Google, T3007ES, Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Gen, Smart Thermostat, Stainless Steel, Works With Alexa

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Auto-Schedule: No more confusing programming. It learns the temperatures you like and programs itself.
Wi-Fi Thermostat: Connect the Nest Thermostat to Wi-Fi to change the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop. Works with 95% of 24-Volt heating and cooling systems, including gas, electric, forced air, heat pump, radiant, oil, hot water, solar and geothermal
Energy Saving: You’ll see the Nest Leaf when you choose a temperature that saves energy. It guides you in the right direction.
Smart Thermostat: Early-On Nest learns how your home warms up and keeps an eye on the weather to get you the temperature you want when you want it.
Home/Away Assist: The Nest Thermostat automatically turns itself down when you’re away to avoid heating or cooling an empty home.
Compatible Part no.: TL284443 Compatible Models: Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen T3007ES T3008US. TL284443 Battery for Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen T3007ES T3008US, 380mAh
Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)

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google, google nest, google nest learning thermostat

google, google nest, google nest learning thermostat

Programs itself. Then pays for itself.

Since 2011, the Nest Learning Thermostat has saved billions of kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide. And independent studies showed that it saved people an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills.[3]

thermostat, google nest, google thermostat

Easy installation.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is compatible with 95% of heating and cooling systems, and most people can install it in 30 minutes or less. Or get convenient professional installation from a Nest Pro.

Which Nest thermostat should I choose?

nest, google, thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

nest, google, thermostat

Nest Thermostat E

Control from anywhere

On your phone, laptop, or tablet

Control from anywhere

On your phone, laptop, or tablet

Proven energy-saving features

Turns itself down while you’re away

Proven energy-saving features

Turns itself down while you’re away

Voice control

With Google Assistant and Alexa

Voice control

With Google Assistant and Alexa

High-res color display

With Farsight, which lights up to show the time, temperature, or weather

Frosted display

Blends into the background of any home


Works with 95% of systems


Works with 85% of systems

google nest, nest learning thermostat

Additional information


Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, White


Thermostat + Sensor Bundle, Thermostat + Wifi Bundle, Thermostat Only



10 reviews for Google, T3007ES, Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Gen, Smart Thermostat, Stainless Steel, Works With Alexa

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    I purchased this Nest Thermostat mainly because I can monitor everything in my phone and because it tells you how long your furnace is running. I live in the Midwest where the winters can be pretty cold. I like seeing how much time each day it has been running and if I make changes (such as changing the furnace filter or adjusting the window coverings) the next day you can see the effects in your energy usage!The idea of changing the temperature based in people homenor gone is nice, but not useful to me. I work from home a lot, and do not walk past the thermostat enough to indicate I am home. If you are gone more I could see this being a nice feature.There are directions in the box and lots of videos in line to help you install this yourself. I was able to install easily by myself. My biggest problem was the wire hole behind my old thermostat was larger than expected and they had messed up the drywall pretty good with holes installing the old one. I had to patch some of the wall and touch up paint, and then position this carefully so I could get enough grip with the screws. But that is reflective of the person who installed the old thermostat, not this one!

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    Joe Granger

    Yes, I’m another proud Nest concert and will never look back! It’s simply awesome for my gas heating and cooling forced air system here in Texas. The weather changes seasons inside of one day here during the winter months so having a Thermostat that switches between AC and furnace automatically is amazing to me.Only thing I would recommend beyond this is a 3rd party plate like the POPMAS copper plate I bought here from Amazon. The neat comes with a super cheap plastic plate that will look terrible. If you’re going to spend $200-250 on a Nest, do spend another $20 on the plate. (See pics)

