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Energizer Portable Power Station, PD 45W USB-C Fast Charging Solar Generators, 240Wh/75000mAh(110V/200W) Pure Sine Wave Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery for Home Emergency, Christmas Outdoor Camping Power Supply

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⚡【FASTEST PORTABLE POWER SUPPLY】, CYPRESS chip with the PD fast charging protocol. Compared with other products that labeled but actually don’t have USB-PD 3.0 license, PPS240W01 electric generator can make you enjoy the pleasure of charging speed.
⚡【SAFTEST POWER STATION】: High stability lithium iron phosphate battery generator, 2000 cycles, PC V0 fireproof enclosure, UL, CE, FCC, PSE, ROHS certified, Abnormal alarm function for your emergency home use. Provides 12 months warranty.
⚡【SMALLEST SIZE】: Small generator, high integrated circuit, more space-saving, only 8 x 6.1 x 3.3in in a capacity of 75000mAh. Effective electrical energy conversion can reach 90%,2000 cycle, portable generators for camping quiet.
⚡【POWER UP MORE】: Indoor/outdoor portable ac power, 3 DC Output(12V/8A), 2 USB-A Port(5V/2.4A each), 1 QC3.0 Port(5V/18W), 1 PD 45W USB-C Port(Two Way), 2 Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet(110/200W max), support 9 devices at the same time.
⚡【Power-Saving Solar Generators】: Automatic sleep/shutdown function. 2 minutes of non-us will automatically sleep, press any key to wake up. 5 minutes of non-use will automatically shut down.

Brand Energizer



Energizer Portable Power Station, PD 45W USB-C Fast Charging Solar Generators, 240Wh/75000mAh(110V/200W) Pure Sine Wave Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery for Home Emergency, Christmas Outdoor Camping Power Supply

Energizer Portable Power Station

More Reliable & More Durable Energizer Portable Power Station

Go further and see more with a more reliable and more durable Energizer Portable Power Station


Q: What devices can Energizer PPS240W01 power?

A: Please note that the AC output port can only charge/power devices that operate at less than 200-Watt. Please refer to your device specification before purchase.

Q: How to know the working times for my device?

A: Working time = 240Wh* 0.9 / operating power of your device

For reference, assuming the power consumption of your device is 30W, working time will be 240Wh*0.9/30W=7.2 hrs (rough calculated).

Q: How can I use AC output?

A: Press the button to turn on PPS240W01, press the button again into the AC mode, then you can use the AC outlet, press again to quit the AC mode.

If you do not turn on the AC mode to use the AC output, the device will alert you through the alarm.

Q: What solar panels is compatible with PPS240W01?

A: As long as the solar panels‘ open circuit voltage is between 12V-24V.

Emergency Use

Energizer Portable Power Station



Energizer is synonymous with the innovation and emerging technologies of batteries. We’re leading and shaping the domain of power and portable lighting with a powerful portfolio of groundbreaking products and consumer-led innovation.

As the largest battery brand in the World, Energizer is committed to providing the most reliable and durable batteries with the widest battery production line and powerful technology research and development to meet the different needs of consumers.

Energizer PPS240W01 Built-in MPPT

Compatible with Most Solar Panels

Energizer PPS240W01 stores safer, cleaner and longer-lasting power.

  • The DC input built-in MPPT, equivalent to having a solar energy converter. So PPS240W01 is compatible with most different wattage solar panels without sparks.
  • Supports solar charging at a maximum rate of 22V / 2.5A 55W, as long as the solar panel’s open circuit voltage is less than 24V, it can be used.
  • Capacity: 240Wh (12.8,18.75Ah)
  • Battery Type: 75000mAh Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Input: 8mm DC, 12V – 30V (42W Max)
  • AC Output: 110V AC, 60Hz, 200W Pure Sine Wave Continuous, 400W Max
  • Car Port: DC 12V, up to 10A
  • USB Outputs: 5V, 2.4A * 2; QC3.0 5V/18W*1; Cypress PD 45W TWO-WAY * 1
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8*6.1*3.3in

Compact Battery

Pure Sine Wave

LCD Display


Q: Why does my battery shut down automatically? Can this function be turned off?

