Green DIY Energy Solar Photovoltaic Introduction

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Step #1- Obtain & Test Cells 24
Step #2- Determine Panel Output 27
Step #3- Panel Dimensions 28
Step #4- Build Panel Frame 31
Step #5- Wire Cells Together 32
Step #6- Attach Cells to Substrate 34
Step #7- Finish Wiring & Panel 35
Step #8- Attach Clear Cover 37
Step #9- Seal w/ Caulk 38
Step #10- Test Panel 39

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Brand Green DIY Energy



Green DIY Energy Solar Photovoltaic Introduction

In this Green DIY Energy guide we will be taking a look at the ever‐evolving world of solar photovoltaic, or PV for short. In essence, we will be examining how we have learned to take the sun’s energy and convert that into electricity. The sun has an enormous amount of energy, evident by the sunburns we have all put ourselves through. Humans have learned to passively harness this energy for thousands of years, using the sun’s rays to warm their homes or dry their food and clothing. Not until the latter part of the 19th century, however, did we discover how to convert those powerful rays of sunlight into usable energy in the form of direct current electricity.

This important breakthrough will be discussed, with the various types of solar cells that have been developed and the pros and cons of each. The main components of a solar electric system will be identified and discussed, and, finally, we will discuss the steps towards constructing your own solar PV panel to harness the sun’s full potential.

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