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Fill-Rite FR701V 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pump with Discharge Hose, Manual Nozzle & Mechanical Gallon Meter

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Heavy duty cast iron construction
Iron rotor with carbon rotary vanes
country of origin:China
Check valve, pressure relief valve, and strainer included
3/4″ x 12′ hose with static wire

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Fill-Rite FR701V 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pump with Discharge Hose, Manual Nozzle & Mechanical Gallon Meter

Fill-Rite FR701V 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Rotary Vane

Fill-Rite FR701V 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pump

Rotary Vane

Rotary vane technology is a positive displacement (fixed volume) pump design that utilizes an offset rotor with sliding vanes that rotates on a motor shaft inside the pump. The vanes move outward against the pump cavity to form individual chambers (positive displacement). Fuel enters into the pump cavity through the inlet port on the rotor side where the vanes are fully extended. As the rotor turns, the vanes collapse inward creating the pressure that forces the fuel into the discharge port and through the hose.

Fill-Rite FR701V 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Suction Lift

Advantages of rotary vane technology…..

Increased suction lift
No performance loss due to vane wear
Self-priming ability
Easy maintenance
Consistent performance
Suction Lift

The maximum suction lift rating refers to the maximum vertical distance that a pump can lift fuel out of a tank. On rotary vane pumps, suction lift is created due to the offset of the rotor in the pump cavity, which increases the volume in the chamber between the vanes, thus lowering the pressure on the pump’s inlet. Atmospheric pressure, which is now greater than the inlet pressure in the pump, moves the fuel from the tank to the pump cavity (self-priming).

Suction lift is determined by the pump specifications, the type of fuel, and the altitude of the location where the pump is installed. Higher altitudes reduce the suction lift of a pump due to the reduced atmospheric pressure.

To achieve maximum suction lift, the inlet plumbing should be as straight as possible with no elbows or bends in the line. Accessories, such as filters, should not be installed on the inlet side of the pump. Valves should be set with minimum spring pressure and must contain a pressure relief valve.

Fill-Rite FR701V 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Discharge Pressure

Discharge Pressure

Discharge pressure refers to the systems pressure while dispensing. It effects flow-rate based on the pump’s design – the lower the discharge pressure, the higher the flow-rate.

Variables that increase discharge pressure/decrease flow-rate:

Adding accessories (filters, measuring devices, swivels, etc…)
Changing accessories (increasing the length or decreasing diameter of hose)
Dispensing fuel above the pump (the higher the discharge point is above the pump the lower flow-rate)
Pumping higher viscosity fluids (Fill-Rite pumps are designed to pump at a viscosity no greater than kerosene)

To lower discharge pressure/increase flow-rate, remove or limit restrictions. Examples include, moving from a 10 micron filter to 30 micron filter, changing from a 800 series to a 900 series or TT10 series, limiting the use of elbows in system design, or increasing the diameter of your discharge hose/pipe.

Fill-Rite FR701V 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Overhaul Kit





Digital Inline Turbine Meters From Fill-Rite

Rugged. Accurate. Compact.

Accurate to 1%, this turbine meter sets the standard for accuracy, ease of use and safety. Compatible with gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, heptane, and mineral spirits (aluminum version). It comes with the UL/ATEX listing on the entire meter, not just the electronics as competing brands have.

Each meter is built to handle flow-rates between 2-35 GPM and operate in temperatures between -40 F and 176 F.

Install it where you need it, even at the end of the hose. Measure gallons, liters, quarts, pints, and ounces. For a robust meter you can depend on, choose Fill-Rite, the most trusted name in pumps and meters.

Fill-Rite FR701V 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pump Features!

Powered by (2) AA replaceable batteries
Rubber boot to protect meter from impact damage
Factory presets are pre-loaded for 20 fluids
Compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for multiple applications
Available in nickel plated aluminum for biofuel applications
Backup memory to restore data when batteries expire

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115V 20 GPM 3/4" – Man Noz. & Gallon Meter


10 reviews for Fill-Rite FR701V 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pump with Discharge Hose, Manual Nozzle & Mechanical Gallon Meter

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    Amazon Customer

    No complaints

  2. blank


    Great value

  3. blank


    I have this on an above ground 1000 gallon fuel barrel, it easily pumps 20 gpm. nice 1 inch hose and nozzle, I put a 1″ fuel filter on it and haven’t had any issues. I used the suction pipe off of the old Gas Boy pump that died. I would recommend

  4. blank


    pumps works great

  5. blank


    Hi People from Tuthill PartsI have a 115V Fill rite pump model FR700V and I need to install the Gallon Counter, I need to know which pieces and items are neccesary to complete the installationI apprecciate your answer,advices and give me prices and items ref in order to get completed my pump system with the Gallons Counter

  6. blank

    C. Duell

    Nice pump works great

  7. blank

    Karen J.

    Great pump! It’s pumps your gas or fuel fast!!

  8. blank

    Amazon Customer

    perfect for diesel transfer from tank to our stationary reefer trailer

  9. blank


    Works good

  10. blank

    Robert Redman

    9-12-17 The on/off lever stopped working. I sent this message to FIll-Rite:Our switch lever moves back and forth and the shaft is turning but is not connected to anything inside. It was spring loaded and you could feel the difference when it switched from on to off but now it feels like nothing is connected to the shaft that goes into the case. It’s like the spring came loose or switch broke inside the case. The pump won’t turn on now. Power is getting to it I tested that. How do I open the motor case to fix the spring? If I open the right side of the motor case will I be able to reassemble it?They replied:Fill Rite Sales Sep 13 at 9:32 AMThank you for your inquiry! Opening the motor case from the right side is fine. We do not have actual instruction on opening the motor case because it will void any ul certification. We do not have a switch available if yours is no longer good.Thank youCSRI took the case apart anyway and found inside many parts were corroded and the “claw” shaped piece that flips the switch had rusted apart and fell off the shaft that goes to the outside on/off lever. I purchased it December 2015 these photos were taken September 2017. I am disappointed with the durability of this product. I told customer service I would give a good review if they can help me get this pump working again. I will update this review with their reply.UPDATE:9-27-2017 Fill-Rite sent a complete replacement pump to me for free! I am very pleased to have a working gas pump again. Thank you Fill-Rite for proving your warranty is legitimate. You stand behind your products and have exceptional customer service which makes me a happy customer. You can count on me buying Fill-Rite pumps in the future.

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