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Heunwa Power Save – 90V-250V 30KW Electricity Saving Box

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Principle: Not stealing electricity, just help you saving the daily waste of energy automaticly, thereby saving your money.
Function: Stabilize the voltage, balance the current, and surge protection in order to achieve a power-saving effect.
Protection: Multi-protect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices.
How to: Plug the electricity saved box into any socket at home/office/factory etc. Simple operation, no need pay attention.
Package: 1*electricity saving Box; 1*user manual

Brand Heunwa



Heunwa Power Save – Electricity Saving Box

electricity saving box
electricity saving box
electricity saving box


Heunwa Electricity Saving Box


Rated voltage: 90V-250V

Rated frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Useful load: 30,000W


Illustration for using

When using, plug into any sockets,no need to maintenance.

Assure of the pluging, the indicated light is in a condition of lighting.

Plug into any sockets or line of prolonging,use one or several power energy saver according to the quantities of devices.



*When using,please be careful when pluging into the sockets. Don’t be too rude.Avoid damage.

*After using,don’t take off too often.avoid influencing the result of saving electricity.

*Don’t let the kids touch it.Assure the safety.

Heunwa Suggestion

A high-power device with one device works best.

If your home include air-conditioner, refrigerator, television and so on, we suggest 2 or 3 pcs.

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10 reviews for Heunwa Power Save – 90V-250V 30KW Electricity Saving Box

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    Coulee Girl

    Plugged this in and the first month I saw a 10% reduction in our electric bill. It was the winter months and the most expensive time of the year. I purchased two and placed them near the Electric Box and another one further away at other end of the home. They seem to work. Waiting for Summer and the A/C time of year.

    1 product
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    Gary Lerman

    I was told about this product from a family member whom praised this product. I since have ordered and utilized this product for my primary home and casita. My utility provider has an app where I can see the utilization of this unit has made a marked difference. Definitely recommend!

    1 product
  3. blank


    Love this, my electric bill dropped $40 the first month, I got another one for my kids room near there PlayStation. So we have 3 now by the gaming pc and air conditioner

    1 product
  4. blank


    About to bye more my light bill went from $250 to $95

    1 product
  5. blank


    We’ve had this for a few months and our electricity bill has gone down by at least $30 already! I’d recommend these. We have two in our house, thinking about getting one more.

    1 product
  6. blank

    Frank Kohl

    As soon as I plugged it into the outlet. I saw both lights come on. I really can’t say how much it will save me, until I get my next Electric bill next month. Then I can give a better answer. Thanks.

    1 product
  7. blank

    Jesse Harris

    The Device works as advetized it decreased my power bill from $50 to $45

    1 product
  8. blank

    Joel Z.

    This device has been plugged in for a full month and my bill which was consistently 260.00 a month even through the summer decreased to 132.00. My Electric consumption was actually cut in half. I came on here just to leave this review. I was not compensated in any way for this statement.

    1 product
  9. blank

    Amazon Customer

    Well… I’m still waiting on my 1st electric bill since I bought these, but the same day I put 1 in every room and need 4 more actually & I’ll buy them in a HOT MINUTE once I see my next electric bill.

    1 product
  10. blank


    Got this for my daughters their electric bill was over 200 each month after they started using this we waited until a full bill cycle to see if it works. And their will dropped 75.00 each month after. I plan on buy some for our house, once I get refrigerated air.

    1 product
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