Heartland Natural Energy Saving Dryer Vent Closure – Outside Heartland Dryer Vent Cover Adapts to Outdoor Siding

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HIGH QUALITY VENTILATION – The Heartland Natural Vent will last throughout all seasons, letting warm air escape when open and preventing cold air from entering when closed.
PEST PROTECTION – Additionally, this vent will provide critter protection, keeping insects and other pests from entering your home through the dryer vent.
EASY-TO-INSTALL – Replace your old vent with the Heartland Natural Vent in less than 30 min. Features a square base with pre-drilled holes, It must be installed in a vertical position. It can be mounted to brick, masonite, and press board.
EXTRA SAVINGS – Looking for some savings? This energy saving dryer vent closure is designed to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Do your wallet a favor with the Heartland Natural Vent.
SPECIFICATIONS – This dryer vent cover is 13.2 x 7.4 x 6.7 inches in size and weighs 1.8 pounds.

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Heartland Natural Energy Saving Dryer Vent Closure

Replace your old vent with the Heartland Natural Vent. This easy-to-install dryer vent closure features a square base with pre-drilled holes for your convenience. The Heartland Natural Vent will last throughout all seasons, letting warm air escape when open and preventing cold air from entering when closed.

Additionally, this vent will provide critter protection, keeping insects and other pests from entering your home through the dryer vent. Looking for some savings? This energy saving dryer vent closure is designed to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Do your wallet a favor with the Heartland Natural Vent.

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This easy-to-install dryer vent closure lets warm air escape when open and prevents cold air from entering when closed. It also prevents insects from entering through the dryer vent.

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10 reviews for Heartland Natural Energy Saving Dryer Vent Closure – Outside Heartland Dryer Vent Cover Adapts to Outdoor Siding

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    Robert Brian Lamm

    This is a great vent cover, especially if your dryer vent is surrounded with foliage and might eventually interfere with the functionality of the louvered type. In this one, the moving parts are all on the inside. One takes the cover off only to clean out the dryer duct (which should be performed annually, NO MATTER HOW CLEAN YOU KEEP YOUR DRYER LINT FILTER).It says that you can paint the closure. I used brown primer (I have a brick house) since plastic tends to photo oxidize). So far, it is working well.

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    Ryan Cawdor

    Listen folks, if you are replacing your Dryer exhaust vent cover for the 2nd time or 3rd or heck, even the first time may as well install something that should never need replacing anytime in the next thirty years.This vent is pretty cool, has an cover inside that moves up when the Dryer is on and drops down in place to lock out the outside air when the Dryer is off. Critters cannot get in this thing and the top cover comes off (not easily!) for any kind of cleaning you may want to do inside the exhaust vent.I looked around and read dozens of reviews and almost went the cheaper route. Almost. So glad I didn’t go that way and save a few bucks. It’s not a beauty to look at color wise so paint it if ya want. If you do use a high quality outdoor paint that will prolong the life of the device.It took me over an hour to remove the old vent cover that was hot glued in place on my house by the previous owner a decade or so ago. That old vent cover was brittle and falling apart. I had to enlarge the opening a little to fit this vent cover in place but once I got that done it was smooth sailing. A few screws later and it was installed and flush against my house in a perfectly vertical position (so the internal cover will function properly). I used outdoor clear Silicone to seal the unit to the house and it’s completely waterproof.So after an hour or so of the Silicone hardening I tested it by running my Dryer on high heat for 15 minutes. Perfect air flow out of the vent.Don’t skimp with a cheaper, possibly lower quality device. Just jump in and get something that works well and will last you decades.

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    O. Reyna

    Was replacing old dryer vent, and came across this one, a bit different but great design and does what it says. My goal was to keep outside air from coming in to the dryer, for us in TX, will be more noticeable for us in winter where it was most noticeable cold air in dryer. I will say it’s rather large, so look at dimensions carefully. When I got it, comparatively, it’s close to the size of a gallon of milk.The install was pretty easy, I did have to buy an 4″ extension piece at the Depot, and it does sit away from my brick wall about a half inch (which I just siliconed up the gap nicely). The screws that came with it are pretty short, so did have some longer ones handy that I ended up using. I did use a drill to put the screws in, and did use an extension on my drill bit as getting the drill close to the lower curved pipe was in the way (wanted to get the screw in nice and square without stripping it).As it’s an off-white color, it really stands out on the wall so I camo’d it using a red and burgundy Krylon spray paint for plastic (that came out okay but I’m no artist, wife was good with it so we’re good) and I’ll try to upload a picture so you can see it. I did see the comment on the lid flying off, and I can see where that might happen on a very windy day and it’s not a lid you can find a replacement for (without buying a new unit) so I ended up putting a screw on the upper bracket to secure it a bit more in place (will try to put picture of this as well).Now just waiting for my neighbors to start asking what the hell that thing is on my wall… 🙂

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    Totally blocked the cold air that always infiltrated my laundry room. I mounted it directly to my outside brick face, had to drill new mounting holes larger to take the masonry screws, no problem. Here is exactly how I painted it, worked great: (1) Clean and de-grease with vinegar solution. I was lazy, so I soaked a medium-sized hand towel with water then just poured some white vinegar on the soaked towel, squeezed it a little to mix, then wiped all the parts down. Liberally rinsed under tapwater and let dry for 24 hours. (2) Hot-glued the parts to arm-length sticks so I could hold them for spray-painting. Heated later to remove, no paint damage from heat. Also masked mating surfaces with 3M Blue or circular paper-plate cutouts, Chinet heavy duty to be exact. (3) Sprayed 3 very light coats of Dupli-Color Adhesion Promoter, 5 minutes apart. See pic attached for exact can of Dupli-Color I used. (4) Waited another 5 minutes then sprayed 4 very light coats of Krylon Fusion White Gloss, 5 minutes apart. See pic for exact can of Krylon I used. All this spraying was done at 50-55 degrees F, outside, slight wind. (5) Let dry/cure inside for 8 days. Then removed hot-glued sticks and masking and installed.

