Firefly Clean Fuel Lamp Oil – Smokeless/Virtually Odorless – Longer Burning – 32 Ounces

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ALTERNATIVE, LONGER BURNING FUEL THAN PARAFFIN LAMP OIL OR KEROSENE – Inhouse testing showed A significantly longer burn time of more than 30%. It’s actually quite longer. See the Reviews. IMPORTANT: To achieve a smokeless burn, please review the User Guide PDF which is found under Technical Specifications on this page below. We will send you a TIPS email detailing Best-Use Practices. Remember, you can get any fuel to smoke if improperly used. Follow our advice and you will be very pleased.
CLEAN BURNING, ODORLESS, SMOKELESS & CLEAR – Be sure to use a NEW wick and keep the height as low as possible, about 1/16” above the wick holder. Maximum flame will be achieved in about 5 minutes. Also NEVER MIX our fuel with another fuel. Be sure to empty the vessel before adding Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil. It doesn’t have to be dishwasher clean. You can get even the purist fuel to smoke if the wick is too high or has been contaminated.
SCREW-ON POUR SPOUT FOR EASY REFILLING: Included with every 32-Ounce bottle of Firefly Fuel which makes refilling your oil candles and oil lamps super easy. No more dripping. Have it on hand before the next emergency or hurricane hits. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use.
USE RECOMMENDATIONS: For use in liquid oil candles, oil lamps & hurricane lanterns that use a small wick. Safe for Indoor & outdoor use. Please read the reviews where folks give 1 star. They are not using the fuel as directed. An informed consumer is our best customer. Approved for use with Firefly Colored Lamp Oil Dye
WHERE NOT TO USE – Not for use in table-top fireplaces, effusion lamps or catalytic lamps that require gel fuel or alcohol-based fuels. Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil is NOT recommended for tiki torches or vessels using a wick larger than 3.6mm which is a little over 1/8” as it will smoke. (See Discussion Below)

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Firefly Clean Fuel Lamp Oil

Color:Clear | Size:32 oz.

Try our convenient 32 oz. of Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil complete with a screw-on pour spout. No more dripping. Firefly Fuel CLEAN Lamp Oil is a DIRECT REPLACEMENT for paraffin lamp oil and kerosene. A word to the wise, NEVER MIX FUELS or use a contaminated wick as mixing will change burning characteristics. Also, keep your wick 1/16″ above the wick holder to conserve fuel and prevent smoke. Smoke is an indicator that the wick is set too high and the fuel is not completely burning

Firefly CLEAN lamp oil is smokeless, sootless, virtually odorless, provides a great flame and is longer lasting than paraffin oil. Firefly CLEAN Fuel is also safely packaged using childproof caps. Note: We compare our CLEAN Lamp Oil to OUR Paraffin Lamp oil only which is the highest grade you can purchase.

We recommend using CLEAN lamp oil in small-wicked devices such as oil candles, oil lamps and lanterns. We DO NOT recommend using this oil in large-wicked vessels like tiki torches as it will smoke. Additionally, Firefly CLEAN Lamp Oil will perform adequately in Aladdin Magical Mantle Lamps. It will not provide as bright a flame as a 1-k kerosene, Kleen Heat or Aladdin Lamp Oil that have a 141-degree F – 145-degree F flash points. Firefly CLEAN lamp oil was designed specifically to perform best in cold-blast hurricane lanterns with flat wicks and small round-wick candles. The flash point is 220 degrees F.

CLEAN Lamp Oil is for indoor and outdoor use. Firefly does not add any colorants and uses commercial-style bottles with childproof caps for safety.

We electronically seal our bottles to prevent leakage and our packaging has been tested and approved by FedEx to ensure the product gets to you in tip-top shape.

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1 Gallon, 5 Gallons, 32 oz.


Clear, Citronella Oil Formula, Eucalyptus Oil Formula



10 reviews for Firefly Clean Fuel Lamp Oil – Smokeless/Virtually Odorless – Longer Burning – 32 Ounces

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    Monica C.

    I bought this oil because it was advertised as smokeless. Turns out I wasted my money, as a huge plume of black smoke billowed out from the wick as soon as I lit it. I’m willing to give it another shot (maybe the wick was brand-new?), but I get the feeling that it’s not going to change anything. I will be asking for refund.*****EDIT*******So it turns out that Monica is an idiot. I failed to read the instructions that say, “Leave only 1/8 inch of wick to burn, maximum.” I had left a good 3/4″! No wonder it burned like the dickens. I tried it with the wick at 1/8 inch like the instructions say and it worked like a charm. No smoke, no odor, works as advertised!

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    Brian Goldbeck

    I inherited an old oil lantern from my Uncle that I mainly use whenever I lose power or when I want some subtle light while on my patio at night. The oil that was in it was for outdoor use only. I wanted something that I could use indoors and outdoors, an oil that burnt clean, had no scent and didnt create a lot of soot. This product nails it and stands true to its claims. I would highly recommend this product to anybody. Well done.

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    I bought this for use in my oil lamps because I want to use them on a daily basis affordably. They add a charm you don’t get from electric lights. The gallon was promptly delivered by FedEx & included were tips for best use outcomes. It was east to fill the lamps with a funnel & wait until the new wicks absorbed the fuel before lighting. This fuel really does burn clean, without smoking & I’ll definitely reorder this brand–next time with citronella fragrance for summer evenings!