A: The reasons for automatic shutdown of each port (when only one port is used)

1. If only one DC output is used, the device will shut down automatically if the current is lower than 0.6A.

2.If only one USB port, the current less than 0.08A will automatically shut down.

3.If only one AC outlet is used, the current less than 50mA will automatically shut down.

Press and hold the LED light button and the power button for 3S at the same time to turn off the automatic shutdown function.


Q: How to know the working times for my device?

A: AC OUTLET Working time = 240Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device

For reference, assuming the power consumption of your device is 30W, working time will be 240Wh*0.85/30W=6.8hrs (rough calculated).

DC OUTLET Working time = 240Wh* 0.9 / operating power of your device

For reference, assuming the power consumption of your device is 30W, working time will be 240Wh*0.9/30W=7.2 hrs (rough calculated).


Q: What accessories come with the Energizer Portable Power Station?

A:Package: PPS240W01 * 1, AC adapter * 1, Car charger * 1, Instruction Manual * 1, Cigarette lighter cable * 1


Q: How does AC / DC abnormal protection behave? And what should we do?

A: During AC / DC abnormal protection, the buzzer will sound 3 times and the screen AC/USB icon will flash.

When the buzzer stops, short press the power button to resume and you can use it again.

Please note: kindly check the power consumption of your device first, the actual power consumption varies from different usages, consult Energizer for the better purchase decision.

Energizer Portable Power Station

Energizer Portable Power Station

Additional information


Product Dimensions

8 x 6.1 x 3.3 inches

Item Weight

8.02 pounds




Item model number



12 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

10 reviews for Energizer Portable Power Station, PD 45W USB-C Fast Charging Solar Generators, 240Wh/75000mAh(110V/200W) Pure Sine Wave Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery for Home Emergency, Christmas Outdoor Camping Power Supply

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    I ordered a different power station, ALTIZURE Portable Power Station, that arrived with the ac outlets dead; I returned it and ordered this one after doing further research on lithium-ion batteries. I decided that I wanted a LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery power station, with its 2000 cycles compared to 500 cycles of regular lithium-ion (longer life span) and the better chemical stability that reduces the chance of the batteries igniting on fire.I have been using this unit for the last 3 weeks, twice weekly to power media players, lighting, charging phones, chargers for other batteries, and fans, of course you are limited to that 200W max and not all of those at the same time; I have been able to get 2-4 hours of work out of it.PROsLiFePo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries,2 AC outlets (Pure Sine Wave),Compact size – imo,CONsBasic status panel (percentage of battery life, dc, and ac usage would be nice),Capacity (240Wh/75000mAh),AC Continuous Power (200W, 400W Max).I would’ve like a 500Wh, 400-500W (800-1000W) continuous power unit, especially with 4 times the life span for the LiFePo4 batteries over regular lithium-ions.Overall I am pleased with this purchase.

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     “Offering 160 watts/hour, support the device less than 150W, it may lack in capacity but still offers as many outlets — three 12V DC output, 2 USB ports, one QC 3.0 USB port, one TPYE C 60W PD output /45W input, and one DC input.Enough about what it does the same, you came for its multi-purpose capability. With an integrated LED flashlight, safety protection for over-temperatures and short-circuits, and the ability to be recharged via solar panels, the Energizer Portable Power Station is the epitome of versatile.From recharging smart devices in the backcountry to powering lights and small appliances in times of emergency, it’s essentially the lighter flashlight you’ve ever seen.Pros: Features a built-in LED flashlight, offers safety protection for short-circuits, over-current, over-power, low-voltage, and over-temperature, comes standard with adapters for any plug-in, able to be recharged via solar panels, and features an easy carrying handleCons: Smaller capacity not ideal for longer trips or larger emergency situations, Energizer P240 Portable Power Station will be better

