GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Machine Maker Hydrogen Water Generator Ionizer with SPE and PEM Technology

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HYDROGEN RICH AND WEAK ALKALINE WATER: After 3 mins works, the H+ will up to 1100ppb and the ph value up to 7.2-9.5
SAFETY AND ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY:Advanced SPE and PEM technology make all the process safety
DOUBLE-LAYER HIGH BORO SILLICATE GLASS ENDURES HIGH TEMPERATURES : GOSOIT Hydrogen water generator design by the double-layer glass body was fired by high temperature borosilicate glass for insulation, heat resisting ,anti-scalding , BPA free
HYDROGEN WATER IS BENEFICIAL TO BODY: Activated hydrogen in hydrogen alkaline water can combined with radical, strong osmosis, Continuously enhance body blood circulation, activate body cell, enhance immunity, promote digestion and excretion, improve gastrointestinal system, effectively improve the metabolism
CURVED ERGONOMIC BOTTLE DESIGN: GOSOIT Hydrogen water Ionizer bottle body is designed to concisely curved ergonomic for convenient taking and carrying, non-slip, anti-drop




GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Machine Maker Hydrogen Water Generator Ionizer with SPE and PEM Technology, US Membrane Make Hydrogen Content up to 800-1200 PPB (blue)


GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle


GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Machine Maker. GOSOIT is a company that specialize in the development, production and sale of Water & Air treatment products. We provide advanced, practical, high quality with high cost-effective products to improve people’s water safety and breathing. Reduce environment pollution and lead healthy life.

GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker Machine

GOSOIT Hydrogen water Generator started using SPE and PEM technology for many years, and is the first company to use US Proton Membrane. Our hydrogen water bottle can keeps cells healthy and energized to control free radical damage to raise nitric oxide levels. Improve circulation and control your inflammation and Reactive Oxygen Species.

We have USA Offer sale service department, If you have any question, You can leave us your message.

USB cable rechargeable.
3 mins quick to product hydrogen water.

ACTIVE HYDROGENActivation GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Machine Maker

1. Please clean the cup for the first use.

2. Pour water about 176 ° F into the cup and wait 30 minutes.

3. Touch the button to start the work and repeat the electrolysis 5 times, then pour out the water.

4. Re-introduce water, start working, enjoy your hydrogen water after 3 minutes.





hydrogenDouble Wall Glass

Removable double wall glass, easy to clean. Perfect curve, easy to hold on. Quality glass, not easily broken, of course we have spare glass for you.







hydrogen waterHigh Borosilicate Glass

High borosilicate glass inner gallbladder: High temperature firing, vacuum disinfection, heat resisting, anti-explosion, safe and non-toxic. BPA Free, Food Grade approved.








GOSOIT Hydrogen water Ionize system is used Lasted SPE and PEM Technology, US DuPont Proton Membrane, Only electrolysis water into H+ and OH-. No more ozone chlorine and other harmful substances.








We are equipped with a USB charging cable. You can use a computer, a power bank or an ordinary charging head to charge the hydrogen generator, which is very convenient and Environmental protection. With a capacity of 2000 mAh, it can be used about 8-12 times on a single charge.






HYDROGEN TESTAccurate testing tools
PH Test Pen & Hydrogen TDS Meter

Other pH test strips do not have test sensors for hydrogen and alkaline concentrations. But only make rough calculations based on the principle of redox reactions, which is easy to mislead users.







GOSOIT Hydrogen Water Generator Produces best antioxidant for you; Molecular hydrogen is a NOVEL ANTIOXIDANT to efficiently reduce oxidative stress and improvement of mitochondrial diseases.







Anti-allergy enhance immunity.
Assisted treatment of chronic diseases.
Bidirectional regulation of blood viscosity.
Improve the intestinal environment.
Burn fat to lose weight.
Hangover function.
Best Gift Guide.






GOSOIT Hydrogen water maker with Beautifully packaged. Suitable as a gift for your friends and family and yourself.


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10 reviews for GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Machine Maker Hydrogen Water Generator Ionizer with SPE and PEM Technology

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    Assuming the hydrogen production is legit – I look forward to having a glass of water now, knowing it’s more alkaline (pH) and containing anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic inflammation is the root of all disease.. There’s numerous studies on hydrogen water, check them out if you’re skeptical. Lastly, it’s pretty fun to fill it up, hit the button and watch it bubble away! Hydrogen water yea baby yea

    1 product
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    Jeffrey C

    The hydrogen bottle has a double layer glass piece, it has anti-scalding and warm keeping effect. It’s so special!

    1 product
  3. blank

    Charlotte Stokely

    Amazing. Alkaline water on the go for the win ! Has USB charger option. I’m going to buy one for my mom.

    1 product
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    the bottle has a nice curvy shape design. the bubbles and the blue lamp are visible which is exciting to watch. overall this bottle is a good gift for older people.

    1 product
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    Theodore Curtis Bailey

    Fantastic product. Easy to use and it’s pretty cool too. They are really helpful and responsive to questions. Great people to work with!

    1 product
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    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I usually drink a lot of water every day. I have been looking for a Hydrogen Generator. After I reviewed several brands, I chose this one. It has advance SPE and PEM technology and super ease to use it. I just need to push the button on the base, then the Hydrogen will be ready in 3 minutes. This bottle comes with a usb cable. One full charge lasts me two days. I love the benefits of the hydrogen alkaline water. I use it every day.

    1 product
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    Anu Venu

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     When I heard about Hydrogen water started reading several articles. All says that The Molecular hydrogen fights free radicals in the body and protects body cells from the effects of oxidative stress and improving risk factors related to metabolic syndrome. I thought it’s worth trying and bought this bottle. It is portable and convenient to keep with me even I am outside of the home. This will be operated by battery so no worry where I am. The build quality of glass cup body is good and thick. Base has charging port which uses USB. It is easy to to use as Jut pore clear water in it and press the button it will start doing its job and will stop automatically in 3 mins. I am not sure how much water consumption will help to improve the health but felt no odor and water tastes good. Overall good product.

    1 product
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    This is a good product with reasonable price and simple look. I bought it for my husband. He likes it very much. He only drinks alkaline water, which saves a lot of money and is particularly good. very good!

    1 product
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    This is my second time to buy GOSOIT’S hydrogen water bottle,this time I gave it to my friend,she’s so happy.it’s worth the price.

    1 product
  10. blank


    Omg have been waiting to find another one of these for my friend – I have one and it’s amazing the quality and clearing of the water you get you feel so amazing when you add this to your diet and drink this water it’s has made a huge difference for me

    1 product
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