Fuel Ox Star-Plus – Complete Heating Oil Treatment AntiGel – Treats of Heating Oil – Removes Water and Sludge

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✔ PREVENTS GELLING AND ICING : Fuel Ox Star Plus protects heating oil from gelling or freezing by lowering pour point by as much as 25°F.
✔CONTAINS ANTI-OXIDANTS FOR STABILIZATION OF BIO-FUELS : Fuel Ox Star Plus protects against the acid produced from bio-fuels that are very caustic to metal surfaces and can cause great damage.
✔ ELIMINATES SLUDGE : Fuel Ox Star Plus has detergents that cleans and eliminate sludge that builds up in tank.
✔ PREVENTS INTERNAL TANK CORROSION : Fuel Ox Star Plus inhibits tank corrosion from fuel.
✔ SEPARATES WATER FROM FUEL : Fuel Ox Star Plus removes water out of heating oil tank.

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As the winter months approach, the drop in temperature creates a threat of the overall efficiency and performance of fuel oil systems. These low temperatures can create inadequate conditions for home heating oil systems to operate properly or even start.

Bio-blend fuels degrade more quickly and gum up the interior components of fuel systems. Oxidation of fuel creates an acidic environment causing deterioration of seals and the gumming up of interior components.

It’s no question that in the heating oil world, fuel treatments are fundamental for smooth operating fuel systems.

Fuel Ox Star Plus is designed to improve the efficiency of the fuel systems that are treated while greatly reducing common fuel related issues and service calls during the winter months. This includes stabilization, gelled fuel and ice, sludge buildup, water, and corrosion.

Fuel Ox Star Plus prevents the oxidation of fuel and keeps bio-blends stable.

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8oz, Gallon



5 reviews for Fuel Ox Star-Plus – Complete Heating Oil Treatment AntiGel – Treats of Heating Oil – Removes Water and Sludge

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    excellent product was cleaning my filter all the time used this product twice haven’t needed to clean since

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    Donald W. Turner

    Product arrived on time and was packaged well. The product was recommended by the furnace repair man because we have sludge and water in the oil tank. I have used two bottles so far. The furnace seems to be running well and it’s also running quieter than it was previously. Will definitely use the product again.

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    Bobby D

    I use this in my 275 gal. home heating oil tank. It is keeping the fuel from geling and no moisture content.

  4. blank


    Cheaper and easier to use especially if you only have to use like half a bottle.

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    M. E.

    Protected well my heating oil from gelling when temperatures dropped to minus. My F.O tank is outdoors, above the ground partially protected with porch. Will buy again.

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