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GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Hydrogen Water Maker Machine Make Hydrogen Content Up to 800-1200 PPB and PH of 7.5-9.0 (blue)

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Super-effective Hydrogen and alkaline water making: The hydrogen-enriched machine can make the hydrogen concentration up to 800-1200 PPB and the PH value up to 7.5–9.0 after working 10-30mins
High-efficiency: Power-free, you make hydrogen rich water anywhere, no need power connection,We recommend using warm water to be more effective, no irritant smell,suggest 8 glass hydrogen water a day.
Humanized design:The process of hydrogen making is visible,Double-layer High borosilicate glass,don’t worry scalding,freeze and scald,of course BPA FREE
300ML/11OZ CUSTOMIZED CAPACITY DESIGN : GOSOIT Hydrogen machine capacity designed to 300ml/11Oz which exactly meet your drinking needs one time, effectively avoid long keeping to cause H2 reducing in case it’s left
Healthy life: The hydrogen water can be improve memory, water quality.Great gift guide for your friends,family and yourself






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GOSOIT is a company that specialize in the development, production and sale of Water &Air treatment products. We provide advanced, practical, high quality with high cost-effective products to improve people’s water safety and breathing, reduce environment pollution and lead healthy life.

GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker Machine with Filter

GOSOIT Hydrogen water Generator made from ultrafine powder material was smashed by medical stone, pelelith and other thirteen kinds of minerals.

We have USA Offer sale service department, If you have any question, You can leave us your message.

No need charge
Need to Replacement Hydrogen Generator

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Activation Hydrogen water generator

1.Please clean the cup for the first use

2.Pour water about 216 ° F into the cup and wait 30 minutes.

3.Repeat the water 3 times,then pour out the water.

4.Re-introduce water, start working, enjoy your hydrogen water after 10 minutes!

Replacement Hydrogen Generator

Easy to replacement Hydrogen Generator, Just unscrew the lid and replace it.

We recommend replacing it every 3 months.

You can search hydrogen generator in Amazon, the product ID:B07Y39FS8H

High Borosilicate Glass

High borosilicate glass inner gallbladder: High temperature firing, vacuum disinfection, heat resisting, anti-explosion, safe and non-toxic. BPA Free, Food Grade approved.

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hydrogen water maker

test tools

Cool & Warm water is OK

We recommend working temperature :86° F-216° F,Whether in summer or winter, you can drink hydrogen-rich water anytime, anywhere

Magnesium content

The content of magnesium in hydrogen water is 60-85mg

Accurate testing tools
PH Test Pen & Hydrogen TDS Meter

Other pH test strips do not have test sensors for hydrogen and alkaline concentrations, but only make rough calculations based on the principle of redox reactions, which is easy to mislead users.

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Novel Antioxidant

GOSOIT Hydrogen Water Generator Produces best antioxidant for you; Molecular hydrogen is a NOVEL ANTIOXIDANT to efficiently reduce oxidative stress and improvement of mitochondrial diseases.

Benifite your body
Anti-allergy enhance immunity
Burn fat to lose weight
Hangover function
Gift Guide

GOSOIT Hydrogen water maker with Beautifully packaged, suitable as a gift for your friends and family and yourself.

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Buiding on Better living

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10 reviews for GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle Hydrogen Water Maker Machine Make Hydrogen Content Up to 800-1200 PPB and PH of 7.5-9.0 (blue)

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    I have been using it for about a month. I have heard about this hydrogen-rich water six mouths ago, so I bought and tried to experience it. It really plays a very good role in the body. Now let me talk about my feelings.This water tastes no different from ordinary water, no smell.It has a function of making tea. In fact, I like this design very much. It has a funnel inside the lid, which is very practical.When I pour hot water, although it has anti-scalding design, I can still feel the temperature, but this temperature is acceptable. You know, in winter, we can still hold this cup to warm hands.I follow the instructions to activate the hydrogen film, then you will see a lot of bubbles coming out, very beautiful, I think, that is hydrogenI checked some documents about hydrogen water. It is probably that one of the ways in which the body uses hydrogen is to dissolve hydrogen into high-purity water, use water as a carrier to enter the body, and distribute it in the body.Thereby reducing the oxidation of harmful free radicals in the human bodyIn fact,this month I can feel that the quality of sleep has improved a bit. Although I am not sure that it is the role of hydrogen water, but I feel very good this month. If you are interested in hydrogen water, it worth to experience.

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    Tymon I.

    Wow, this hydrogen-rich water bottle is more interesting than I thought. I have used it for a while. I like its bubble very much. It makes me feel that drinking water is a very fun thing. I have used it for almost a month. There are still a lot of bubbles, I think some comments say that there is no bubble for a while, I think they are not activated with boiled water, when you do not use it, keep the filter element dry, so that it will last longer;Regarding the taste of water, I feel that there is no difference in the water that I usually drink. There is no smell, and it will be smoother. I don’t know if it is a function of my heart. Drinking this hydrogen-rich water,Sleep quality has become better.Personal feeling

  3. blank

    Schimmel Bart

    I read the user instruction and followed it to use the bottle more than one month, so far everything is ok, the transparent part is made of high borosilicate glass which is no BPA, adopting the ceramic filter gets through physical reaction with drinking water to produce H2 water , both hot water and cold are acceptable for hydrogen water making, no plastic part contacts water when producing H2 water, no plastic odor at all , and it has a portable handbag for convenient carrying, I can bring it to produce Hydrogen water anywhere I go,one more special function, it has a stainless steel tea strainer, I can use it to learn how to make Chinese tea, I like the bottle so much

  4. blank


    Although I don’t know if this hydrogen water is really effective for the human body, I checked some information. This hydrogen water originated in Japan. I saw the news about this bottle on Facebook.I am curious that this hydrogen water bottle has such a magical effect.Then I found Gosoit’s official website, which seems to be trustworthy. In fact, my idea is right. This cup produces a lot of bubbles (hydrogen), the glass is glass, the quality is very good, I used it for two weeks.Now, although I don’t notice any good changes in my body, but I want to continue to have effect.

  5. blank


    I was buying the pre packaged water from a friend at $5.00 a piece this is so much more economical and I love it

  6. blank

    NJ Customer

    Awesome product. I love that it makes tea also.

  7. blank


     I used boiling water and poured it into the glass, which produced a lot of bubbles. It was very pleasant and did not need to be charged. It was very convenient

  8. blank


    The hydrogen water bottle is produced H2 by the filter, it needs to be activated by boiled water for first use, and it’s better to use hot water for first five use which will help the filter more active, I need to keep the filter dry by placing it upside down so as to remain longer life for the filter.The bottle has big capacity and a tea strainer which can be used for tea making, I can use H2 water to make tea and enjoy hydrogen tea, I am happy to have the tea bottle.

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    Surprise, I listened to my Japanese friend who mentioned this hydrogen-rich water before, so I bought it and tried it. I really like the design of this cup. It can not only produce hydrogen but also make tea.My grandfather likes to drink tea very much.I gave this hydrogen water bottle to my grandfather as a birthday present. It’s really appropriate, thank you.

  10. blank


    I have so enjoyed using this delightful device which adds some amount of hydrogen gas to hot water. I’ve found that it gives the tea a more balance, rounded flavor. Treating myself to a cup of tea made with this little bottle is joy. I’ll be re-ordering the filter inserts shortly; this one lasted about three months before I could tell it was depleted.

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