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    I see a ton of negative reviews for this thing and after two years of testing mine continues to work as advertised. It cools my home down to desired temp before I come home 98% of the time. It adjusts temp in the am so when I wake up it’s not freezing cold. I’m never to hot to sleep. Life’s simple joys. The software itself is some kind of hybrid of magic and logic. I can’t figure out exactly what tells it to do what. Between my settings and it’s brain it’s ideal. I have a 950 Sq ft apartment in swampland Fl with a 1996 dinosaur ac unit. My electric dropped by more than half in the hot days. There is no real cold here but I assume it would be similar. Bought a second one for my other property and am eager to install and have reassurance that the pipes aren’t frozen.Of all the annoyingly confusing competing brands Nest makes the most asthetically pleasing devices. Will invest in cams, locks etc. it’s the Apple of connected devices in my mind beating them at their own game. I hope it becomes the standard. Works with my ADT. Very happy.

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    S. Heath

    Just installed yesterday, but so far, I love it. Very stylish. Ease of install could not have been better. They even provide an optional mounting plate and screwdriver for the install. Turn off breaker, record which wire went where on the old thermostat, then reconnect to the same terminals on the Nest. Breaker back on and it boots up in a few seconds. Connect to Wifi, then it walks you through the rest of the install asking a few questions, then even lets you run through test cycles to make sure it is working well. You have to download the app, then input a code the unit displays to activate fully. Then, in my case, I linked my Nest account to my Alexa account (in the Alexa app) and I have voice control. Worked like a charm, both in setup and voice control, so far.My son had a Gen1 Nest and he complained all the time that it would not ‘see’ them in the house (since they were on the other side of the house) and assume they were away. Not a concern any more. Now you get Geofencing as an option. You can tell it to use the GPS in your phone or tablet to ‘know’ when you are home and when you leave and adjust accordingly (per your guidelines). It even will let you share the app features with others in the house, so it knows if one phone left, but the other is here, to assume you are home (unless one of you forgot your phone, of course).Make sure to go back to the settings menu and scroll through each. You can set up the display to show the current temp, current setting (including high/low range if set for auto-changeover from heat to cool), or even the current outdoor temp and expected temps for the next 4/8/12 hours (which it gets from the Weather channel, when you set it up and tell it your zip code).I’ll update again if I end up with any negatives, but have to give it time to learn our habits to see if it will save us anything in the long run. If not, still happy just getting the automation with app and voice control.

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    J Ras

    Everything I needed was included in the box. I have a 14 year old heat pump system that had a programmable thermostat already so I knew it would work, I just didn’t know how easy it would be to install and cover up the area where the larger thermostat had been. The included trim plate was the perfect size and looks great. I did not have to drill any holes as the included wall screws were perfect for the drywall and specially made to hold it securely. I would definitely recommend using a HAND SCREWDRIVER to install them as an impact or electric screwdriver or drill would almost certainly turn them too tightly and strip out the drywall. I had a slight hiccup on the install. I put all the wires in according to how they were supposed to be placed, but when I tested the system, the heat pump would heat when it was supposed to cool, and cool when it was supposed to heat. I used the built-in troubleshooter app on the thermostat itself and discovered that the O/B wire (which tells the heat pump which direction to run) was set as an “O” wire which is normal, but was actually supposed to be a “B” wire setting. I simply selected “B” wire on the screen and the thermostat automatically reversed it and now everything runs perfectly. I also set it up to work with my SimpliSafe security system and now it automatically changes to the Eco setting (my Eco setting is 86 degrees) when my alarm is set to “away” (as it knows no one is home), and changes back to normal operation when the alarm is off or in “home” mode. I can also set it to start cooling at a designated time before I get home.Another cool thing is that if I set the temperature lower (or higher if heating) it actually tells me how long it will take to get to the desired temperature. A function that I’m sure it calculates after it has been in operation for a day or two and senses how long it takes to cool the house. A very innovative and smart upgrade to my home. I also like that it senses when someone is approaching and displays the current temperature (or outside air temp, or current set temp, whichever you choose to display), then when I get closer it changes to the temperature setting. Pretty smart device.

