Electricity Energy Saver, 300KW Energy Power Saver Plug in Electric Saving Box Electric Bill Killer

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Provide stable voltage and balance current, avoid the waste of electricity invalid, save electric power resources up to 40%.
The energy saving box can prevent current convex wave, protect your electrical equipment, extend the service life of the electrical product.
This product do not consume current, not increase the burden of electricity; can be used for 24 hours, 365 days and all weather conditions.
The external shell adopts advanced fire-proof and explosion-proof material, and internal leakage protection measures make it safe and reliable.
Suitable for air conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, television, pumps, audio, fluorescent, lamp and other products.

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Brand Chnee




Material: Metal

Working Voltage: 90-250V

Working Frequency: 50-60Hz

Effective Range: 300KW

Energy Saving: 20-40%

Product Size: 90x45x30mm/ 3.5×1.8×1.2″

Package Weight: 220g



Package Included:

1 X Energy Saver Device

1 X Power Cable

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10 reviews for Electricity Energy Saver, 300KW Energy Power Saver Plug in Electric Saving Box Electric Bill Killer

  1. blank

    Steve Renfrow

    Since my last electric bill was $375 I figure this is worth a try!

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  2. blank

    B. Unzicker

    Bought 3 of these and put one on each of our three floors. Installed 2 months ago. Electric bill went down from $450/mo to $360/mo for the past two months.

    1 product
  3. blank

    julio sanchez

    Nose pero mi recibo de luz si bajo muchos dicen que no funcionan pero mi recibo si bajo ya tengo 3

    1 product
  4. blank

    Connie Ratcliffe

    Inexpensive but saved money on electric bill

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  5. blank

    Tim S

    It does help in saving you on your electric bill!!!

    1 product
  6. blank

    Gary Osborne

    Too early to tell.

    1 product
  7. blank

    Oscar. Lopez g

    Es útil en el ahorro

    1 product
  8. blank


    I’m not sure about the savings part yet, but it does keep the circuit breaker from kicking off incessantly when 3 things ran at once. I’m sold, I’m buying another one for the other electrical branch of my house. It must be some sort of condenser that releases energy when a spike occurs. Plus it only takes one plug in away.

    1 product
  9. blank

    elaine carlisle

    Product is used with a window air conditioning unit. As soon as it was plugged in, the air conditioning unit seemed to run smoother and with more cool air. Electric bill is not due for another two weeks. We hope that this energy saver will help lower our bill.

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  10. blank

    James Evans

    I installed three units.One closest to breaker boxOne furtherest away from boxOne in kitchen

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