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    We had a noticeably cold laundry room near our dryer, and this vent closure makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE vs the cheap useless plastic flappy vent cap!I’m a little ashamed about how happy I am with this product, because after all – it’s just a dryer vent cap. We originally had one of the standard cheap flappy thingies outside which was doing virtually nothing, especially since the darn thing was half clogged open with lint. When it was really cold outside, our laundry room felt as cold as if a window was open (it has no windows). Dry clothes we left inside after the dryer was finished would be so cold they almost felt wet. Not only was the 4-inch diameter hole leaking tons of heated air, freezing the crap out of the dryer probably hurt its efficiency too. But, this product fixed all these problems!!!! For an easy 10-15 minute installation (most time spent chipping away excess mortar from previous sloppy installation), our laundry room no longer feels like a meat locker.Pros:Surprisingly easy install, most time consuming part was brick wall.Saves money and energy! (Couldn’t find actual figures)Makes the laundry room much more comfortable.Laundry room no longer a meat locker in winter!Looks kinda sci-fy outside.Brick wall gave me an excuse to use my hammer drill!Cons:Can no longer use the freezing cold of the laundry room as an excuse to avoid doing laundry.I’m a little ashamed at how excited I got about the difference this made, I may need to get out more.

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    Tory Shade

    It’s plastic, so it doesn’t last forever outdoors. However, I like these so much better than the simple flappers that lie against the wall. So whenever it’s needed replacing (about every 6+ years the way I use it) seems perfectly reasonable. Even if it’s a bit more expensive than the flapper type, this type is much safer. The flapper types have to be uninstalled to be able to brush out the duct pipe to the dryer and that’s a pain in the rear. Whereas with this type one can slip off the top half of the vent structure and push the duct brush down in. It’s amazing how much lint comes out. The dryer lint does collect over time in the vent itself, so cleaning twice a year works with our level of laundry use (about 15 loads a week). With the number of articles I read about fires caused by dryers and lint this easy to clean vent is a winner for me. Most people will probably want to paint the vent to match their siding, but that’s easy enough. I highly recommend this product.

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    Ken DeLano

     Our laundry and laundry room was a ice box. This thing is amazing, completely took the cold away. My main concern was making sure the gas is not backing into the house. I didn’t see any comments on that but decided to buy it anyways. I didn’t realize how much pressure a dryer puts out of the exhaust. When it’s running and you open the lid to this thing the cup will pop up(see video), so I have no worries about gas backing up. It’s a really good design. The company is dumb they don’t paint the thing white, but three dollar can of spray paint fixes that.

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    I am an engineer and have looked for years for a quality dryer vent that would never fail to operate (open) and when not operating would seal itself to prevent bugs from entering and the loss of conditioned air. This dryer vent is simple and does it all. Although expensive, it is worth the price. I recently purchased a home where this vent was installed and found that it functions perfectly. The top cover had cracked from being in direct sun for over 13 years but the rest was in great condition. Rather than just order just a replacement cover I purchased a complete new unit. I know I will get another decade out of this replacement. If you are looking for a quality product, this is the one! I am taking the time to praise this design to let others know there is really a great product out there.

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    This wonderful contraption now replaces my contractor-grade louvered dryer vent. I live in Minneapolis and the winter here are cold–sometimes VERY cold. Over this past winter, I especially noticed that the metal dryer duct in my basement laundry room was quite cold to the touch. I’ve been making a number of improvements to the home over the past year around air sealing and insulating. All of the work has proven worth the effort, but when it came to the dryer vent and how I could reduce cold outside air from coming into the home, I was a bit stumped. Until I found this.Knowing that UV light would eventually break down the plastic, I began by prepping it for paint. I used steel wool to scuff the surface, then sprayed it with plastic-compatible paint that I had on-hand. This paint serves as a primer for the flat outdoor latex paint that will be applied later in the summer. Once it’s applied, the vent color will match the house’s paint and won’t stand out as it does in the attached images. I constructed a shim using a section of 3/4″ pine board, allowing the foot of the elbow to have a totally flat surface, allowing a strong seal with the house’s siding.Also, I removed the mounting bracket from the removable top because the pitch of the siding didn’t allow the top to sit on properly. It’s no matter, as the top sits on very well and seals solidly simply with the press-fit connection. I don’t have any concerns about the upper chamber or the lid coming off from high winds or storms. You really have to give it a solid tug to get it to come off of the elbow base.Highly recommended. It’s not cheap, but it’s the best thing I’ve see to do this job. It’s the summer now, so I can’t make any comments about whether it fully stops ambient air from entering, but based on the design, I’m fully confident it’ll do its job as designed.

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    Charles K.

    I have had this product for 28 years now. Efficiency goes up. The cup is easy to clean. However. When in- stalling . Place thumb washers or easily removable fasteners. Too clean out the horizontal piping. Lint sticks to everything. And piles. Make your maintenance easier and faster.I use schedule 40, 3 inch duct work, from the dryer to the vent. Never glue it. Provide. As many rubber couplings as needed. Buy a chimney brush and good vacuum. To keep your equipment happy at all ends. By the way slick up the pipe . With silicone spray. You can thank me later.

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