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    This Energizer portable power station is manufactured in China by Bestek according to the label. Paid $259.99 – sale price with coupon. I think they have licensed the Energizer name. It is not UL listed but seems to be a quality product. The AC charger does have a UL listing, although it gets too hot for me so I don’t use it. Go figure.Lithium Iron Phosphate makes for a stable battery. Does well in temperature extremes compared to common lithium-ion. Handles charging cycles way better and lasts much longer than lithium-ion. Lighter than Lithium-ion. Sounds cooler than Lithium-ion.This model (the 240wh version) produces a pure sine wave. I’ve had no problems or excessive heat from anything I’ve plugged in.Aside from the two 12watt USB ports, the Energizer has an 18watt USB port (the max charge of any iPhone in mid-2020) and a 45watt USB-C port that works both ways. You can use the 45watt USB-C port to charge ANY Apple laptop/device that uses the standard. It may not charge as fast, but you don’t need to lug around an Apple charging brick.Solar – The Energizer has a built in MPPT solar charge controller. (The cheapest MPPT charge controllers on Amazon are about $100) – I purchased a 100 watt solar panel (without a charge controller) and the Energizer detected it immediately and started charging. It only comes with one 12v adapter but the unit has three 12v DC5521 plugs, plus a dedicated DC5521 12v charge port.The Energizer allows pass through charging, which is super handy. You can power a device while the battery is charging. It doesn’t ever seem to get warm unless you turn on the AC plugs, then the fan will come on occasionally. I should note that it smells pretty bad when the fan comes on. You get a pungent marrying of shrimp and toxic chemicals.The light that comes on devices like these is typically a joke, but the light on the Energizer is legit! It is comparable to a shop work light. If you get a flat on a dark desert highway, you’ll be happy you had this handy just for the light. The plastic over the LED’s is frosted so it produces a kind of soft diffused glow.My only complaint is the screen doesn’t provide much info, but it gives you basic cues as to what is happening. Just nothing else beyond that.Capacity – Bought it for running the fridge in my vehicle while camping in the desert, and for charging drone batteries and everything else. Runs my fridge for over 15 hours as it keeps bottled water frozen in the hot desert. From full it can charge at least 6 very empty DJI Mavic Air 2 batteries with power to spare.

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    The LiFePO4 chemistry is important to me for longevity (80% capacity after 2000 cycles vs 500 cycles for Li-Ion). Nice build quality. The faux leather handle packs smaller than a hard plastic one would, so that’s a plus. Fairly lightweight and compact. The 240Wh capacity is a good amount of power without getting into much more expensive models.I use this as my primary solar energy collector, connected to an AIMTOM 60W folding solar panel which fully charges it in about 8 hours of direct sun. Then, I can charge other batteries such as Ryobi 40V, RAVPOWER battery packs, Eneloop AA’s, laptops and cell phones. I can’t charge these devices directly from the sun since the power is inconsistent so the Energizer Power Station acts as a steady power source. It also has a built-in MPPT charge controller which means that it maximizes the efficiency of your solar charging, without any additional devices required. You can literally just buy this and a 20V x 3A (60W) solar panel and have everything you need for off-grid power.This has a maximum continuous output of 200W on AC power and it uses a modified sine wave (not a pure sine wave) which will work fine for most electronics but can damage certain delicate medical devices such as a nebulizer or CPAP which have fine tuned AC motors. It is not ideal to run AC motors on a modified sine wave as it causes them to produce excess heat due to the polarization timing being different. When I need to run a nebulizer or other such device, I turn to my Ryobi 40V batteries with the Ryobi 300W pure sin AC inverter which does the job with a pure sine wave, however Ryobi systems don’t accept solar charging directly unless you custom design something.Overall a great product, I only wish there was a higher capacity version available!

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     “We recently wrapped up a few days along the Oregon Coast, I was able to bring my Energizer P240 portable charging station alone with us.We spent our days on the beach, I loved that we were able to charge my camera, phone & speaker whenever we needed without having to pause everything else.I also have another portable power station of the same capacity, but you can clearly see which one is more portable.Energizer P240 power station was perfect for car camping & all-day beach trips, small enough to fit in our backpack but powerful enough to charge all of our electronics, I’ll definitely be packing it for future travels!”

