GIGALUMI 12 Pack Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor, Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights

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Price: $39.99

12 PACK OUTDOOR SOLAR PATH LIGHTS: Solar powered outdoor path lights.Automitical working in the evening when fully charged by sun beam during the day.A minimum of 4-hour shining will ensure 8-hour lighting through the whole night .And large quantity of 12 pack will meet your requirements at one order.
WATER-RESISTANT: Our outdoor solar lights are designed to be water-proof ones in order to meet all kinds of outdoor pathway environments .You can install them in any place without concerns about bad weather condition
EASY TO SET,EASY TO HANDLE:Just remember to turn the light on before use by twisting open the upper cap and flicking the switch. It will begin to work,then dig it into the ground .No extra wires or power sources are in need.
MULTIPURPOSE DECORATION:These outdoor garden lights could be easy to decorate and add a delightful glow to your pathway, driveway, patio,garden, balcony.
AFTER-SALE SERVICE: We provide 60 days replacement or risk-free refund warranty for our outdoor solar decorative lights.If you are unsatisfied with our products or service ,just feel free to contact us.





GIGALUMI 12 PACKGIGALUMI Solar Landscape Lights, 12-Pack

GIGALUMI path Lights, a beautiful scenery line for your sidewalk, landscape or patio.

A great choice for outdoor lighting

Warm white walkway light gives out a soft light through “windows”, it offers very good illumination effect ,comfortable and fascinating. It is also a good choice to be put in the garden or flowerbed as decorative light,which creates fantastic and romantic atmosphere.

Perfect for path, patio, garden, lawn, villa, landscape, balcony and any other outdoor places.

Save money & Protect environment

GIGALUMI solar light helps save your electricity costs. No wiring needed, no battery required. Take solar energy. Environmental-friendly lighting choice.


Material: Plastic

Battery:1.2V/1PC 150mAh AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery (Pre-installed)

Solar panel: 2V 26ma

Working time: 8 hours after fully charged

Size:3.35 * 3.35 * 15 ”/8.5 * 8.5 * 38cm

Packing way:12 x solar LED path lights

Tips for usage

1.Twist open the cap to turn it ON before use.

2.Make sure the solar panel baths in sufficient sunlight for at least 4 hours,8+hours recommended.

3.The solar light usually illuminates for up to 8 hours with full charge. However, it also depends on the exact location, weather conditions and seasonal light availability.

4.If the soil in your garden is quite solid, we recommended that you’d better dig a hole on the ground before inserting the spike.

Easy installation

Quick and Simple Installation. Simply attach to the stake and insert it into ground!

Color of Light Warm White Warm White Warm White Warm White Cold White Cold White Color Black Black Brown Black Black Silver Material Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic Metal Size 3.35 * 15 ” 4.7 * 15.7 ” 4.92 * 19.68 ” 3.9 * 16.9 ” 3.15 * 15.35 ” 2.2 * 13.4 ” Battery 1.2V AAA rechargeable battery 1.2V AA rechargeable battery 1.2V AA rechargeable battery 1.2V AA rechargeable battery 1.2V AA rechargeable battery 1.2V AAA rechargeable battery

Additional information


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10 reviews for GIGALUMI 12 Pack Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor, Waterproof Outdoor Solar Lights

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    Bought this for my pathway towards my side door. It lights up the path and it is definitely sufficient for the job. When I took it out of the box, it lighted up right away then I left it outside all afternoon to charge up.First night, it was on from 8 pm til dawn. Since it’s still summer, there’s a lot more light during the day so we’ll have to wait and see once summer is over to see if it will last until dawn. Definitely worth the price compared to the other solar pathway lights I have seen. This also gives you that ancient Japanese look in my opinion. The stakes for these are made very well and keeps these solar lights planted.Pros: Lights stay on until dawn. Easy to install and lights up very well.Cons: The plastic piece that illuminates the light should’ve been glass or some type to better spread the light. Bulb could also be a bit bigger.

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    Like to Laugh

    I have a fairly large sized property in a forest area so use these solar lights year round (if they can get enough light). These are so easy to use and can withstand winter storms, wind, ice, etc. They glow brightly to held lead us along paths at night between structures and to neighbors, appear like “fairy lights”. This particular brand was the best value but I have bought Gigalumi many times with great results.

