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Fill-Rite RD812NH 8 GPM 12V Portable Fuel Transfer Pump with Manual Nozzle, Discharge Hose, Suction Hose, and Power Cord

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Commercial Brand: FILL-RITE

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Fill-Rite RD812NH 8 GPM 12V Portable Fuel Transfer Pump with Manual Nozzle

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FR1612 – 10 GPM w/Power Cord, FR1614 – 10 GPM w/Accessories & Suction Hose, FR1616 – 10 GPM w/Accessories & Suction Pipe, RD1212NH – 12 GPM Handheld w/Accessories, RD1212NN – 12 GPM w/Power Cord, RD1212NP – 12 GPM Bung Mount w/Accessories, RD812NH – 8 GPM Handheld w/Accessories, RD812NN – 8 GPM w/Power Cord, RD812NP – 8 GPM Bung Mount w/Accessories



10 reviews for Fill-Rite RD812NH 8 GPM 12V Portable Fuel Transfer Pump with Manual Nozzle, Discharge Hose, Suction Hose, and Power Cord

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    Amazon Customer

    I am pumping DIESEL every week from a first floor to a second floor (we add almost 15′ of hose) on my work because we have no electricity since september 20 and still working great. It’s have very good pumping power. unfortunately pump handle came broke because shipping management but we are happy with it’s work at my jobsite on Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria.

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    The Fixer

    Great little Diesel pump. I purchased two of the cheaper, half price pumps in a year and they both failed, so I decided to get this one. Fill Rite is a common name in the Fuel Pumping industry so I trust their products. This pump has an external in-line fuse which my other pump did not have and that’s where it failed. It fried the wiring just outside the pump. So even if I have an electrical current issue, the fuse should fail and save the pump. I have this attached to a 30gallon steel upright diesel tank.

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    I purchased this pump to transfer diesel out of my boat to clean the fuel. It worked perfectly! It pumps pretty fast and when used with the Fill-Rite 10 micron filter it polished the fuel very well. I thought the pump was pretty quiet and it looks very well made. I would buy again in a heartbeat.

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    Great pump! I set this up on a portable fueling tank for generator and other mobile equipment. This pump works great, pumps fast and easy. Only downside is there is no auto shut off on fill as with most mobile pump systems so you have be cautious not to overflow whatever tank you are filling, be mindful when filling tanks. Excellent product.

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    Amazon Customer

    I spent a fair amount of time researching pumps before biting the bullet and ordering this one. I used it right away, and am very pleased. It is really well made: great design and great materials. I don’t the other reviews mentioned that the inlet/outlet ports are configurable for different orientations which is a nice touch. It is very heavy duty, very fast, and rated for gasoline which many pumps are not. Other reviewers have had problems with the impeller freezing when it sits after use, solved by running a quick dose of 2-cycle oil through it after use and before storing; thanks for that tip.

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    Overall I am pleased with the kit however things that I did not see or that was not mentioned.The discharge hose is 5/8″ with 3/4″ connectors. The suction hose is 3/4″ with 3/4″ connectors. I would have preferred all 3/4 inch hoses.I had to get a replacement because the first kit did not come with hoses and was obviously returned previously. Amazon sent out a replacement.Installed cam and groove fitting from another website and working great. Used aluminum so it does not react with desiel and is non sparkling.

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    Clyde Rowley

    This is a multipurpose unit, I had intended to use it to transfer fuel, but put it to use building a fence line. I needed water to mix with cement to set post in a fence line and was able to put a trash can in back of Kubota RTV and provide water to cement in post holes with this pump, worked great and made job easy.

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    Doug Blanchard

    This pump system is perfect replacement for toy hauler. I installed in my trailer and works great. If I have any issues it is the on/ off switch is small and would be very easy to turn on by accident. I installed an in-line shutoff switch as precautionary measure.

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    Pumps better than I expected, very fast for a 12 volt pump. I had bought a portable two wheel 25 gal poly fuel tank that came with a gravity feed hose that works, ok, but way too slow. It just takes too long filling my small farm and mowing equipment and this isn’t even winter yet! Bought this pump because of its portability and g.p.m. and it did not disappoint me. Just sticking the hose in the tank, whether its standing up or laying down makes it so easy to pump and just takes a couple of minutes to fill my fuel tanks. Then I bought a couple of rubber, steel chair floor caps to slide on the end of hose and nozzle after each use. Keeps it clean and drip free till next use. Takes longer to fill poly tank at station than it is pumping it out. Also like that its USA made.

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    Excellent pump, but you need to know: Its a vane pump with automatic bypass. Turn on the power, the motor runs and the pump section immediately goes into “bypass” mode. It switches to “pump” mode when you pull the dispensing trigger. Read the instructions for guidelines because you’re not supposed to run it in bypass mode for too long. Also, there is no “halfway” with the dispensing nozzle, it’s either full open or full closed. If you try to dispense slowly, the pump will oscillate between “pump” and “bypass” modes causing fuel to surge and spew and spill expensive gas all over the place. Also, it does not shut off automatically when your tank is full. You have to be responsible to watch so that you don’t fill your tank to overflowing. Imagine that, having to take on responsibility in today’s world. Well, you’re pumping a flammable liquid, you’d better develop some personal responsibility really quick, pal. Suggest you also buy a hose swivel and inline fuel filter for better performance.

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