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    Purchase Date: 27NOV15Purchase Price: $211.44ComEd Utility Company Rebate: $100.00After purchasing a new home and watching our utility bills rise for a while I vowed to change all of that in 2015. I began to purchase LED light bulbs as a start, new energy efficient appliances, and then September 2015 the Nest 3rd Generation was released which caught my attention. I asked my father in-law who had the Nest 2nd Generation for information and he had nothing negative to say about it so I was sold. After comparing it to other competitors I was hooked on this one due to the ease of installation, good reviews, and $100 electric company rebate (ask your local energy company).Do not be intimidated to install this on your own it’s not hard. The instructions it comes with and YouTube to be on the safe side did it for me. Before installing please make sure to shut your homes power panel breaker prior to uninstalling the old thermostat and installing the Nest (be safe). Take a picture of the way the wires were installed on your old thermostat prior to uninstalling. In doing so this will ensure that your connections are connected correctly. Test your wires one more time prior to uninstalling to make sure no power is running (avoid being shocked or damaging anything). I did not use/install the base-plate (pictures shown) because I wanted a modern, sleek, and clean look. The body and display (40% increase) of the 3rd generation is slightly larger then that of the 2nd generation. If you have children you can lock it so that a child touching it can not change or disrupt your temperature or any of your settings. The stainless steel dial is very smooth and allows you to navigate through the settings with ease.It takes the Nest a couple of days to remember what temperatures you like when you are home and at what times you are home. After a couple of days Nest will ask you if you want it to automatically go into “Away Mode” when it senses you are not home (you decide opt in or opt out – I opted in). I recommend opting in to “Away Mode” for better energy savings. You can control when you are home and when you are away during those few days or if you opt out of “Away Mode” then you control it all. Smartphone application is free and easy to use.The new “Far-Sight” feature is awesome and can catch me at approximately 10 feet away even in the dark. When Nest detects any motion it will illuminate with what the current temperature is. This is how it can tell if you are home or not and can automatically place itself in “Away Mode” for energy savings.Being able to control everything from the application on my smartphone itself is so awesome (fan, cooling/heating mode, humidity level, away/home mode, set a schedule, history, etc.). Nest will remind you when you should change your air filters on your furnace because it can base it upon how many times it turns on and off.Significant drop in energy consumption can be seen on my gas bill after month 1. Due to this my father purchased the item as well and has no complaints thus far.UPDATE: 15FEB17 Still own the item with no problems.If you are doing research and thinking of purchasing it – just do it! It is paying for itself in savings thus far. Highly recommended! (PICTURES ATTACHED) “Was this review helpful to you?” if it was please select “YES” below. Thank you! 🙂

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    Robert R. Depew

    Setting up the nest was quick and easy. The instructions were simple, clear and easy to follow. Nest’s goal is for customers to have the thing up and running in less than 30 minutes. I ran into two tiny problems, neither of which should discourage you from buying and installing one.1. I had some trouble mounting the Nest to the backing plate the first time. To control the nest, you turn the metal ring on the outside and then push the Nest to click it, like a mouse. If it’s not mounted correctly, the click-like-a-mouse doesn’t work. It took me a few tries. Maybe I’m just clumsy. Once the locking tabs were engaged, it worked fine.2. Don’t expect it to light up right away once it’s installed. The display remains dark for a couple of minutes while it wakes up, brushes its teeth, checks its circuits and so on. Be patient.Installing the smartphone app, and controlling the Nest from the app or the webpage, is painless. I object to the huge stack of permissions the app requires (why does it need access to my Contacts?) but that doesn’t really apply here. I’ll take that up on the Google App Store.ONE FINAL NOTE: We’ve only had the Nest for two days. Always be wary of reviews posted within a day or two of receipt of something. Check back in a few months to see if this review has changed.

