Firefly Eco-Friendly Safe and Green Tiki Torch Fuel – Non Toxic Lamp Oil – Biodegradable – Virtually Odorless – Paraffin Kerosene Alternative – Indoor Outdoor Use – Lamps, Lanterns, Candles

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FIREFLY SAFE & GREEN: SAFE, NON TOXIC, READILY BIODEGRADABLE and VIRTUALLY ODORLESS: The ONE Fuel For All Of Your Needs. This Product Does Not Contain Any Hazardous Chemicals Listed Under The US Clean-water Act Or California Prop. 65. Substitute For Paraffin And Kerosene
SMALL WICK PERFORMANCE: Smokeless When Used In Vessels That Utilize A Small Or Flat Wick For Example… Liquid Oil Candles, Oil Lamps, Cold-blast Lanterns, Hurricane Lanterns, Diy Mason Jars, Etc. Large Wick Performance (Tiki Torch): There Will Be Some Smoke But Much Less Than Traditional, Big-box Tiki Fuel. Setting The Wick: Set The Wick Ever So Slightly Above The Wick Holder, About 1/16” To Reduce Smoke And Conserve Fuel. The Flame Will Reach Its Maximum Height Within 5 Minutes.
IMPORTANT INFO: For Indoor & Outdoor Use. Do Not Mix This Fuel With Other Fuels Or Use A Contaminated Wick As You Will Encounter Unpredictable Results, Ie, Smoke, Soot, Etc. We Suggest Emptying The Vessel And Using A New Wick. Please Read The Use Instructions Included When The Product Is Shipped… Also (Under Technical Specs As A User Guide Pdf On This Page… See Below). Failure To Use As Directed Will Lead To Your Poor Performance And Sadness. An Informed Consumer Is Our Best Customer.
TIPS: 128-Ounce, 1 Gallon Recyclable HDPE Bottle. Be Creative. Desire Colored Lamp Oil? This Product is Authorized for Use with Firefly Lamp Oil Dye – Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Aqua, Sea Foam, Orange, Black

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FIREFLY SAFE & GREEN LAMP OIL FUELTiki Torch Fuel Tiki Torch Oil Lamp Oil Indoor Fuel Non Toxic Oil Oil Lanterns

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Firefly Safe & Green Lamp Oil is available in 32-oz, gallons, 5 gallons, 55-gallon drums, barrels and 330-gallon torch oil totes. The small torch fuel bottles, 16- and 32-ounces include a screw-on pour spout for easy filling of oil lamps, tiki torches and outdoor oil lanterns.





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1 Gallon, 5 Gallons, 16 Ounces, 32 Ounces



9 reviews for Firefly Eco-Friendly Safe and Green Tiki Torch Fuel – Non Toxic Lamp Oil – Biodegradable – Virtually Odorless – Paraffin Kerosene Alternative – Indoor Outdoor Use – Lamps, Lanterns, Candles

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    Barbara S.

    Very satisfied! Thanks!

  2. blank


    easy to use.

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    Karla Muise

    I have chemical sensitivities and I found that this oil burned really clean without much fragrance. The bottle design made refilling my candle very easy. There were clear instructions that came in the box. I made sure to have a very low wick, and that made a great experience without much smoke. I will be buying this again for sure.

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    Melinda T.

    Received quickly and as decribed.

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    An excellent fuel that’s clean-burning, smokeless, and odorless. I started using this fuel in their small Firefly glass burners after having problems with recent versions of tea lights with plastic holders from a “fancy” manufacturer. I’ve been using the Firefly burners for awhile now and the combination of the glass burners and the nice fuel are a great improvement over the wax tea lights I’d been using for years.

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    This stuff is absolutely amazing! I was skeptical at first but there is absolutely no smoke or odor and the burn time is awesome. I use this in a little UCO candle that was converted to oil and use it for inside my tent while camping and it has a brighter flame than what the candle has. Highly recommend giving this a try

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    Wendy Busbee

    Make jewelry

  8. blank


    It works great and spout made it easy to pour into different sized lamp openings.

  9. blank

    Christa F.

    Nice alternative to kerosene with no smell

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