Google Nest Thermostat E – Programmable Smart Thermostat for Home – 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat – Works with Alexa

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Programmable smart thermostat that learns the temperatures you like and programs itself to help you save energy and stay comfortable
Start with a simple schedule and easily adjust it whenever you like in the Nest app
Home/Away Assist automatically adjusts itself to an Eco Temperature after you leave, so you don’t heat or cool an empty home
Remote control lets family members change the temperature on this smart thermostat from anywhere using a phone, laptop, or tablet[1]
The Nest Leaf appears when you choose a temperature that saves energy; with Energy History, just check your phone to see how much energy you used and find out how to save more
Works with the Nest Temperature Sensor (sold separately) to help make sure a certain room is the exact temperature you want it to be
Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and other smart speakers so you can adjust the temperature with your voice

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Google Nest Thermostat E – Programmable Smart Thermostat for Home

google nest thermostat e

google nest thermostat e

Helps you save energy. And keeps you comfortable.

The Nest Thermostat E’s energy-saving features have saved people an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. Based on typical energy costs, that’s an estimated average savings of 131 to 145 dollars a year.


google nest thermostat e

Energy savings made easy.

The Nest Thermostat E turns itself down when you’re away. You can control it from anywhere with the Nest app. And its frosted display is beautifully designed to blend right in.

google nest thermostat

Look for the Leaf.

Choose an energy-saving temperature and you’ll be rewarded with a Leaf on your nest thermostat

Start with a simple schedule.

Up in the morning, and down at night. Adjust it whenever you like in the Nest app.

google nest thermostat

Easy to install.

Most people can install it in under 60 minutes, and it works with most heating and cooling systems.

google nest thermostat

Turns itself down while you’re away.

Uses sensors to check if you’ve left, then sets itself to an Eco Temperature to save energy.

google nest thermostat

Savings all year round.

Get rewards and rebates and find more ways to save from Google Nest energy partners.

Look for the Leaf 2 Simple schedule 3 Easy installation 4 Turns itself down 5 Year-round savings

Which Nest thermostat should I choose?

google nest thermostat

Nest Thermostat E

google nest thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat

Control from anywhere

On your phone, laptop, or tablet

Control from anywhere

On your phone, laptop, or tablet

Proven energy-saving features

Turns itself down while you’re away

Proven energy-saving features

Turns itself down while you’re away

Voice control

With Google Assistant and Alexa

Voice control

With Google Assistant and Alexa

Frosted display

Blends into the background of any home

High-res color display

With Farsight, which lights up to show the time, temperature, or weather


Works with 85% of systems


Works with 95% of systems

google nest thermostatgoogle nest thermostat

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10 reviews for Google Nest Thermostat E – Programmable Smart Thermostat for Home – 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat – Works with Alexa

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    Nest Support

    Finally broke down and got a programmable thermostat. Easy to install. Turn power off. Disconnect wires from the old thermostat and pop it off. Reconnect wires to new thermostat and pop it on. Secure with 2 screws. Instructions were clear and simple, and I’m not the handyman type.This has all the features of the more expensive model, with the exception of the fact that it doesn’t give you the time, outdoor temperature or weather forecast. For me, those are not critical things I need for my thermostat to do.I like the simple look of the E versus the original. Make sure you know what you are getting. Look at photos of the old and the new to make sure you like it. I did. I think most will, but some may not. Interesting thing is that the cover is opaque until you get close to it, then it displays the temperature. Kind of a neat feature.Like the original, you can have the Nest E learn your preferences. For me during the summer that means turning the temp up at night around 11pm and down in the morning around 7am. I’ve only had it 1 day so I can’t verify that it will actually learn my preferences, but it’s the same sensor and mechanism as the original, and every review I’ve seen says it works. No reason to think the Nest E won’t work just as well. I can also program from the Nest ap on my phone.At the reduced price now it made sense for me to pull the trigger, and it will probably makes sense for others who have been holding off.

