Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat Pack, Thermostat + Hive Hub, Works with Alexa & Google Home, Requires C-Wire

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Hive Heating and Cooling Pack comes with (1) Smart Thermostat & (1) Hive Hub; Internet connection recommended: 1.5Mbps or higher, iOS or Android device running an up-to-date operating system

Bring your home to life by remotely programming your smart thermostat to run only when your home is occupied or sync with Hive Window/Door Sensors to automatically turn your system off when you leave for the day

Connect your Hive devices to Amazon Alexa or Google Home to enable voice activated commands like “Alexa / Hey Google, set temperature to 75°”

Rapidly change your current home temperature with one click by using the Quick Cool or Quick Heat function

Connect & control all of your Hive smart home devices in one place through your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with the Hive App

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Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat Pack, Thermostat + Hive Hub, Works with Alexa & Google Home, Requires C-Wire

Hive ThermostatHive Thermostat

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Hive Thermostat


  • Set up to 6 daily schedules
  • Quick Heat or Cool
  • Dual Mode to automatically switch between heating and cooling
  • Geolocation to get a notification if you’ve gone out and left your thermostat on

The Hive Thermostat

Comfort made easy

Cool or heat your home and conserve energy at the same time. With the beautifully designed and easy to install Heating and Cooling pack, you can control your home temperature from virtually anywhere with your smartphone. The Hive Thermostat works with most HVAC systems, so there’s no need to switch your service. It’s easy to self-install, so just replace your old thermostat and pair it with the Hive Hub that comes with your pack. The Hive Thermostat will guide you the rest of the way.

  • Includes Hive Thermostat and Hive Hub
  • Easy to install
  • Works with most HVAC systems
  • Multizone – control up to 5 temperature zones in your home with a Hive Thermostat in each zone

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Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat Pack

Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat Pack

Works with Alexa

With the included Hive Hub, you can connect Alexa to your Hive Thermostat. Below are some easy to use Hive commands:

  • ‘Alexa, increase/decrease temperature’
  • ‘Alexa, increase/decrease thermostat by 10 degrees’
  • ‘Alexa, set thermostat to 68’

The Hive App

Control in the palm of your hands

Our app is easy to use and puts peace of mind in your hands. It makes looking after your home incredibly easy, so you can manage your Hive products from your smartphone or tablet. With a tap of the Hive app you can get your home working seamlessly around you.

  • Setting heating and cooling schedules according to your daily routine allows you to save energy when you don’t need it
  • Choose from dozens of preset automations or build your own to get your Hive Thermostat working seamlessly with other Hive products

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The Hive Ecosystem

Hive Smart ProductsHive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat Pack

A family of smart products

Hive’s smart home products help give you more time by making daily living easier. Our products work seamlessly together to transform your home into a smart one, providing extra comfort and peace of mind in the process. Whether it’s managing your thermostat, lights or indoor camera, your Hive smart home puts you in charge. All of these possibilities are linked through a single app thanks to the Hive Hub. The Hive eco-system only grows stronger the more digital devices you install. These hub-enabled devices act as signal repeaters to form a mesh network which allows a single hub to support an even larger area.

Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat Pack

Smart automation that makes home life easier

After a long day, imagine if your home welcomed you back by turning on a light and adjusting the heating as you walked in? Or saved time in the morning by switching them off when you shut the door? With a Hive smart home, that’s just the sort of thing you can do.

Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat Pack

Hive Actions

Create the experience that’s just right for you. Hive Actions let you get your Hive devices working together on three conditions: ‘When’, ‘While’, and ‘Then’.

For example, you could set-up an Action to welcome you home using a Hive Window/Door Sensor and a Hive Thermostat that says:

• ‘When’ thermostat rises above 77˚.

• ‘While’ it’s dark outside.

• ‘Then’ turn off plug and table light.

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‎3.27 pounds

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‎10.25 x 3.25 x 5.5 inches

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‎Heating & Cooling

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‎Hive Smart Thermostat, Hive Hub

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‎1 year limited manufacturer warranty.