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    So far I have recharged my Samsung s8+ android cell phone 12 times, and I still have 1 bar showing on this small portable power pack. I did turn my phone off for faster charging 11 times, but this 12th time I left my phone on while charging it I gave it 3 stars because the AC outlets are not working.(my mistake. They ARE WORKING) to get AC voltage YOU PRESS TWICE ON THE POWER BUTTON to activate voltage to AC outlets) . This is a new purchase. If something needs to be posted in the future I will revise my review but now I am HAPPY. Both Amazon and Energizer were swift in response to my issues. Ok. Only one issue remains. You need to monitor it while recharging itself. There is no automatic cut off. So no, my grandsons are to young to stay focused on monitoring its recharge. But for me? I am glad I kept after a working solution. And Amazon? I am returning the unopened replacement one. And Energizer? I appreciate your kind and swift response. Good service is priceless.

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    “It is a very lightweight device, as an emergency, it really played a big role. Even if I was in an emergency, it was not used for a long time after it was fully charged, and it did not affect its normal operation. When it couldn’t support my home lighting, I thought it was running out, but my daughter’s phone was still charging. This is Undervoltage protection. When the power is low, avoid deep and high current discharge, such as 110V voltage output. However, it can support the USB port to output DC power to charge the phone. This design is very good, at least I have a mobile phone to ensure that I can call again for the helpVery suitable for Christmas gifts, practical,my family would love it..”

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    I was looking for a small solar generator to use as power backup for my modem and router for when the power goes out and it certainly meets that power requirement. And, for now, I have been using it mainly to provide some light in rooms that I may be remodeling in and the power is turned off. This unit has a built in lantern on the side that turns on/off with a power button. It is not really bright enough to paint by or do any detail work by, but bright enough to get around in a room to look for things and even do some brad nailing on trim. I purchased two, 3W USB lights and these little guys do give off some decent light. The other thing that I like is that this has 2 AC outlets (most small solar generators have only 1 AC outlet) which I can use to plug in my 9W LED trouble lights for more lighting in the room. I am able to get several hours of work done using these lights before the battery stops. The other thing that I like is that the although the larger 12V outlet is not regulated, it starts at over 13V so I could run a CPAP or other smaller 12V device just about as long as a comparable sized unit with a regulated outlet. This does pass through charging but only thru the 12V outlets. This unit charges at about 55W max and the included AC adapter puts out about that much. This also comes with a 12V cigarette adapter so you can charge it in your car. The product pamphlet says that it can charge up to 55W by solar panel. I use a 60W Rockpals solar panel. I find that it can charge at about 50 – 51W max using the included AC adapter or by solar panel. This has LifeP04 chemistry and I should get at least 1000 charge cycles from it. I won’t be using it everyday so I am believing I can get at least 10 years of service from this. Since the maximum output is 200W, it won’t run any appliances other than maybe a small LCD TV, but it can power most 12V gadgets and recharge just about any electronic device you may have. It is small and light I just really find this little solar generator so handy. I highly recommend this device.

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    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     “The Energizer is built of durable materials. The fireproof material PC-V0 is used as the outer casing to effectively block the flame. The most important thing is the battery is the lithium iron phosphate battery, which is not available on other power stations brands in the market.It can be able to withstand rugged conditions such as hot sun, dust, rain, and snow beside the bumps and grind of life in the outdoors.I am going to tell you about this battery, lithium iron phosphate battery with a balanced power system battery management function has the advantages of high-temperature resistance, strong safety, and stability, and better cycle performance, there is no need to worry about the problem of fire. This is a safer battery and a more rugged design that we have been waiting for for a long time. Will buy another one for parents.Other features to note are the number and type of charging ports available. There are various types, such as standard sockets, USB ports, etc., which can be used at work or campsites. If you are alone, maybe a power outlet might be enough, but for a family, multiple ports might come in handy for a variety of devices and devices”

  10. blank


    I was a bit skeptical about the size of this unit but I was drawn by the Energizer name brand and it’s use of Lithium Iron instead of polymer. Once I had it fully charged, I connected it to my 48 quart ICECO portable refrigerator and did a test run. With the internal temp set at 38F and room temperature of 75F, it provided power at least 10 hours before draining. This is more than sufficient for my need to have the Energizer keep the fridge at the right temp over night while my truck is now powering it. Excellent buy! Now if Energizer would come up with a 500amphr or larger unit =)

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