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    I had a couple hiccups when installing. The manual kept referencing the online installation diagram but when I went to the online section and entered my wires it just kept displaying the advertisement for the item I already purchased. Maybe it was an issue with the site; or user error.This didn’t seem like a critical step so I continued with the wire labeling.I failed to notice my existing thermostat had a wire indicator above and below the connection. I initially only noticed the top and could not find the appropriate sticker/label. Luckily I followed the installation manual suggestion of taking a picture of the existing wiring. After slowing going through this process I had it wired correctly. The testing process seemed thorough and I was confident it was wired correctly.The second thermostat I installed (after now having experience) in under 10 minutes.The manual didn’t explicitly mention two thermostats; I had to search online. I simply installed one after the other.We don’t use the learning feature, we just have a schedule setup. The site/app makes scheduling any combination easy. The LOCK feature alone will save us money by keeping little hands from constantly turning up and down the temp.

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    Nest Support

    Easy installation, was done in 30 minutes. Wall plate included was very helpful since I was replacing an older Honeywell wide thermostat.Check your local energy companies for rebates, Centerpoint in MN is offering $50 rebates right now for WiFi connected thermostats.

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    K. Ó Riaín

    So I used to have the original Nest Thermostat, until we had to completely replace out HVAC. But after purchasing a new home recently, with two different zones, I wanted to get back to the smart Thermostat realm to help save some money and have the mobile and voice control capabilities.The Nest E thermostats caught my eye because of the lower cost than the Nest, and I liked the white surface with gray face, as it would sort of blend in with our walls and decor.What I wasn’t so sure about was the mixed reviews that have been put out since Google bought Nest. My wife was particularly apprehensive….. But I did some more research and bought two anyways, and I HAVE YET TO BE DISAPPOINTED. The Nest E installed just as easily as the original, syncing with my wifi was a breeze, and getting it connected to the Nest App was also easy. I had one hiccup which delayed my Alexa control, but it was quickly overcome.Based on other reviews and personal experience, I would suggest the following for any DIYers like me considering this great purchase:1. Learn a little about your HVAC, particularly whether your heater is gas or heat pump.2. Pull your existing Thermostat and use Nests website or customer support to check compatibility, they’re really helpful on this end.3. The only slightly tedious part I found was the App setup. Download the Nest App, and Google Home App to get everything connected. If you want to connect to Alexa, you’ll need to go through the process to get that done as well. Once your Alexa App says you’re connected, you need to make sure you change the DEVICE name to whatever you want to use for verbal commands. In my case, “Upstairs” and “Downstairs”; I now just say, “Alexa, change the downstairs to 70 degrees.” and she works like a charm!

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    Most of the complaints are from people who didn’t do any research before they ordered. Nest has a compatibility checker on their website which makes it easy for anyone to determine if their home heating/cooling system is compatibly with Nest. In most cases, you just have to pop the cover off your thermostat and tell the app which wires are plugged in on your thermostat. That’s it.Lots of the rest of the complaints are from people who don’t understand much about how their system works, which is forgivable given that Nest promises this device will “just work”. When I plugged in my sensors I ran around for a long time until I realized that the previous owner wired a room incorrectly, so that one room’s heat is controlled from a different room! At least the Nest helped me figure that out. One of my thermostats actually controls air conditioning and the central fan – and isn’t connected to my heat! Talk about weird things to find out. None of that is Nest’s fault, but it would be difficult for the average home user to solve. I have to blame the person who wired this house – it’s not Nest’s fault.What is a Nest and how does it work? Assuming you have Wifi in your house – and you really should if you want to use a Nest to its full extent – the Nest plugs into Wifi and allows you to control your home heating and cooling from your phone or tablet. A lot of energy companies are now pairing with Nest because they can quietly adjust home temperatures during peak usage to help alleviate problems on the grid – so they will often give you a big rebate if you hook up a Nest and register it with them. So especially when you have one thermostat for central heating and cooling – Nest means never even having to get out of bed to adjust the temperature. Super cool.Nest has lots of bonus features. Now that Google owns Nest it integrates with Assistant, so you can tell your phone “Hey Google, set the temperature to 68 degrees”, and it works. It also integrates with Alexa, and a whole pile of smart devices. If you want your house to know when you’re coming home, to preheat the temperature, and turn the lights on – there’s a way to hook that up. So much potential for ridiculous Jetsons-style creature comforts.How hard is it to install a Nest? Use the compatibility checker online. As said, you really just pop off the cover to your thermostat and read some information. It helps to know some basic info, such as whether you have gas or electric, radiators or central, although the app can lead you through that too. You will then need to power off all your heating and cooling from the circuit breaker – hope it’s labeled! Then basically just slide the wires off your old thermostat, and into the Nest. Some setup on the app later, and you’re done. Assuming you have an average setup – AND YOU USED THE COMPATIBILITY CHECKER – it’s a 15-minute job and doable by anyone who’s flipped a circuit breaker before.Nest Thermostat vs. E: The E is a simplified, cheaper Nest. It is not compatible with as many systems, so you really need to check on the web before you order. If your system is compatible, I actually prefer the E. It has a dimmer, smokey display designed to blend into the wall and does not call attention to itself. You can quickly forget it’s there.Features. I don’t personally have a lot of luck with the learning features. Theoretically, the system is supposed to respond every time you adjust the temperature and figure out things like when the sun is shining or when you prefer it a little cooler, and automatically adjust the temperature until you totally forget the need to touch it anymore. I’ve never gotten it “good enough” so I tend to use the schedule feature to set my own manual preferences. The ability to tell when you’re home and to preheat your house seems neat, but honestly changing the temperature of a house takes a while, and it’s not a big job to pull up the app and hit a button before I get home.Accessories. I’d really recommend a temperature sensor as a first upgrade, depending on your home. In my house, thermostats are often in weird areas away from the places they control. For instance, I have a remote sensor by my bed. The thermostat in the hallway is no longer trying to heat my room until the hallway gets warm – it’s only trying to warm up the spot right by my bed. That’s going to save me so much energy this winter, it will probably pay for itself.Overall. I absolutely love Nest, and consider it a massive upgrade to any home. The best thing is when you’ve been away from home and you can make sure the house is set to an energy-saving temperature. Then before you get home, you preheat (or cool) the house so it’s perfect when you arrive. That’s an amazing feature that I’m happy paying for, but considering all the energy company rebates, I’m not paying too much!