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April 23, 2018

10 reviews for Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat Pack, Thermostat + Hive Hub, Works with Alexa & Google Home, Requires C-Wire

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    Jim Mitchell

    After looking at the NEST (and a few other ‘smart’ thermostats), I decided to go with this less expensive option when Amazon emailed me a special one-day deal. Installation was a breeze and I’ve never installed a thermostat before even though I’m pretty handy and can figure most things out. Word of advice: take a few photos of the wiring set-up of your OLD t-stat BEFORE you start pulling apart the wires. This helped tremendously as there are several wires that I was unaware of. Luckily most of them matched up perfectly with the HIVE unit (even though some of them are labeled slightly different on the HIVE diagrams, ie: some might have an extra letter or there might be more than one spot for only one wire, don’t worry. The main wires (especially the ‘C’ wire) will match up and that’s the important one.)After installing the hub (router) for the wireless setup (as instructed), it took a while to do a software update after connecting to my network. I let it do it’s thing (also as instructed) then I went to install the t-stat. As I mentioned, installation was actually pretty easy. The old unit came off the wall quickly and simply. I pulled the wires through the hole on the new HIVE unit and used the enclosed screws to install it. There’s also a handy ‘level’ built-in to the unit so you can level the stat (under the cover; it sits at the top of the frame mount). After mounting it, I installed the wires to where I thought they should go based on the HIVE diagram(s) and instructions. One note: in the HIVE manual, they include some handy small label stickers with letters so you can label your wires BEFORE you remove them from the old stat. DO IT! It will help immensely.I have an android phone (LG g6) and installed the HIVE app and created an account. The only issue I had after installation was getting the unit to connect to the hub/router. Have patience: it took longer than expected but after about 30 minutes of me leaving it alone it finally connected. The wall unit will prompt you upon initial setup to use the manual controls to distinguish what type of furnace you have. If you’re not sure, you can change it. (I know my type of unit, but if you’re not sure, call your HVAC person that works on your unit and they’ll tell you, OR….google the manufacturer/model number and look it up. You should also be able to call a local HVAC company and they can tell you over the phone if your unit is a heat pump, etc. by giving them the manufacturer and model number.I was able to use the phone app almost immediately to control the stat (which was the entire reason for me buying this unit). It’s been connected for several weeks now and is working perfectly. I’m happy with all facets of the system, from the style and appearance of the stat itself to the performance of the unit.I don’t have an Alexa or Google Home (yet) so I can’t attest to the compatibility to those units, but I would recommend the HIVE to my family and friends as a less expensive alternative to the NEST system but one that seems to work equally as well (after also seeing the NEST in use at several friends’ homes.)

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    This thermostat requires a 5-wire connection (an active common wire). My old thermostat only had 4 wires connected to it, so I purchased the “Venstar Add-a-wire” kit (currently sold by Amazon) to convert my 4-wire system to a 5-wire system with a “C” (common) wire. I am by no means an HVAC technician, but am an average do-it-youselfer. It took me about an hour to install the add a wire kit, the Hive hub (included with purchase) and the thermostat. It even works with Amazon Alexa after enabling the skill. The hub also allows you to link light bulbs and other items with Alexa. So far, this appears to be an awesome thermostat. I would recommend it to anyone interested in upgrading to a smart thermostat.

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    I moved in to my new house about 10 months ago and was looking to add a “smart thermostat “ since then but the prices on some of the well advertised brands kept me wondering if I should cough up the exorbitant amount of $$$ for it. Found the hive on blackfriday for less than $100 and looking at the specs, it had what I needed to satisfy my upgrade. The installation was fairly easy although I run into short thermostat wires which I fix with a trip to the home improvement store, I grabbed a foot of 18 gage thermostat wire and some wire connectors. The rest was a breeze. The initial setup was super easy and the app syncing with the hub was a piece of cake.It talks to my Alexa and saves me a trip to adjust or check the indoor temperature. It looks really good and I’m very satisfied with it!!!

