Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio- Aiworth AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Large LCD Display

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【2020 Upgrade and Powerful Emergency Radio】 This portable emergency radio is more powerful than the best-selling radios on the market.The main upgrade points are most largest LCD screen to show the percentage of battery surplus, bright flashlight ,4 led reading lamps, bottle opener and SOS alarm . This is the most multi-function 6 in 1, practical and cost-effective emergency weather radio in history.You deserve it
【NOAA Weather Alert Radio】 With upgraded DSP Chip,6-inch telescoping antenna a high-performance built in speaker, this weather radio captures a superior signal reception , automatically scan through 7 available weather band channels and locks onto the strongest weather channel to alert you the hazard weathers in your area like hurricanes, tornadoes and sever storms , earns a critical time for you to get full preparation advance. A Best Life Saver radio !
【4 Ways to Power the Weather Radio and 2000mAh Power Bank】 This crank weather radio supports charge by solar, hand crank,Micro USB cable or 3 * AAA batteries (not included), will provide continuous power to the radio and no worry about power off.It also can use as 2000mAh emergency power bank to charge your phone and other electronic products.No matter what emergency situation, the HAND-CRANK will always supply power.
【SOS Alarm and Reading Lamp】 This flashlight radio with SOS alarm and 3W large powerful speaker is great for outdoor enthusiast , it can emit a clear loud emergency call and accompany with SOS signal light which can make you get faster help when you get lost outdoor. You can read stories for children even at camping night by normal light,as well as a must-have for travelling, camping, backpacking and car.
【What You Will Get】Aiworth waterproof emergency radio with a backup power source is very durable and reliable, it’s an essential tool for home use and outdoor activities, it makes your life more safe. Packing included:1*emergency radio, 1*Micro USB cable and instruction. We provide you with professional technical support with 7/24 customer service .

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Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio- Aiworth AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Large LCD Display, Portable Hurricane Survival Radio with LED Flashlight, Reading Lamp, 2000mAh Cell Phone Charger, SOS Alert

11111Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

2020 Newest Weather Alert Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

In a hurricanes season, how to build your hurricane survival kit ?

Just buy an emergency weather alert radio to help you be full prepared before bad weather coming. This NOAA radio is specially designed for emergency needs.

We can’t stop the disaster, but we hope our emergency solar crank radio can accompany you through this difficult period and give you some help when the disaster comes.

NO POWER, NO LIGHT, CANNOT COMMUNICATE WITH OUTSIDE WORLD, and SO ON. How small and helpless we are while we meet nature. Emergency radio with 7 NOAA weather bands ,4 charging ways , 2000mAh power bank, SOS alarm, 1W LED flashlight/ reading lamp would be far more reliable than your cellphone in that situation.

Aiworth Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio Features:

●2000 mAh USB mobile phone charger for both Lighting and Android devices.

●4 Ways to keep the radio be powered on and no worry about battery dead.

●7 NOAA channels to get latest weather and hazard information.

●NOAA Weather Alert to inform you at the first time when bad weather comes.

●Built-in hidden retractable antenna to enhance the signal, no longer worry aboutbad signals and missing news.

●1W LED Flashlight is seriously bright- 100 lumen;

●SOS Alarm with flashing light always ready when losing or meet any dangerous.

●AUX music player to let you relaxed and enjoy your time.

●Super LCD Screen & Bottle Opener& Headphone Jack

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio Specifications:

AM: 520-1710KHz
FM: 87.5-108 MHz
WB: 162.40-162.55 MHZ
Waterproof Level: IPX-3
Battery: 2000mAh / 3.7VLi-ion
Dimension: 159* 47 * 81mm
Weight: 380g

4 Charging Methods, Safety Forever

USB Charging: Connect the radio to a power source like a wall charger and fully charge the radio just about 4 hours
Hand Crank: Turning the handle to start the generator, spin the handle for 1 minute at the speed of 130 RPM, it can be used for 5 minutes of radio play and 30 minutes of flashlight
Solar Charging: Expose the solar panel in clear sunlight to let it charges as efficiently as possible
3AAA Dry Batteries (not included): AAA Batteries ensure you have power when not able to regenerate power

Product Features

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

2000 mAh Power Bank

2000 mAh high capacity power bank enough to provide one charge to an iPhone 11 or at least one to a Galaxy S7.