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    Amazon Customer

    As a longtime user of the 1st generation Nest, I’m a believer. I recently ‘upgraded’ to the Ecobee 3 (for HomeKit) but am not a fan of the user interface and build quality. When I saw the Nest thermostat E, I thought I’d give it a try. My concern was the build quality as this is plastic.However, seeing and touching it in person wiped that concern away. The plastic has a ceramic like coating that makes this feel very nice. The look is a bit space age meets modern, in my opinion. It blends in; I can’t wait to see it once our walls are painted a soft gray (soon).In case you are wondering (I was, based on pictures) the Nest logo doesn’t jut out from the front of the display. It’s sort of etched into the glass. I attached a picture, hopefully it helps.Setup and installation is a breeze. I expect this Nest will serve us well in continuing to save money on heating and cooling. My 1st gen has paid for itself several times over.As I said, I’ve been a fan of Nest for awhile, I have two Nest Cams and a Nest Protect. I love the look of this installed, it feels nice. It has basically the same functions of the higher priced Nest, it works with Alexa and the Nest app has always been simple and useful, very unlike the Ecobee.In summary, if you’d like to potentially save money on heating and cooling, Nest is the original and frankly, still the best in my opinion. If you’re a long time user of Nest and thinking of upgrading, I think you’ll like this. I certainly do.

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    I’ll admit I was skeptical “savings” I would enjoy and as of this instant in time, it’s only operated one day HOWEVER I’ve seen one aspect of the Nest thermostat’s operation that I KNOW will save me money. My old, “energy efficient” Honeywell did well but when it decided to turn the AC off, it turned the fan off too. You could stand by the air handler and hear all that stored up Freon hissing away in the coils, WASTING stored up cooling power and turning the air handler into an icebox. This new Nest Thermostat E will operate the fan for a couple of minutes AFTER turning off the compressor, sending that nice cool air into the house instead.Setting the Nest Thermostat E up was relatively easy IF you have some degree of computer and networking competency and have a WiFi network in your home. Being able to operate a cell phone is not competency. Many of the folks I know would be completely lost trying to connect this device to their home network; if in doubt, pay the extra money and have it professionally installed. If you are going to brave the effort yourself, FOLLOW DIRECTIONS in the installation book.For the full benefit of this device, you MUST sign up for a Nest account FIRST. I honestly don’t know about using as a stand-alone device; I suspect it will work just fine but you will miss so many of the really cool benefits of this system if it operate stand-alone, especially if you will be adding the Nest Protect smoke/C02 detectors. Also, creating that Nest account gives you access to their Chat portal, allow you to ask specific questions that you can’t get answers for in the online library (which I recommend you read first).On a technical note, I have both frequencies of WiFi and the Nest Thermostat E will operate on both frequencies (2.4 and 5 Gh). I wanted my thermostat to operate on the 5Gh band (less congestion) but was concerned about the Nest Protect devices only being available to operate on 2.4 Gh. Since both types of devices operate using IPV6, the transport layer doesn’t matter; it works just fine as long as they are talking to the same network (router).. And finally, I would recommending you have a UPS (Universal Power Supply) keeping your network router alive even during power outages.