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    I absolutely adore these little lantern lights! I think they look like little old-style Japanese bamboo houses with the paper paneling. (Some have called them fairy houses.) I imagine my little villagers living in my solar garden in these cute little homes. I loved them so much I bought another package of 8 and my little solar village has since doubled.These do have the soft white panes and give off a nice lived in appearance at night with the light on. I was worried about that feature just being a photoshopped trick to show that the light was on. (The Walmart brand only had the squared framework and no white panels, so yeah I was a little bit worried about these being the same. Until they arrived and whoo-hoo! Actual white paneling!) So definitely worth the extra money to buy these from Gigalumi rather than Walmart’s.These are small and put off a nice friendly light. They aren’t bright enough to light your pathways or yard for seeing where you’re going. They are a great and stylish yard, garden or path accent decorative feature. Night or day they look beautiful in both. They light up all night with a good charge, usually mine are getting enough sunlight, so no problems with them. Today was a cloudy, rainy day and they’re lit up now and going strong.I would suggest, as with installing any solar lights with ground stakes, to dig a hole to plant them in. The plastic on these isn’t too strong and would break if you try to just shove them into the ground. I dug my hole deep enough that the lantern sits level on the ground, like a little house would. They sit out there in my garden surrounded by flowers and plants and other solar decoration lighting that look like trees compared in size.The rest is up to your imagination. I love to sit out on the porch in the evenings and be mesmerized by the light show. Best wishes for you all, sayonara!

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    These are pretty small so if you’re wanting lighting along a path they might not provide satisfactory light for safety reasons, but they are perfect for accent lighting in gardens and potted plants. We’ve got these stationed in various plants /pots at various levels of our patio. We don’t use the spikes. The lanterns are just placed in the plants. They charge even in overcast weather and under a porch eave. They reliably pop on at twilight. Out patio looks like there are fairy houses in the plants at night. The light lasts all night (I got up before the sun came up and the lights were still working on the charge from the previous day.) Little lanterns throughout the garden is a charming effect. Totally recommend.

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    Update: Still loving these lights! I decided to post some photos to try and do them justice but they are so much more amazing in person! (The photos are taken roughly 2 months after purchasing them hence why they’re dirty šŸ˜‚). They have worked beautifully all summer long and we are still very pleased with them!!Original review: Very pleased with these lights so far. We purchased the 12 pack of these outdoor solar lights when they went on sale for $50.99 (on sale from $57.99) and there was a bonus 5% coupon option which was an added perk. They are a great value for your money, easy to install and easy to use.These lights have individual solar panels on the top portion of each light that allows them to charge during the day and automatically turn on at night when they detect the sun going down. They are able to fully charge after only four hours of direct sunlight and they will stay on for eight hours. You don’t have to worry about the weather, rain or sprinklers because they are water resistant. Turning them on is as easy as twisting open the upper cap and flicking the switch then installing them into the ground along your desired pathway.We love these lights because they add that much needed extra touch to your entryway. They are beautiful yet durable and would make any pathway, patio or garden have that beautiful warm white glow. As an added bonus they also come with a 90 day warranty which is really nice. Overall, very pleased with these lights and would definitely recommend them.

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    Angel Valerio

    I’ve been wanting lights like this for so long. I’m so glad I got these1 They were super easy to put together2 The end was pointy enough I just stuck them in the ground.3 The light lasts all night4 Super cute designThe day I put i put them out I didn’t get them out until 2pm. I loose light in the front of the house around 3pm. We could see them when it was dark. My husband got up around 5am and they were still lit up.

  7. blank


    These aren’t the largest lights you might find-but they truly do the jobThey are as easy to assemble as any yard light and place in the groundThey are plenty bright at night (with a nice white light) and stay on for the better part of the nightVery happy with this purchase

  8. blank

    Tiffany L

    Easy to assemble and install. I had them up and running and installed in about 15 minutes.These are all plastic, but given their price point I am still impressed. These are way better quality than you’d find at the dollar store and they’re stylish. It’s hard to find square lights, and these are just right.These gives our walkway a really nice lighted effect. These are not going to be super bright so you can read an 8 point font. These are just illuminating the way so you don’t trip…and enough light to scare away the bad guys and let them choose a different house.

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    Queen Christina II

    I liked the design and brightness so much that I have purchased this product four times. My yard looks great at night. Easy to install, and very bright for the yard.

  10. blank


    These light are beautiful. I was really pleased at how nicely they lit up my walkway but also how nice they looked. I really think they were worth the purchase price and they add a bit of class to my walkway. You have to keep in mind that they will never be as bright as a house lamp light. Also, if as some have stated their lights do not light at night or are very low, perhaps those lights are not receiving enough direct solar sun light to charge them properly. Those lights may need to be moved to an area where they can get more of direct sunlight to charge them. It is very light weight and small unit, but serves its purpose perfectly. I love to light up my house with all solar I can get. I put the stepping stone all around my house, so this set will come in handy. I was very impressed because all light were glowing nicely after been on the sun charging. I highly recommend these outdoor solar charged lights. They are still going strong and nice after months of used.

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