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    I’m SO glad I kept looking for lamp oil! Thankfully, I found Firefly CLEAN Fuel Lamp Oil. It is exactly what my little (indoor) lamp needed. It truly is clean….BUT ONLY IF YOU KEEP THE WICK AT IT’S VERY LOWEST. If the exposed part of the wick is kept super-short (on my lamp it’s out BARELY a 16th of an inch!), there is absolutely no smoke. The oil has no odor at all, either. I’m very please with this purchase…and will not hesitate buying it again. Just remember: You’ve GOT to KEEP THE WICK LOW, LOW, LOW…lower than you’d expect. Firefly CLEAN Fuel Lamp Oil – 32 oz. – Smokeless & Virtually Odorless – Clean Burning Paraffin Alternative – use in Oil Lamps, Hurricane Lanterns and Candles – Indoors / Outdoors on Your Patio.

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    Z. O’Neill

    I waited several weeks to post review because I wanted to see if this oil works. It does. I decided to put it in the “plugin” containers with the electric warmer so I wouldn’t have to worry about refilling, open wicks and etc. I almost threw away the empty plugin containers and then I thought of this. I know I’m not supposed to use this oil indoors, but I’m in MidTN and bugs here are abundant. All kinds. I was miserable being bitten by bugs inside my home. Now I keep finding bugs laying around all dead in my apartment. I tried using the UV lamp but the one I bought off Amazon wouldn’t attract any bugs. It just looked pretty, lol! I don’t know exactly how this oil works but it doesn’t burn like others. It’s very subtle even when I use the traditional oil-over-candle burner which I haven’t used indoors anymore. It’s thin but a little amount goes a long way. This oil doesn’t have any smell to me and it doesn’t make me or my dogs sneeze all the time like the citronella candles do. Forget about the burning coils. Those are a disaster. I sure wish I would’ve found this oil maaaaany years ago.

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    This purchase I made of the Firefly Clean Lamp Oil has been outstanding , it gives a compfortable light with as little odor as I have found in any lamp oil ( and I have used many!) I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys the lamplight or to just keep it for emergencies ! I also greatly appreciated the outstanding customer service follow up! Thank you!

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    I go back and forth between liquid paraffin during the warmer months for the low oder and lamp oil in the Winter months at my remote cabin as it does not freeze. Liquid paraffin gels or freezes and lamp oil produces much too much oder, almost asphyxiating. Until now, I had not found any oil that will not gel up or is oder free. The firefly lamp oil produces a very faint oder, but it’s really almost unnoticeable. Although it has not been cold enough to really put it through the test this year yet, the Firefly oil did stay completely liquid at 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, I did notice the burn times to be significantly longer than the other oils and paraffins I have used in the past and it really does burn clean. I usually end up cleaning my globes every day, but went a full seven days before I noticed a very faint white soot on the inside of the globes after I started using the Firefly clean lamp oil. I will continue to purchase Firefly clean lamp oil for lighting my cabin.

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    I had come across a vintage Marswell Cold Blast #2 lantern which I wanted to use on a Covered Wagon. After cleaning out the old kerosene and removing the old wick which had fallen down inside, I started looking for a kerosene substitute. I found this product on Amazon and decided to try it.This is the absolute best for old kerosene lamps! Burned flawlessly and no smoke whatsoever. Fantastic product and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a kerosene substitute.Also, the product arrived so quickly from this company. Wonderful customer service and great product!

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    My mom brought me two Dietz lanterns that were once used by her father. He used them in the winter to put in the pump house to keep the pipes from freezing. He also burned kerosene in them and over the years they became quite dirty. After he passed away, my mom used them as decorative pieces on the mantel of the fire place and they haven’t been used in 40 years. They were in very good shape, for their age, and I spent some time taking them apart and cleaning them. I didn’t want to restore them to “brand new” condition as I thought that the paint scuffs and other age related imperfections gave them a bit more character. After getting them functional again, I decided to use this particular fuel by Firefly in the hopes that it would be better for the lanterns instead of using kerosene. I also didn’t want to deal with smoke getting everything dirty again and the smell of kerosene isn’t exactly pleasant. I’m happy to say that this fuel has worked amazingly well for the old lanterns. It has no odor and only produces smoke if I start raising the wick really high. It was amazing to see the lanterns working again and as a kid, I thought that they were only non functioning decorative pieces. We probably spent a few hours in the garage this evening watching them glow and talked about our grandfather, as well as, the history of these particular lanterns. Now I’m on the hunt for another lantern that I remember seeing hanging on the wall of one of our old barns back home. If I do find it, and I can get that one fixed up again, I will definitely be using this fuel in it as well.

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    Linda Williams

    Firefly Fuel emailed me prior to the arrival of my lamp oil. They wanted to remind me to open my product promptly to check for any leaks that may have occurred during transportation. Since I had just had that happen with a huge bottle of Tide, I understood what they meant!! The Tide was a mess!! Fortunately, the lamp oil was in perfect condition. They had cushioned it completely and it arrived with no leaks at all. I did appreciate their notifying me, prior to delivery, to check for such a potential problem. I haven’t burned any of the oil yet, and I hope I don’t have to for a while as my lamps are for emergency use only. It looks so nice and clear in my antique lamp. The lamp had some old oil that was gold in color. I don’t know if it had coloring in it or had turned from age, but it was UGLY!! Perhaps it was kerosene, I don’t know! It took hours of scrubbing and soaking to get it all out, but now my clear oil is crystal clear in the clean lamp and oh, so pretty!!

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