Fill-Rite FR4204H 12V 20 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump (Pump Only)

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Durable cast iron pump housing built to withstand the wear and tear of rough operating environments
Removable junction box allows for easier installation
Thermal overload protection prevents motor from overheating during abnormal usage
Pump is capable of pumping fluid out of an 8′ deep storage tank at sea level
Rugged switch lever is designed to endure heavy abuse

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Fill-Rite FR4204H 12V 20 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump (Pump Only)

Pump Technology 101

Fill-Rite FR4204H 12V 20 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump (Pump Only)

FR4204H 12V 20 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump

Rotary Vane Technology

Rotary vane technology is a positive displacement (fixed volume) pump design that utilizes an offset rotor with sliding vanes that rotates on a motor shaft inside the pump. The vanes move outward against the pump cavity to form individual chambers (positive displacement). Fuel enters into the pump cavity through the inlet port on the rotor side where the vanes are fully extended. As the rotor turns, the vanes collapse inward creating the pressure that forces the fuel into the discharge port and through the hose.

Advantages of rotary vane technology…..

  • Increased suction lift
  • No performance loss due to vane wear
  • Self-priming ability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Consistent performance

Fill-Rite FR4204H 12V 20 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump (Pump Only)

Suction Lift

The maximum suction lift rating refers to the maximum vertical distance that a pump can lift fuel out of a tank. On rotary vane pumps, suction lift is created due to the offset of the rotor in the pump cavity, which increases the volume in the chamber between the vanes, thus lowering the pressure on the pump’s inlet. Atmospheric pressure, which is now greater than the inlet pressure in the pump, moves the fuel from the tank to the pump cavity (self-priming).

Suction lift is determined by the pump specifications, the type of fuel, and the altitude of the location where the pump is installed. Higher altitudes reduce the suction lift of a pump due to the reduced atmospheric pressure.

To achieve maximum suction lift, the inlet plumbing should be as straight as possible with no elbows or bends in the line. Accessories, such as filters, should not be installed on the inlet side of the pump. Valves should be set with minimum spring pressure and must contain a pressure relief valve.

Fill-Rite FR4204H 12V 20 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump (Pump Only)

Discharge Pressure

Discharge pressure refers to the systems pressure while dispensing. It effects flow-rate based on the pump’s design – the lower the discharge pressure, the higher the flow-rate.

Variables that increase discharge pressure/decrease flow-rate:

  • Adding accessories (filters, measuring devices, swivels, etc…)
  • Changing accessories (increasing the length or decreasing diameter of hose)
  • Dispensing fuel above the pump (the higher the discharge point is above the pump the lower flow-rate)
  • Pumping higher viscosity fluids (Fill-Rite pumps are designed to pump at a viscosity no greater than kerosene)

To lower discharge pressure/increase flow-rate, remove or limit restrictions. Examples include, moving from a 10 micron filter to 30 micron filter, changing from a 800 series to a 900 series or TT10 series, limiting the use of elbows in system design, or increasing the diameter of your discharge hose/pipe.

4200 Series Repair Kits



Primary pump repair kit for 4200 series pumps.



Motor repair kit for 4200 series pumps.



Bio-diesel conversion kit for 4200 series pumps.



Nozzle boot kit for 4200 series pumps.

Fuel Transfer Pump

NX25 Series Fuel Transfer Pump

Predicts. Protects. Performs.

Nextec Intelligence is an exclusive array of design advancements, technologies and user functionalities that take pump performance to unprecedented levels. Intelligent Tones inform when attention is needed. A variable speed motor automatically adjusts for peak performance with improved suction lift. More compact, lighter, and less amp draw—it sets a new standard for efficiency.

Simple features, such as the lower pump weight, makes this pump great for mobile applications or on the less sturdy aluminum fuel tanks. Other convenient features, like a removable power cord or an auto power down function (after 20 minutes of inactivity), are benefits other pumps just don’t offer. Whether the application is 12V, 24V, 115V, or 230V this premium offering from Fill-Rite consistently gets the job done.

With Nextec, the future of fuel transfer is here.

The NEXTEC Advantage

  • Transfer fuel all day without having to turn off the pump
  • Add accessories without reducing the flowrate
  • Intelligent ring tones indicate where attention is needed on the pump
  • Lower amp draw that saves battery power and pump life
  • Quiet operating pump with a 75 dBA sound rating
  • Lighter weight pump makes it easier to install

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    randal crowe


    1 product
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    Our old pump that came with the farm finally broke after we owned it for almost 20 years “no sure how old it was before we owned it”. We replaced it with this one and it pumps much faster than the old one. Let’s see if its still working 20 years from now.

    1 product
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    Billy Mastroni

    this is a good unit and hasn’t failed me yet! But I wish it would come with more size hose choices. but still highly recommend

    1 product
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    charles berry

    fill-rite always works fine.

    1 product
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    thomas smith

    box was in bad shape but the pump was in excellent condition a great value.

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    Big Jim Amazon Customer

    these are by far the fastest pumping and durable pumps out there for your fuel transfer needs

    1 product
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    Coffey’s Farms

    I love the way it pumps fuel I never new it was so good to grab the nozzle and start pumping without having to work on it.

    1 product
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    Christopher Williams

    Product works well and flows fast.

    1 product
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    Juan A Ramos

    The best item

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    Milton B.

    Product arrived ahead of schedule which allowed for installation early. Quality product …..

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