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    I bought the Nest thermostat with high hopes about a year ago. It has, so far, not been quite the life-changing element that the sales material suggests, but I have been completely happy with it (who needs their lives changed by a thermostat anyway?).I think my favorite functions of the Nest are these:1) Really easy installation. Nest has been really good at providing instructions that think of everything (they included the screwdriver to install the unit). I came away impressed because many companies provide instructions that leave a lot to interpretation.2) The Eco function. The Eco function allows you to set minimum and maximum temperatures (I set my minimum to 60 degrees F and my maximum to 80 degrees F) that dictate whether or not to run the appropriate unit (heating or cooling). While we’re away, I know that I’m not running my AC or heater unnecessarily, but I also know that I won’t come back to a 90 degree home. I live in a relatively temperate climate (Colorado) and so I use this setting most of the time.3) The Airflow function for AC. I just learned about this – but the Nest is smart enough to turn off the AC condenser a little bit early and still run the fan over the chilled coils in order to extract the last bit of cold air in order to get your temperature down to the desired level. They correctly know that running the condenser is the big energy draw, so by limiting that, you get more bang for your energy dollar.4) The integration with Amazon Echo has been seamless, and while I don’t use the voice function a lot, I have integrated the lighting through the Nest occupancy sensor (it knows when you move past it) to automatically turn on my lights as I come home after sunset – which is a cool integration, I think.I will say that I haven’t really noticed a lot from the learning function. It has done a pretty good job of noticing when I routinely will change the temp (we’ll turn down the heat when we go to bed, for instance) and it will automatically do that – but for the most part I still find myself fine tuning the temperature more than I thought I would. That said, the dial is really tactile and intuitive and easy to use.I’ve liked the Nest and would recommend it. It is pricey, and I’m sure other thermostats would work just fine for the way I use it, but I’m happy I bought this.

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    I love it but beware Nest Home/Away Assist. I think I finally figured out why I wasn’t saving money on energy when away from home for extended periods. My conclusion is that most home users with a smart home need to fine tune the nest aware feature. My home has several smart gadgets because I enjoy tinkering with technology if nothing else. So the lights automatically coming on and off, the Roomba cleaning the floors and similar while away will fool Nest into thinking someone is home and turn your setting to the ‘Home’ setting if you allow other Nest gadgets (Nest protect, cam etc) to be part of the nest aware setup. I believe the best is to allow only the Nest thermostat and maybe your smart phone to control Nest Home/Away Assist. You see, I’d leave home and manually set it to ‘Away’ but it would revert to the learned schedule within a day or so. This despite the fact that my smart phone is part of the nest aware setup. Nest will in fact report that it is now ignoring your phone as part of the Nest Home/Away Assist setup as the phone has not reported its location in a while. Not sure why it does this as in fact I do have very restricted location reporting for my phone but the Nest App is one of the few allowed exceptions. The Nest protect smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in particular are very sensitive to light and motion and I have 12 of these in my home. Movement and lights coming on and off will be registered very efficiently by them. Anyhow, it took me about a yr of use to figure this out. Indeed you could just turn off the heat or cooling when away for extended periods and Nest would still turn them on if your house reached your critical temperature settings. In the cold you may have frozen water pipes by then. For me making Nest Home/Away Assist less sensitive is more useful. I’m currently travelling away from home and trying this out for the first time and so far my theory seems to hold true. I must add that part of my conclusion is based on the fact that I have a separate Nest thermostat setup at my office where it is the only feed for Nest Home/Away Assist and that setup has followed the schedule appropriately for a long time. This also may have delayed my diagnosis as I always believed the App on my phone which controls both setups was incapable of controlling both setups accurately. A false preconceived notion led to the wrong diagnosis. You’d think I’d know better, I have medical training after all.Edit12/29/2018I have changed the title and narrative of my discussion as in fact the feature I should have originally discussed is called Nest Home/Away Assist. Additionally, I can report that my thermostat has stayed in the Away mode the whole time I have been away. I’m now convinced more that ever that the Home/Away Assist nature needs fine tuning based on your installation environment

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    Steve Kwon

    I heard that Nest thermostat sounds great. It is controllable in the smartphone. And the design is also very beautiful.

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