Great Eagle 40/60/100W Equivalent 3-Way A19 LED Light Bulb 5000K Daylight Color (4-Pack)

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ENERGY EFFICIENT 3-WAY LED BULB – Uses 4/8/14W to yield equivalent illumination of 40/60/100W Incandescent and Halogen bulbs. BRIGHT 500/100/1500 lumens
LONG LASTING – These Great Eagle LED bulbs last 20x longer than incandescent bulbs. Each light bulb is expected to deliver a lifetime of over 22 years (average usage rate of 3 hours per day)
INSTANT ON – Full brightness immediately. No waiting like CFL bulbs to warm up
SAFE – UL Listed for safety, Mercury and Lead-free, and no UV or IR radiation
DO NOT USE DIMMER SWITCH with 3-Way bulbs. For use only with light fixtures intended to operate with 3-Way bulbs

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Great Eagle 40/60/100W Equivalent 3-Way A19 LED Light Bulb 5000K Daylight Color (4-Pack)


This Great Eagle LED light bulb offers 3 levels of illumination using a 3-way desk lamp, floor lamp, or table lamp. With each click of the switch, the LED bulb will cycle between off, 40w, 60w, and 100w equivalent brightness using only a fraction the power needed compared to an incandescent or halogen bulb.

The Great Eagle LED family will immerse the room in beautiful light whether in a cozy family room, hotel lobby, or restaurant. This is a professional grade light bulb which is UL Listed, FCC and ROHS certified. Make sure that bulb has the Great Eagle logo and part number printed on bulb and box. Be careful of cheap low quality knock off bulbs that are not UL Listed and offered by non-U.S. sellers.

Warm White 2700K is well suited for incandescent/halogen bulb replacement. Clear brilliant light with no additional yellow or blue hues added. A great all around color that can be used anywhere. Our efficient design contains no mercury, lead, or UV, and no dangerous glass to shatter.

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  1. OnlyAName (verified owner)

    If you are here, then presumably you know you need 3-way bulbs for, probably, a lamp of some sort. But just in case, if you have a lamp that has 3 different brightness settings that are adjusted by turning a knob or maybe a pull string, these are likely the bulbs you need. A few scenarios that can help you be sure these are what you need: 1. When your lamp is off does the first turn of the knob or pull of the string not actually turn it on? Then it comes on after the second attempt, but the 3rd turn, which you would expect to turn it off, doesn’t turn it off? It just stays on at the same brightness? Then a 4th turn/pull finally turns it off? You probably have a 3-way lamp and it needs these bulbs. 2. You got dimmer bulbs but it behaves the same way as in scenario 1? You need these bulbs. Unlike a dimmer bulb which adjusts brightness based on voltage regulation, a 3-way socket physically changes the shape to contact different parts of the bulb to result in the varying light intensity. 3. You have a lamp that would come on dim on the first twist/pull, a little brighter after the second, and brightest after the third. Then a fourth twist/pull would turn it off and the bulb burned out? You need 3-way bulbs. Also, PSA using dimmable or regular bulbs in a 3-way socket increases the fire risk. Anyway, my experience with these bulbs has been great. I needed 3-way bulbs and wanted LED bulbs (I figured they had to exist). So I went to check my local orange hardware store, then the blue one, and finally the blue and yellow big box store. While some had 3-way bulbs only one had LED 3-ways for a small fortune that was more than I paid for the lamps per bulb (and I needed 3 of them minimum). So standing there I pulled out my phone got on Amazon and foung these. I was super happy and ordered them via “But Now” right there. Unfortunately Amazon lost the package in their warehouse based on the tracking history, but a free replacement was shipped after the mandated Amazon wait period. Bottom line they work. The only super minor negatives I can say is there is a fraction of a second delay between turning it on on (to the dimmest setting) and it actually illuminating. Literally maybe 1/10th of a second. I attribute this to my antique lamp more than the bulbs because this doesn’t happen in my other 2 newer lamps. The other detractor is that these are your typical white plastic LED bulbs so if you have a clearer shade or can see the bulb through the shade these may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option. I don’t know if a clear glass/plastic version has been made yet,but there should be one day. Tl;dr if you need 3 way bulbs these are the best value around and you should get them.

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