FlashFish 40800mAh 200W Solar Generator with 110V AC Outlet

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Price: $139.99

Multiple Charging Outputs Provide More Options: Features with AC/ DC/ USB OUTPUTS: 110 AC output (200W), 2 DC output, 2 QC 3.0 quick charge USB port and 1 USB ports (2.4A auto). Power your smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, light, drones, fans, in-car appliances, CPAP machine and more at anytime.KINDLY NOTE THAT THE POWER STATION CAN NOT BE CHARGE AND USE AT THE SAME TIME.
High Performance And Handy Power Source: 151Wh (40800mAh) compact station is powerful enough to meet different kinds of electricity demands outdoor usage for home, travel, camping, backseat on long road trips.With a weight of 4.07lb and soft handle, we can easily put it in our backpack or car, take to everywhere need power.
Other Unique Design: 1)The standalone AC/DC provides easy operation when charging different devices;2)Mutifuction LCD display would show you the remaining energies/charge/discharge/AC output/DC output status.Ultra bright LCD screen let you know the statue of battery pack even no light source camping.
Triple Rechargeable Modes Efficient Solar Generator: FlashFish power station is equipped with a lithium battery pack, it can be charged by the 15-24 volt solar panel (not included), AC wall adapter and car charger efficiently. No memory effect, no worry about battery capacity reduction
MultiProtect And Warranty: The generation provides all-round protection to protect you against overcurrent, overvoltage, and over-temperature, ensuring the safety of you and your devices.❤Flashfish provides our dear customers with warranty of 12 months from the date of purchase and friendly customer service.

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200W Portable Power Station, FlashFish 40800mAh Solar Generator with 110V AC Outlet/2 DC Ports/3 USB Ports, Backup Battery Pack Power Supply for CPAP Outdoor Advanture Load Trip Camping Emergency

solar genrator

battery for cpap campingEmbrace The Convenience Of Multiple Charging With FlashFish EA200 Portable power generation on-the-go!

Flashfish portable power station EA200 is designed for outdoor activities’ power supply. Small size (5.6lbs, 8.2×4.3×6.2 inch) with big capacity (150Wh), the most portable all-in-one power station can fulfill your demand for camping or emergency.


Q1: What devices can Flashfish EA200 power?

A: Please note that the AC output port can charge devices less than 200W, DC output can charge devices total less than 168W; Once exceeding, this portable power generator will be in protection mode. We need to charge it by wall charger to reset it.

Q2: How to calculate the working time for your devices?

A: 1. AC output working time=151wh * 0.9/the power of your device

For example, assume your power of device is 20W, working time will be 151wh * 0.9/20w=6.79 hrs ( rough calculated )

2. DC and USB output working time=151wh * 0.95/the power of your device

Q3: AC and DC output, which way is best to power my CPAP machine?

A: Yes, for Optimal Use with CPAP.Flashfish EA200 power station can power your cpap by two ways: 110V AC plug and 12V DC plug.Strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC to DC converter to work with this unit and turn off or remove the heater/ humidifier, it should last longer.To buy the DC converter, please consult with your CPAP supplier or simply find us for a guide.Same as others, like laptop, use DC output will be longer than AC output.

battery of cpap camping

battery for cpap campingNot for devices exceed 200W
1*Portable Solar Generator
1*Power Adapter
1*Cigarette Lighter Adapter
1*Car Charger
1*User Manual




It is 151Wh, built in high quality lithium-ion battery cell, a silent and gas-free generator with a pure sine wave output to efficiently power up small household appliance.

Let FlashFish Portable Power Generator Be Your Outdoor Charging Partner!
151Wh Power Supply Portable Generator

Battery information:

Battery: Lithium-ion Battery

Capacity: 151Wh

DC Input: 15V/2.5A

AC Output: 200W Rated,250W Peak Power

DC Outputs: 9~12V/ 10A (Max)

USB Outputs(3): 2*QC 3.0, 1*Auto 5V/ 2.4A

Weight: 5.6lb (2.55kg)


battery for camping

battery for camping

battery for camping

battery for camping

Backup Power for Camping

With the Flashfish portable generator your camping trip can have some of the comforts of home. It can be used more efficiently crank up the music, power up a drone, keep lights on, charge a phone, and power up other delicate appliances.


