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Goplus Electric Fuel Pump 12V 10GPM Diesel Bio Kerosene Oil Transfer Extractor

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【Powerful Motor】Equipped with the strong motor and adopting continuous working principle, the electric fuel pump will do a good help when you pump. The flow rate can up to 40(L/Min) / 10GPM. And No-load speed is 4500r/min. It is for fast and convenient fuel pumping.
【Safety Assurance】 This oil pump is made of premium materials which can be used for a long time. Speed range is 3500 RPM for use. It has also been tested and passed through a strict performance test for temperature resistance and anti-shock with a high quality protection rating of IP55.
【Portable and Lightweight Pump】The weight of this pump is only 8 lbs, and inlet/ outlet port fitting suits 3/4″. Due to its compact size and the handle grip, this fuel pump is very portable to carry. You can freely use it wherever you want to use.
【Suitable for Different Use】The max suction is 5m. For the long lift distance 10m, this professional diesel pump can be widely used in automobile manufacturing, power, chemical, engineering machinery, vehicle maintenance workshop, oil change center and other industries.
【Something You Should Pay Attention to】The package includes 1 x diesel pump. Note: The oil pump is suitable for diesel, biodiesel, and kerosene only. Not suitable for low flammability fuel (such as gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, alcohol, etc.)

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Only Pump, With Hose & Nozzle



10 reviews for Goplus Electric Fuel Pump 12V 10GPM Diesel Bio Kerosene Oil Transfer Extractor

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    I bought this for draining oil tanks when people get rid of oil heat and want to get rid of their tanks. I have been able to pump 100 gallons into my transfer tank in less than 30 minutes. I bought some different fittings with the barbs on the end for use with 1/2″ hose, stick one end of the hose into the tank, and the other hose into the receiving tank, connect it to the car battery, turn it on, and let it go.

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    Super HD pump, heavy duty cast iron. Hoses are much larger than they appear in pictures. The black hose is over 10 feet long, with large o-ringedfittings.Its 3/4″ ID, hydro hose style with crimped fittings.

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    I use this to transfer Kerosene from a bigger drum into a 2-gallon tank, which I use for a portable heater in my garage. This thing works great. It fills up a 5-gallon drum quickly too. Everything included works great. The hoses are sturdy, the fuel dispenser is rugged enough, I haven’t had any problems with leaks and I don’t suspect I’ll have any issues with the pump.The way I have this setup in my garage is, I have it bolted down on my workbench. The “intake” hose is long enough to reach the bottom of the drums I use and the “out-take” hose is long enough to reach a good distance.I don’t know if this could be considered a commercial grade unit, I’m not the guy that knows enough about all of this to make a determination like that. What I do know is that it works perfectly for what I’m doing. This system works so much better than using those manual siphons to move Kerosene. So for any home user looking to be able to move Kerosine in a non-commercial setting, I have no problem recommending this unit.Almost forgot. You have to buy a battery to power the pump. I used this one which you can purchase on Amazon. ExpertPower 12V 7 Amp EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid

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    The fitting leaked that was a easy fix.

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    Needed to transfer fuel oil to another tank. Wanted to use smaller tubing than the inlet/outlet diameter so heated smaller vinyl tubing ends and stretched them over the inlet and outlet, then clamps over the tube ends to secure them. Made one mess trying to hold both tubings and switch the pump on and off. Pump self primed and man does it pump!

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    Stephen J. Beck

    This little pump is a beast. Filled my tractor’s 10-gallon tank in about 40 seconds. Pumps as fast as at the gas station. Mounted mine to a board with hose hangar and inexpensive hand truck from harbor freight. Works great.

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    Used to transfer waste oil (motor, transmission, steering & driveline oils) from plastic 18 gallon Lisle drain catch to larger metal holding tank and it works Fast! A little noisy, but gets it done in about 60 seconds fast. Just keep the feed hose connected tightly and as short as possible to prevent dry starts & aeration.

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    L. F. C.

    Used to pump out my boat’s fuel tank for cleaning. Lifted fuel 6 feet to pump, through a 5 micron filter and into storage tank easily.

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    tim n. moore

    Just started using pump, this baby will pump fuel! Picked up prime very well. Motor sounds good,and bypass works, but don’t run long, motor seems under strain when in bypass mode. All n all good value! Had to get new o ring seals for hose connect to pump but no big deal!

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    great price,quick ship& 6months later still works great to fill mahindra tractor with fuel fill on top/middle of hood

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