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

Ideal for Outdoor Activities

This solar crank radio with bottle opener can easily open a bottle for drinking , what a pleasant thing when you are chatting with your friends while listening to music in outdoor.

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

LED Reading Lamp /Flashlight

1W bright LED flashlight will always light up your room or other place and no longer have to worry about power outage. Enjoy your time with your family in a romantic evening.


Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio Large Digital LCD Screen

This weather alert radio has large LCD screen which display the remaining electricity, volume, channel information.

When the radio is on, turn to the weather band “WB”, once receives bad weather/disaster information, “alert” will flash on the screen and the unit alarms, prepare for hazard weather.


SOS Alarm Function

The built-in SOS alarm can be used to seek for emergency help, so that you can get faster help when you get lost outdoors or encounter emergencies.

Press the SOS button in the upper right corner to emit a loud siren and flashing high beam lights.Press the SOS button again to turn it off.


AUX Music Player

This portable crank radio has a 3.5mm earphone jack to listen to radio , you can enjoy your leisure time.

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio Package Content

1 x WSS101 Weather Radio

1 x User Manual

1 x USB Charging Cable



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10 reviews for Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio- Aiworth AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Large LCD Display

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    I mostly use this for kids’ toy and camping but I do keep it set to weather alert for emergency as well. I has something similar as a kid and found the dymo/wind to charge magical somehow. My other is an analog dial and difficult to pick up stations, especially AM, digital here is much much better on FM. AM is still a little lacking but proper tuning requires a decent AM loop antenna. The crank is easier to use than the other as well. I’ve set the flashlight, which is adequate, to stay on and will set in the window to see how the solar charging works but otherwise all seems okay so far.

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    Jenn Butterfield

    We have been trying to build up our family emergency box…My husband suggested that we get an emergency radio to put in there and we can also use it for when we are backpacking, since we are planning on a trip next spring where we will be off the grid for a week.😃😃 I found this one on Amazon and it has all of the bells and whistles….exactly what we were looking for! HOORAY!!! Not only is the radio charged by solar energy…there is a hand crank that you can use to crank battery power. The radio can also be charged using a USB cable or by installing AAA batteries…. Lots of different options! Not only is this an emergency radio, but it also has a flashlight, a reading lamp (which also doubles as an emergency light, since you can use it in flashing mode) and a compass. The best feature is that this is also a power bank, so I can charge my phone in a case of an emergency with this. U can’t ask 4 better than that!!! This will be perfect for us to take with us backpacking or camping. Great product, essential for emergencies and backpacking. Definitely recommend this for every household!

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    Amazon Customer

    I wanted something to keep in my motorhome for emergencies. I already had a Midland er210, which is a reliable emergency radio, but the sound quality is so bad it becomes an irritation after a minute or 2. This radio matches the er210 in every respect but the sound quality is, well, good. Surprisingly so for such a small radio, the same size as the er210. The solar panel will generate power quite well. The crank is easy to turn. Yg he light is more of a reading/area light; the er210 provides spot. I do notice that when the radios are plugged in, reception on the er210 does not change but on the Aiworth reception is severely affected and one has to move the antenna to an upright position to get it away from the body of the radio. Reception is excellent on both radios.

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    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Have had this for a couple weeks now, and I’ve been testing it against my other gear. It’s going strong. Check out my video review for more information where you’ll see it compared side-by-side with the Eton Microlink FR160, which I have a few of. A couple pros and cons for the folks that don’t want to click into the video.Pros:- Fairly compact size- Digital tuner (no more annoying analog tuner that is hard to focus)- Workable flashlight- Accepts regular batteries- Has a replaceable built-in batteryCons:- Not as compact as analog or battery only (non-solar, non-crank) radios- Has a bottle-opener which maybe could’ve been something else (I guess this is not a con for the camper)- Replacing the built-in battery could be easier.

