Himino Waterproof Solar Panel Battery Charger with USB Output Ports, Portable Solar Charger for Car, RV, Boat, Cell Phone (15w)

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Price: $34.99

1. Monocrystalline solar panel kits solar power charger, it is perfect for maintaining batteries of car RV motorcycle boat marine trailer tractor ATVs truck, etc. It is designed to maintain the battery at a proper storage voltage with sunlight.
2. Plug and play: Male to Female, included cigarette lighter plug in the socket, easy to install even for those have no professional knowledge. No additional much maintenance to the kit, no electricity cost, place the panel facing the direction with the most sunlight possible.
3. Built-in safety protection: Built-in circuit board to prevent your batteries from discharging backwards through your solar panels at night when charger’s voltage is lower.
4. It is designed with a indicate light in the junction box, when the solar panel is facing the sunlight, it will light up and shows that the solar panel is charging the battery.
5. Lightweight and Portable, it weighs only 1.6 LB, size 16.54 x 11.02 inch, and made of waterproof and long lasting material, designed for long term use.

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filter infrared and ultraviolet rays

Himino solar panel charge can filter infrared and ultraviolet rays and retain the wavelength of efficient power generation (300um ~ 1100um), and the conversion rate is as high as 21%, DC maximum output power is 15W.

Widely compatible

Widely compatible

Himino solar panel charge 15W are specifically designed for car or cellphone or ipad. Himino solar panel is also can be used to charge battery/power bank etc. And Himino solar panel is great for emergency, power outages, and outdoor adventures, like camping, trip, hiking, kayak, fish, hang out on the beach, hunting,survival, disasters preparedness etc. Or just for being environmentally conscious. Himino solar panel is also can be used on RVs, Yacht, Car, motorcycle etc.

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15w, 20w



10 reviews for Himino Waterproof Solar Panel Battery Charger with USB Output Ports, Portable Solar Charger for Car, RV, Boat, Cell Phone (15w)

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    Michele Marcinik

     Right out of the box this little solar panel hooked right up to an USB powered fan!! I tried to upload a video, but it was too long.It has an assortment of accessory cables. Your choice of a barrel plug or 2 USB connections. The day I installed this on my solar power shed, it was very cloudy but it powered the USB fan with no issues! A great addition to help keep my 4000 watt inverter to stay cool in the 100 degree Texas summer!! I would recommend this to anyone who needs a similar set up!!

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    Ray Pine

    I like the fact this is very lightweight and still gets the job doneIF I HAD to say anything negative, it would be that it is wider than most dashboards – but not a problem since you can mount in the windshield with the suction cup anchors that are included

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    J. duncan

    This is a very good product at a very reasonable price.I installed it in on the inside of the windshield and on top of the sun screen and plugged it in to the lighter outlet. You could not imagine an easier installation. It is keeping my battery at 12.6 Volts

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    Ken W.

    I purchased this panel primarily to power a small 12v fan I salvaged from a computer, to dry out herbs and onions in my garden shed. The fan is rated at .63 amps and runs like a champ with direct power from this panel. I also tested the usb charging ports, and both will recharge my iphone, going up by a couple of percent in a minute or two. My secondary use will be to charge power banks. The USB supply sits on the back of the unit, and has two open slots, so I’m not sure how well they will hold up if exposed to weather, but the rest of the unit is thin and slightly flexible. There is no bulky metal frame. There are 4 mounting grommets, and the unit comes with both a couple of carabiners and 4 suction cups which fit in the grommets for mounting on windows or smooth surfaces. This appears to be well made, of reasonable quality and with good performance.

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    Pretty cool! I’ve never had a solar panel before but wanted a way to power a fan for my dogs house. It powers a 9in fan no problem with direct sunlight and still powers it to a lower capacity in indirect light.

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    The solar panel keeps my marine battery charged so I no longer need to run an extension cord and plug/unplug every time i use the jon boat. It even has a usb port so I can charge my phone while on the jon boat. good stuff!

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    Michael H

    They say 20 watts. I say 25 watts (23v x 1.1 Amp). The most powerful simple compact trickle charger I could find. Plug & play.The diode stopped the reverse flow of current at night as indicated by the tiny led light on the charger.Truck is just sitting due to Covid 19. So I needed this trickle charger to compensate for the phantom current losses.

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    John Swift

    Just unpacked the unit and am testing it out. I have a several plans to use it. One use pictured is to charge my various power banks. I also will try charging two 12 volt portable radios and a very large power bank. I purchased it mostly for emergencies and if I don’t get too much use out of it, that’s a win too. It seems very well made, was very nicely packed and has a clear plastic protective film that I’ll take off soon.I have a 10 volt unit I’ve used for years and this new one seems just as excellent, just twice the output.Should I discover problems, I’ll up date my review!

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    The 1st pic showing it charging power banks. It can other small devices.Pic 2 is the shows the back side. The connector in the back for the accessories in comes with. (Haven’t used them)Pic 3 is the output amount. It comes with 2 USB ports, but depending on what you want recharge it will recharge 1 at a time. It says 12v/5v but I think its only 5V. Unless that’s for the wire connector in the back.Pic 4 shows the thickness of the panel. It’s thin and can be easily stored and carried around. I sometimes tie a weight on the corners in case of windy days.Other things to know: it still recharges in overcast and shade. Comes with suction cups so if you could attach it to a window or a parked car window (under the sun). Great to have if you go camping.Month worth of testing:The power bank is a 26000mAh and takes approximate 24 hrs of sunlight. A 24000mAH will take 14-18 hrs. A 8000mAH will take about 4 hrs. An iPhone SE 1-2 hrs. A whole day can charge a tablet 65-85% (remember to turn off any applications in your devices).Overall its a great to have. I just wished i got the 20W instead.

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    I gave this a little test drive to revive a smaller AGM battery for my waverunner. Afterwards i rigged a cable into my charge controller in my teardrop knowing this is undersized for the job but it was delivering current as advertised. It doesnt seem to be affected by partial shade as some are. So i would say great for lower power needs 12v or 5v usv

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