AC output: 110V/60HZ/200W

AC Continuous Output: 200W

AC Peak Output: 250W

USB Output: QC 3.0 & 5V/ 2.4A

DC Output: 9~12.6V/10A (Max) 2*5.5mm Ports

For Optimal Use with CPAP

Flashfish power station has two ways to power your CPAP machine:

110V AC or 12V DC Plug.

We strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC converter to work with this power station and turn off or remove the heater/ humidifier.

Advanced Fafety Features

Our innovative power station, which has built-in intelligent BMS protects the generator and connected devices with:

Short-circuit Protection
Over-current Protection
Over-charging Protection
Low-voltage Protection
Over-temperature Protection

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Item Weight

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10 reviews for FlashFish 40800mAh 200W Solar Generator with 110V AC Outlet

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    I’m using this unit as portable gig power… After testing it completely through one full use and charge cycle, the FlashFish 200W unit performed very well. I was amazed that this little unit could power my Yamaha PSR and DX keyboards, MG06 mixer, and harmonizer (w/ phantom power on) for around 10 hours. I recommend this little puppy for gigs! It allows you to truly be completely portable and provides many hours of stable power for your gear. I use this unit in conjunction with a Bose S1 which also has its own battery power. Now my entire gig setup is super light and portable… finally, after years of dragging heavy gear (full 88 keys, heavy amps, and trying to find a convenient place to plug in, etc.), I can set up in about 30 mins, have dependable power, and not break my back! LOL! Play on musicians!!! 🙂 PS. I’ll update this review if this unit would be problematic or fail prematurely after 6 months to a year of use. Consider no news to be good news. 🙂

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    This portable AC generator is the answer to any filmmaker/ photographer’s lighting problem. I use it so that I can bring my studio light out on to the field where there aren’t any outlets. It is such an improvement to my kit because it allows me to be more versatile. Aside from that, it is literally just a power bank that will charge up most of your belongings. I used it to charge my Sony a6300 camera and it worked perfectly. I also used it to supply power to a juicer and it had zero issues. This power bank has so many uses and I feel that anybody can find a lot of different use cases for it.

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    I am very dependent on CPAP but I live in Northern California where we are experiencing fire prevention blackouts, wildfires, and evacuations. After a miserable two nights without CPAP I learned that it is not safe or possible for me to sleep without CPAP. It’s essential to my health that i have it, even in a crisis situation.The usual solution is to buy a battery, the right kind of clips, an inverter, and then hope that you don’t hook it up wrong and kill your $700+ CPAP machine. That was scary. So I was so glad to find this. I just plug it in for recharging or use and it works. Nothing scary.The manufacturer suggests buying an inverter from the CPAP manufacturer and using this on DC power, but I found it gives me a full night of use on 110 v on a full charge with 1 bar of power left in the morning. It didn’t feel warm to the touch or change how my CPAP worked at all. It charges quietly and quick enough. It doesn’t make any noise or throw fumes in the air like a gas powered generator would.My one quibble is the brightness of the LCD power screen. Man that’s bright! I’m going to have to find something to cover that up. But it is nice to know how much power is left, and I reassured myself a few times during my test run that there was plenty of juice to get me through the night. I used it over 9 hours that night.Beware that it does not come with a solar charger, even though the box calls it a “solar powered” portable generator. I understood that when I bought it, so have no complaint. I’m trying to figure out if I will need any special cable when I buy a solar panel, which is my next purchase.We are currently in the middle of the Kincaid fire here in Sonoma County. Fortunately we have not lost our power yet, but I appreciate the peace of mind knowing I have this if I need it.

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    Joshua David Sutake

    This portable charger is amazing! I only used it one night so far. It came fully charged out of the box. I used my Philip System One Cpap overnight, using the recommended DC power. I slepted a good 7hrs and the LCD indicator didn’t move. I worked very well. This will be great for camping. 🙂 Thanks Flashfish, goofy name, excellent product!

