EnviroBurn Drip Torch Fuel, Pre-Mixed Non-Petroleum Plant Based Forestry Drip Torch Bio Fuel for Controlled Burn, and Brush Burner 32oz (6 Pack)

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DRIP TORCH FUEL: EnviroBurn is a breakthrough non-petroleum based drip torch fuel that is most commonly used for prescribed or controlled burning. EnviroBurn is a totally different accelerant than the traditional diesel and gasoline mixtures. Our innovative formula can be used with drip torches or hand torches. It can even be used in a brush torch or weed burner torch for cleaning up landscaping.
NO DANGEROUS CHEMICALS: Unlike traditional mixture of gasoline and diesel, EnviroBurn fire starters do not contain aromatic hydrocarbons such as ethyl benzene. Using EnviroBurn as a fire starter liquid will eliminate the amount of residual aromatic structures left on the soil, leaving no harmful chemicals behind.
ORGANIC PLANT BASED: The feedstocks used to produce EnviroBurn are made from plant-derived sources in the United States. EnviroBurn Drip Torch Fuel is an innovative mixture of corn-derived aliphatic hydrocarbons and plant-derived methyl esters, consistent with a renewable hydrocarbon product. Use of EnviroBurn is a step toward better stewardship of our lands while not compromising on effectiveness as a drip torch fuel.
PRE-MIXED FUEL RATIO: Our drip fire starter is easy and ready to be used out of the bottle. All you have to do is pour it into the drip tank or fuel bottle connected to you flame torch, fire lighter or fire drip torch. Our stable formula can also be stored in a kerosene can or kerosene container for a later use.
FUTURE OF FORESTRY: We pride ourselves in developing safe alternative natural forestry supplies and forest fire tools for firefighters, the United States Forestry Service, and rural landowners to facilitate prescribed burning.

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EnviroBurn is a breakthrough non-petroleum based fire starter liquid. 100% made in the USA, EnviroBurn is a next-generation bio-derived fuel that will not leave the same residual petroleum substances on our lands resulting from non-combusted diesel and gasoline drip torch fuel.

Highly effective, EnviroBurn liquid fire starter is made from a combination of refined used cooking oil and corn oil derived hydrocarbons. EnviroBurn does not contain ethanol. Conveniently pre-mixed and packaged in six 32 oz. metal cans, EnviroBurn will work at the same altitude ranges and temperatures as diesel and gasoline mixtures. EnviroBurn has been developed specifically for use as a drip torch fuel and should not be used in any other application.

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