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     When you live in tornado or ice storm alley, it’s always wise to have access to weather updates. This radio ensures such access only with a modern twist. It’s chargeable 3 ways via hand crank, solar power, or USB. As for broadcast info, it picks up AM, FM, or worldwide satellite channels. As you can hear in my video, the sound quality is pretty good. It has an old school telescoping antenna, so it picks up radio waves directly through the air. There’s also a port through which you can connect headphones. Another cool feature — it can charge a cell phone, which is very necessary in an emergency. It also has an LED flashlight that is powered on by the yellow button on the top. It has a steady or flashing light.The radio case is made of a heavyweight, ruggedized PVC plastic. The body is definitely weatherproof. It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge the radio, and it will run for up to 22 hours. The radio has a corner hook and a bottle opener too. It’s great for home or camping. It’s compact too!

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    Richard Thomas

    This weather radio is thoughtfully designed and easy to use. It has three radio bands: AM, FM, and Weather. Move from one band to the other and search channels at the push of a button. The led flashlight is bright. It has the ability to charge a cell phone – really handy in case of an emergency when there is no electricity. There are multiple ways to charge the lithium battery (crank, solar, or USB; all three work well), or use three AAA batteries with easy installation. Listen via speakers or ear phone. It’s a handy device to take along when traveling or to a place of shelter when storm warnings are broadcast.

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    This a amazing radio comes with a lithium rechargeable battery inside. Place it under sunlight the solar panel automatically charges(the red battery LED will light up when it’s charging). You can even put AAA batteries in it. In emergency case, you can even charge with the cranks at back. The radio supports AM/FM/SW band, press and hold volume+ can search channel. It comes with a high illuminated flashlight. Definitely a good companion when you are in the forest!

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    J. Yoon

    Small size and very good sound for FM radio. Clear sound for 1 NOAA weather channel in my area, and a couple of AM channels for public radio in my area. Digital tuner has good pickup. Very bright light. I like having emergency devices that I can also use everyday, so I won’t forget about it when an emergency strikes. For emergency, the hand crank, solar charger, and AAA batteries are good options. Hand crank dynamo is also good for charging small devices in an emergency with the USB micro plug 5v output. May need to crank for 30 min at 60 rpm to get 15 min talk time, but it’s still good to have in an emergency. If you are cranking for a long time, you would want to lock it down somewhere so you don’t need to hold it with your other hand. Makes it a lot easier to crank.

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     My last outdoor radio with light died after over 10 years of age. I am glad I found a similar one with more features.It looks tough, feels touch, for outdoor use. I will use it outdoor but not in the wild, I listen to radio while working on my yard.Even without the extensible antenna, the sound is sharp and can be very loud. Radio navigation is easy, in addition to FM and AM there is a WB mode which I tried but still have no idea what it is for.It can be a flash light which is very bright at night, it can pickup weather warning and also alert sound in SOS mode, in case you need it in the wild, you may need this one, too: it is also a can opener.You have a phone to be charged, it is also a power bank.Here are what I like it the most:You have multiple ways to charge this gadget so it will never easily run out of juice:1. Battery2. Hand cranking3. USB charge4. SolarWhen I am using it at the yard, the battery does not seem to drain after long use (to listen to the radio), I guess the solar energy balanced out the power consumption.Here are what I want but missing:1. Remember radio stations (I did not read the user manual, it might be possible)2. A clock. It will be handy.You should get one, I recommend it.

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    B. Douglas

    I’ve been interested in getting an emergency weather radio for a while, but just never pulled the trigger. When I saw all the extra features of this one, I decided now was the time. It had to have a hand crank to power it when the power is out and batteries are in short supply, and this one has that. Flashlight is a plus, and especially the ability to top off your phone charge. The solar panel charging is an even better feature. I don’t really foresee the bottle opener being something I would use much, but it’s nice to have I guess. I like the fact that there is a ‘hanger’ of sorts built in so you can hang it from a belt or backpack if you’re hiking or something. The weather band picks up several transmitters around the area I live and work in, so I have faith it will work just about anywhere. I set the radio on my office window sill and let it play at low volume for half the day and all night. I came back the next day and it was still playing just as I left it with a couple bars still left on the battery. Thought that was pretty impressive. Overall, very happy with this purchase.

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