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    I needed a power bank that will be able to power my Resmed 10 Cpap, without breaking the bank 😂 I will be doing lots of camping this summer without electricity. My average sleep time is about 6.5 hrs, so this will be good for 2 days. If we camp longer than 2 days I’ll look into getting the solar panel or just sleep less 😂 Flashfish will do the trick for what I need.I was able to use for a total of 16 hrs and 57 mins of “sleep time.” I used DC power, Climate Ctrl = Manual, Tube temp = OFF, Humidity = OFF, Airplane mode = ON.Other notes: I don’t think it’s bulky. Wish it had a carrying case.

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    Amazon Customer

    I was supprised with how small this battery is. The whole thing is less than the size of a shoe box and comes with several accessories including a USB light, a way to charge via wall outlet (AC) and a way to charge via car (12v DC).It doesn’t have a built in DC/cigarette lighter style outlet for 12v appliances but it does have an adapter which you could then plug a splitter into it. It came fully charged which was a nice touch. The instruction manual says it will hold a full charge for about 3months.Recharging does take a long time (all night when plugged into the wall. Probably longer if plugged into a solar panel or car)It has a helpful built in display which shows battery life. There are 5bars and each bar represents approximately 20% battery life. So you can really know how much you have left.Everybody always wants to know what real world battery life will be so I ran some tests. My purpose for this was not to use with solar panels, but just to keep charged in case of power outages, I would be able to charge my phone, maybe watch a movie on my iPad, and most importantly to run a fan so I don’t die of heat.Test 1: ran a big box fan on high, phone charging, iPad charging, USB light. Battery life was about 100minTest 2: medium size table fan plus phone charging. Battery life was about 3hrsTest 3: ran only a DC fan (the kind you see on school buses and mail jeeps) it was powerful enough to really blow but just sipped power. This ran on high for 12hrs and still had over 20% battery left.Test 4: just for kicks, I tried plugging it into a fridge (both full size and dorm size). Unfortunately, the surge was too much and it couldn’t run it at all. This was about what I expected.Overall, I’m very happy with this product, especially for the price. I wasn’t able to find anything bigger that didn’t jump tremendously in price

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    Worked great to run my husbands CPAP and charge his phone all night while we were camping!

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    walter manley

    so far came on time a little smaller than pictured about the size of lunchbox,i bought it for a CPAP machine I use every nite,because of hurricanes power outages.it work fine so far.not desighned to power a full size refridge,couldnt power my capachino machine, but its great for devices,small fan ,router if under 200 watts,no blowdryers,has a 800 time recharge life and 1yr warranty came with full charge.if you do overheat the unit it will pop off,to reset it you have to plug in recharge that resets the trip circuit,flip off ac button to reset,has built in fan forcooling down system.plenty of usb ports and a fast charge port. 2 12volt dc ports5.5millimeter and 2, 110 vlt ports ac plugs grounded and not.Manleyman

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    Amazon Customer

    This is a compact, powerful battery that runs c pap machines for many hours.

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    Being an RV Transporter and having sleep apnea I use a CPAP every night. I’m constantly traveling around the country and sleeping in my F350 I use an inverter to power my CPAP that runs off my batteries from the truck. I’m constantly worried about waking up with dead batteries which I have had happen a few times. So I decided to look for an affordable alternative power source.Just got this on Feb 7th, 2020… I charged it all day and used it overnight at home. I use the ResMed AirSense 10 and I got 8 hours and 11 minutes from a single night use out of this power station. I do not have the 12v adapter kit for my CPAP so I used the 110v ac option on this. I also do not use the humidifier or heated tube. I normally get 6.5 – 8.5 hours of sleep in my truck so this is going to be perfect for me! Now as far as how long this product will last with being used 5 or more days out of 7 days a week is yet to be seen… but I have high hopes! So in a few months I will update this review, but for now I’m a happy camper so to speak!!!

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