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    I bought this on a whim during a recent sale. I have to say I was pleasantly suprised with the build quality and the ease of setup. From getting the box to having it running I spent about 20 minutes. I had a c wire (that I wasn’t expecting in this old house) so that made it easier.All you really need to do is make sure the hub is close to the thermostat, and that you know where each wire was set in the old thermostat (take a picture, you will forget).Only had it up for a few hours, so longevity is not something I can comment on, but initial impression is good

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    I am very satisfied with the thermostat. I needed something to control the temperature of the house while I’m not there. The Hive thermostat does the work. The app work perfectly fine, you can set up an schedule, or change it manually. It was inexpensive compared to the Nest devices. Just make sure you have a C cable. I had to use my G (fan) cable instead of C cable to make it work since my house furnace is pretty old. Overall, it does exactly what I need it to do.

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    UPDATE: It STILL WORKS WELL. Although, I had to change a wire for the heating settings because Customer service gave me wrong info. I’m kind of handy so I knew what was wrong. I can tell Alexa to turn it off or on and even use the app to control before I get home. LOVE IT Fiiiiiivvvveee Staaaaarrrrsssss!Listen, if you are second guessing this product ~>>> DONT! It works well! Even customer service was helpful. I had no problems installing.

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    W. K. Holton

    Fun thermostat. If you don’t know how to add a common “c” wire, you will need to have someone do it for you, or buy a add on “c” wire power kit. (Those options are silly because youtube will teach you and save you hundreds).Pairing with the hive box was easy. Make sure your hive box is registered and powered on before you turn the thermostat on. If your hive box is not on or registered the thermostat will not pair and is completely useless until you pair it. The thermostat will just display a counter. But once the thermostat is paired to the Hive it stores the schedule in memory, so if your internet goes down, or your hive box breaks because kids play hockey in your house, then the thermostat will still work. You can also adjust it manually AFTER you pair it to the Hive.Temp and humidity is 100% accurate. I have a salt walt tank with very expensive probes and they show the same thing the thermostat does.The look and feel is quality. I have no fears that it will fail me anytime soon. I am also not worried to leave the house and go on vacation and come back to a frozen house.The scheduling was super easy and works as I programmed.My only gripe is with the Alexa interface. There is a 10-15 second delay from when I say “Alexa set the heat to 68”, the hive responding, her response, and the the heater turning on. It makes me want to say the command again, as you think Alexa didn’t hear it. My analog thermostat was instant so I know it’s the Alexa Skill code, and not the thermostat or the heater.Other than that in love it.

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    I have talked myself out of a smart thermostat a dozen times over the past year. I am glad that I waited for this one. Hive seems to have great customer service as well. I have two units for my two story house and installed both in under thirty min. The setup and integration were so simple. I truly don’t understand the one star reviews on the setup. If you have used Alexa for ANYTHING else… you should be able to get this to work. Don’t break the bank on a higher end more complex unit… this works as advertised.

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    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     We’ve been looking for a new smart thermostat for some time and decided to go with the Hive themrostat. We had the thermostat installed by Home advisor and it took around 30 minutes to install.Pairing to the app was very easy and gives us the ability to control our system from anywhere and link it to Alexa. This product is very easy to use and program.One thing that we love is the two buttons on top. You can set a mode they call ‘quick’ and let’s us set the heating temporarily for hour or two. We have started using this feature before bed every night.Overall we are very happy with our purchase and will be buying more Hive devices to add to the app!

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    Craig A. Adams

    I have this programmed to turn on my heater just as my alarm goes off. It’s programmed with a different schedule on weekends so I can sleep in without roasting. What you need to know if you buy this: you don’t need the Hive router unless you plan to use other their other products because you can use your phone to set this thermostat up via wifi with a free app. If your heater doesn’t output 25vac to your current thermostat, you’ll need to buy a power supply for it- and, ideally, run a ground wire as well (which can be run from the same grounded outlet your power supply plugs in at) to prevent it’s being surged by static electricity on particularly cold, dry days. There’s a very good manual with this unit for hooking up the wires. If you aren’t familiar with this sort of thing, take a picture of the old thermostat’s connections just in case- because otherwise, if you can’t make this work, you may have difficulty reconnecting the original equipment. It’s a worthwhile upgrade in my book, and it also meets the wife acceptance factors for both ease of use and cosmetic appearance.

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