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    This is my SECOND Nest. My last one died after a year, and I think it’s important you know WHY it failed, and WHY I’m buying it again.Nest states that it supports both 4 and 5-wire setups. This is TECHNICALLY true. But there are some important THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT IN 4-WIRE SETUPS that MAY end up with you killing your Nest in 6-18 months time.COMPARED TO COMPETITORS:-The Nest requires MORE POWER. This is the basis for it’s higher rate of failure, compared to Ecobee and Honeywell.As a result, it relies on RUNNING your heat or A/C to charge. If you run your HVAC more efficiently, you will gradually be draining and kill your Nest.SYMPTOMS OF FAILURE:-HVAC pulses on and off every 30 seconds-R wire appears “dead” (assuming the wire and HVAC controller aren’t bad)-HVAC runs when turned offTO BE CLEAR, this is NOT JUST A BATTERY ISSUE. If you wait until it fails, you WILL NOT be able to fix it. The solution can only be had BEFORE you kill it. You will need to add a source of constant power, which you can do 1 of 2 ways:1) Connect the C-wire to your HVAC unit (if it supports it)2) Buy a “C Wire Adapter”. Connect it to C and R(H)In my setup, there was no C-wire connected to my HVAC controller. I left it DISCONNECTED. There WAS an R-wire connected. I left it CONNECTED.

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    Ordered the Nest Thermostat E on the day it was released and I received it the same day(live near Chicago and have same day delivery available).LOOK – The look of the device is simplistic and seems to stray away from being very colorful like the first model and this one tends to blend in with the home and surroundings.SETUP – Took about 20 minutes and followed the directions as noted on the site and also within the manual and did not have a single issue. I believe we are currently in the ‘learning’ stage so that it gets our scheduled figure out, but it has been dead on so far with having the home at a comfortable temperature. It is nice to have the estimated time to heat and cool the place when you decide to change it.UPDATE – (Saving this spot to add more to the review after i have had it for a couple of months)As for right now, i definitely recommend it.

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    I think the iterations of the original Nest thermostat say “LOOK AT ME!, I’m cool” (and it is) It has a very distinctive look. I’m more of a minimalist person and like things that don’t draw a lot of attention to themselves.The frosted bezel lens, ring and face plate work perfectly for me.I don’t feel the plastic ring does look cheap. It looks subtle. I would have liked to have done away with the mounting plate, however to due to the way the previous thermostat was mounted and the control wires were run through the wall, it was a necessity. It also reduces smudges on the wall from adjusting things at the thermostat, if not using the app.Check to make sure the E provides the connectivity and functions you need. Connectivity was not an issue for our system and the fact it didn’t show the outside weather was not a deterrent in our case. (Outside temp IS shown on the app.) I like the frosted face that becomes active when you approach the thermostat. It automatically adjusts its brightness depending on the amount of ambient light.The one glitch we experienced was I couldn’t figure out why the thermostat wasn’t adjusting the temps per the schedule set up. My location was inputed properly. I chatted with the amazing folks at Nest and the next morning the times were right. I believe the issue was their data base had us in Central time (which we are about a 10 minute drive from) and Eastern. Now everything works like a charm.The old thermostat had contacts that clicked every time it started the system, the Nest E is completely silent. May not seem like a big point, but for a very light sleeper, it makes a difference. It linked up nicely with our other Nest products (Nest Protect) and I like the fact that should smoke or carbon monoxide be detected, the E will proactively control the HVAC system so the situation is not exacerbated. Smart.Couldn’t be more pleased with the Nest E.The app is intuitive and easy to set up schedules, or let it figure out the optimum schedule for you.

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