applications you can build using your futuristic solar energy storage device. However the set comes with a complete curriculum on renewable energy. With easy to follow experiment manual, assembly guide, flash animations, and background history on the technology.

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10 reviews for Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Solar Hydrogen Education Kit

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    Great product, excellent customer service. Used it for my son’s science project – he had a lot of fun with this kit.

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    All fine.

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    A very cool educational toy. I’m curious as to just how much hydrogen and oxygen it can generate from 1 ml of water! Beautiful packaging, excellent .pdf textbook on alternative energy included on CD. I was concerned at first it wasn’t working, but the included motor proved me wrong.

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    E. Conery

    Excellent educational tool. It’s a great way to teach grandchildren what their future may look like. It took a few minutes to understand the directions, particularly that the fuel cell has to be humidified prior to producing hydrogen, but once over that hurdle the process worked as advertised. I was especially intrigued with the all-in-one electrolyzer/fuel cell. My previous experience was with separate electrolyzers and fuel cells.

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    Perfect for growing minds.

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    Amazon Customer

    My Grandson wanted to do something for his school science fair that delt with water as fuel and going green. This fit the bill and he loved it.

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    Lisa T

    Cool toy, be great for a school project, uses solar power… educational.

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    Amazon Customer

    as advertised

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    It works! My daughter loves it!

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    Gary Beckwith

    Hydrogen promises to be a major part of our energy future, because it has the capability of storing and transferring energy without the use of Carbon or fossil fuels. When you burn hydrogen, the main output is simply water vapor and heat. Or use a fuel cell to make electricity, without putting CO2 into the atmosphere.I bought this kit for my renewable energy educational project (see The Solar Bus at http://solarbus.org). I’ve been wanting to have a display about hydrogen for a long time. I was amazed at how easy it was to set up and how much hydrogen I could generate with the small solar panel. I would recommend this to any teachers out there who want to show students the uses of hydrogen.

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