GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor, 6 Pcs Super Bright High Lumen Solar Powered LED Garden Lights for Lawn, Patio, Yard

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High LUMENS: Much brighter than other cheap pathway lights. Each solar-powered path light has a super-bright warm white LED lights for clear, brilliant illumination
BRONZE FINISH METAL: Looks noble and elegant, adds a special flair to your lawn, garden, yard or patio.
TIER RIPPLE GLASS LENS: Glass len has excellent clarity for light compare to plastic, it creates vivid and attractive pattern.
EASY TO INSTALL: Turn ON switch under the cap and push the stake into the soil. These solar garden lights automatically turn on at night and turn off at dawn!
LONG WORKING TIME AND WHETHERPROOF: 10+ hours run time with full charge. Designed to withstand sunny days, rainy nights, and light snow days.

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GIGALUMI 6851 Solar Landscape Lights, 6-Pack

Solar landscape Light to light up your pathway, for great visibility and decoration.

A Good Outdoor Illumination Choice
This Aluminum Coated Solar Light is bright enough to light up your pathway/ walkway. The beautiful warm white lighting pattern creates very comfortable and romantic atmosphere. With the Highly Transparent Glass Lamp Cover, light has a good illumination effect that is really comfortable and fascinating.
Perfect for patio, garden, lawn, villa, balcony, flowerbed and any outdoor areas.

Set: 6 Pc
Color: Brown
Material: Glass & Bronze finish metal
Battery: 1.2V 400mAh Ni-MH AA rechargeable battery
Solar panel: 2V 0.8W
Working time: 10 hours after full charge

Package Included
6 x GIGALUMI Solar Landscape Lights

Additional information

Material Type

Stainless Steel


Black, Brown



10 reviews for GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor, 6 Pcs Super Bright High Lumen Solar Powered LED Garden Lights for Lawn, Patio, Yard

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    Cymthia Vegh-whisnant

    I love the lights but I have been trying to reach the company to discuss purchasing more lights but no one responds back.I finally found a correct e-mail address (on my own), and sent in photos of my lights and they sent me a coupon so I can order more lights.I love these lights. In the evening they look so beautiful!

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    Amazing Amazing Amazing! I have used solar lights along my walk way but they don’t throw a lot of light, and compared to these, were cheaply made and not as useful. When I buy more, it will be this product.

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    These lights are fantastic and they have real glass in them so the reflection from them is out-standing. The lights display just the right amount of natural lighting and also the right amount of shadowing too.

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    We installed an invisible fence and I wanted to get some lights to help my dog figure out where the fence is at night. These are really lovely. I have purchased similar lights at home depot in the past, but these are much larger and sturdier than the ones I bought from home depot. I believe these were a bit more expensive, but still a good value for what you get. These are plenty bright for my uses and look nice at night, as well as during the day. I noticed that on a cloudy day, the light only lasted until about 10pm, then turned off, but I don’t need the lights to be on all night anyway, so I was fine with this. The only con is that if I try to pull it out (to reposition, for example), the spike part separates really easily from the rest of the light, so the spike part ends up in the ground. It is not super hard to pull out, but there is definitely a lot less leverage that way and you have to get your hands dirty. Not a deal-breaker for me; just a slight annoyance. Once I got them to where I wanted them, I don’t feel the need to ever move them again.

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    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these lights!! I am so happy to walk down the side walkway of our home after dark! They make the side of our house look gorgeous, and we have received many compliments. I initially ordered them, after doing a fair amount of research and review reading, because we were throwing a fundraiser in the backyard and patio of our home. We wanted solar lights to help light up this otherwise dark walkway The style of this set closely matched the outdoor light fixtures attached by our doorway entrances, so I ordered one box to start to test them out. They looked so beautiful, much more so than what I imagined, so the next day, I ordered two more boxes to complete the long walkway. I placed my lights about 5 feet apart. They are bright enough to light up the pathway, with being obnoxious (no light shining up into the bedroom window). These lights create such a beautiful and delicate ambiance because of the housing design pattern. This pathway on the side of our house only gets direct sunlight for a few hours, and the lights still brighten the path. Even on a cloudy, rainy day they emit a good amount of light later in the evening. They were very easy to install, and each box came with one extra spike end. Finally, the style is simply GORGEOUS — and you cannot go wrong with these lights!!

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    These are nice for bordering a walkway after dark. They are attractive, well made, easy to assemble, and are ready to go after a few hours of charging. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is they should be a little brighter. That’s worth a half star off. As only whole numbers are allowed, I must use 4 stars; but they are 4.5 in my book. In fact, I like them enough that I have ordered a 2nd set for a garden area.UPDATE: One of the lights in the first set went out right away. I contacted the company, and they promptly replied, apologized, and sent me a replacement. No hassle! That’s 5 star service, so I’ve updated my star rating to reflect that. Also, the lights in the second set I ordered are all working well so far, and I’m likely to buy a 3rd set for another area.UPDATE 2: Because of the quality of these lights and the excellent customer service, I have now ordered that 3rd set I was considering.

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    Ohio mom

    I like that these do not look cheap or like some sort of space ship. They have real glass and thus look more high end. They are not as bright as lights you would wire in , but they do illuminate my front walk well enough. They are also easily visible from the street if you have less than 150 feet of frontage. My aunt liked mine so much I purchased a set for her too.

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    Kenneth Potter

    I bought 3 boxes of 6 (18 total) and every one came on nice and bright, even before getting any sun. Since mine are in a thick rock bed, I used steel garden stakes instead of the included plastic stakes. My previous wired lights never stayed up on plastic stakes (like the included ones here), so I think that 30-inch garden stakes are the way to go, especially when you have kids, and garden hoses, etc. Solar lights are better than wired because if one ever goes bad, then you simply replace it.

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    We just received these lights and so far they are very bright and pretty on our walkway. The area gets sun all day as it is facing south. I would definitely recommend these lights.

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    Philip Wren

    Great quality lights. The LEDs are bright enough to illuminate my sidewalk and the light pattern is unique and eye catching.These have survived my sprinklers and a bit of light rain we had over the weekend.They came with two extra stakes which is a nice touch. I wish the stakes were metal instead of plastic, but at the very least they feel very well built compared to other path lighting I had been using.

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