Electricity Saving Box Power Energy Saver By Amebay, Energy Power Saver 28KW AC90-250v

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1. SAVING ENERGY : The Amebay electronic saving box will Provide stable voltage and balance the current, prevent voltage instability, let electricity stable equilibrium and achieve power-saving effect, and improve the use of electrical appliances power, avoid the waste of electricity invalid ,thus extend the service life of the electrical product.
2. SAFE AND RELIABLE: The power saver device will release the electricity which it stored by using a system of capacitors in a smoother way to normal without the spikes when it works under the rated load, the external shell adopts advanced fire-proof and explosion-proof material, and internal leakage protection measures make it safe and reliable.
3. EASY TO USE: You just plug the Amebay electricity energy saver into a power socket and the color of indicator light will turn to green, then starts to work by keeping the device connected; it will reduce your power consumption and save between 20% and 35% of electricity. The power-saving effect of energy power saver will be shown in a month.
4. THE RANGE OF APPLICATION: We can see the merit that it is Suitable for air conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, TV, water pump, acoustics, fluorescent lamp, etc¡­ And the power factor saver can prevent electrical overheating when it operates normally with the rated load; this is truly a great advantage. But there are no electricity saving benefits for heating appliances, such as electric stoves, electronic cookers, etc…
5. QUALITY AND AFTER-SERVICE: The Amebay saving energy device has brand logo with high quality. And we will be tracking customer’s product experience in time, and make an efficient and quick after-service for you.

Brand Amebay



Electricity Saving Box Power Energy Saver By Amebay


1.Stable voltage and balance the current, avoid the waste of electricity invalid.

2.Internal leakage protection measures make it safe and reliable; extend the service life of the electrical product.

3.Easy to use, reduce your power consumption and save between 20% and 35% of electricity.

4.Smart, sleek design with LED lights to indicate operation.

5.Efficient and quick after-service.

6.No need for maintenance, no need to pay attention.



Rated voltage: 90V-250V

Rated frequency: 50HZ-60HZ

Useful load: 28000W

Testing number: Wt056000165

Adapter plug: US


Illustration for using

1.plug the power factor saver into any socket at home, and assure it is plugged in; the indication lamp has to be lighted up.

2.Simple and easy operation, just plug in. According to the number of home appliances you have, use one or more power factor saver.



Much Stable – Optimization is conducted on Circuit Board, totally according to the international standard.

Much Safe – Grounded electricity leakage protection, advanced imported fireproof and blast proof material.

Much Efficient.



1. When using, plug it into any socket, no need for maintenance, no need to pay attention.

2. After using, don’t take off often. Avoid influencing the result of saving electricity.

3. Don’t let the kids touch it. Assure their safety.

4. Please don’t open or repair it by yourself.


Package Include:

1 x Electricity Saving Box

1 x User Manual

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10 reviews for Electricity Saving Box Power Energy Saver By Amebay, Energy Power Saver 28KW AC90-250v

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    Easy tu use just connect and save

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    Tracy A. Clough

    Just plugged in and in a half of a month it lowered my electric bill 20 dollars. I ordered 2 one for upstairs and one for downstairs.

    1 product
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    Noted after a day of being proud to Plug It In within 5 min of delivery right next to the circuit breaker box 5 ft from the meter. Then because I have somewhat a background understanding electrical theory I started to laugh and thought well that’s science and hopefully we learn from our mistakes. A building that has 220VAC coming into it (Like for your all your power hungry items) usually splits the 220VAC into 2 separate 180 degrees out of phase circuits @ 110VAC that is “Usually” distributed throughout a building. SO IF YA WANT 100% FILTERING GET 2, HAVE ONE ON EACH SIDE OF THE SPLIT 220VAC TO 110VAC SIDES. Try not to hurt yourself if you do not understand, ask around for someone knowledgeable to help you figure out your electrical needs.

    1 product
  4. blank

    Erick firtion

    Por lo menos no ha explotado pero de ahorro no se

    1 product
  5. blank


    This think is amazing, I save 45% on my electric billI’m planning to order two more .

    1 product
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    James Atkins

    After review of home power invoicing, for five months, I can attest that this product does reduce costs of electricity.Well over 25% savings averaged per month in electrical costs in SW Florida climate.

    1 product
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    I bought this product for my mom who was concerned with her energy consumption. It operates as a out of sight out of mind type device. While I do not notice a difference, she believes it is helping with the energy currents. This product arrived in a well protected box with easy to read instructions.

    1 product
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    Martina Poole JDP

    I bought this because I was getting clobbered with my electric bill. My last bill was $200 or $6.00 a day. I wrote down my meter reading, then plugged the power saver in my bathroom because it is closest to my electric meter. I decided to wait 24 hours and check my meter reading again.The next day I checked my meter and I had used 62 watts. My state charges $.20. I did the math and that day cost me $1.24.The next day was even better with a use of 39 watts. That day cost $.78.I am going to keep monitoring each day, but so far I am happy. To go from $6.00 a day to around a $1.00 a day!!Plus my house is cooler then it has ever been. My a/c is working awesome now.This thing does work.Update…. I used this about 1/2 of a billing cycle. My previous bill was $200.00 exactly. My next bill using this 1/2 of the cycle was $165. Something. But the fact is half a month and I went from $200. $165. That is amazing to me.Plus I used th struggle to keep my trailer cool. Now I am turning down my a/c!! I am liking this so far!!*****UPDATE*****I have added new screen shots from my electric bill that shows my savings. This is way down from last year. I love this little box. The Power co. Does not get me anymore. Plus, I did not change a thing.You have to get one!!

    1 product
  9. blank

    Amelia D Ray

    I have 6 installed and my power bill dropped to 1/2 of same power bill 1 year ago!! we used 1/2 of the kilowatt hours for same period!!We are currently consuming between .45 and .30 kilowatt hours per day!! that’s less than one kilowatt hour per dayand i read my meter daily at same time..now you cant buy them anymore..wonder what happened?

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  10. blank


    Have no dislikes but hadn’t shown no difference

    1 product
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