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EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station EFDELTA Generator

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【6x 1800W AC OUTLETS & 1260Wh CAPACITY】Equipped with large invertor load, which can power most home appliances and heavy duty DIY tools under 1800W (3300W Surge, PURE SINE WAVE) : like TV, Fridge, Coffee Machine, Microwave Oven, CPAP, Drill and Saw. With 1260Wh capacity, EFDELTA can be truly a backup generator that keeps the lights, fridges running for hours.
【RECHARGE FROM 0% TO 80% WITHIN 1 HOUR】EFDELTA can be recharged from 0% to 80% in 1 hour and to 100% in 1.6 hours. X-STREAM TECHNOLOGY: ECOFLOW patented X-Stream Technology empowers EFDELTA recharged at 10 times the speed of most portable power stations in the market with just a standard AC cable. (NO HEAVY, BULKY ADAPTOR or BRICK).
【FASTEST RECHARGE BY SOLAR AND CAR】EFDELTA MPPT Controller guarantees faster recharge rate of solar and the wider compatibility with EcoFlow solar panel: Open Circuit voltage(OCV): 10-65V/ 10A max, 400W Max Input. (MC4 to XT60 Solar Cable Included). SOLAR RECHARGE TIME: EFDELTA can be fully recharged by solar panel in about 4 Hours . CAR RECHARGE TIME: it can be fully charged through a 12/24V car port in 10-12 HOURS.
【POWER 13 DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY】EFDELTA fits with every port you’ll ever need to power any devices anywhere, so you will feel always right at home. For example, EFDELTA can power following 13 devices simultaneously: 6x AC OUTLETS: Fridge, TV, Light, Fry Pan, Blender and Coffee Machine; 2x 60W USB-C: MacBook Pro and Nintendo Switch; 4x USB-A (2 normal+2 fast charge): Smart Phones, Speaker and Tablets; 1x 13.6V CAR PORT: Car Fridge or Vacuum Cleaner.
【24 MONTHS WARRANTY】ECOFLOW offers friendly customer service and 24 months product warranty. WHAT YOU GET: 1 EFDELTA 1260Wh portable power station, 3 types of charging cable (1*AC plug, 1*Car Charge Cable, 1*MC4 to XT60 Solar Panel Cable), 1*EFDELTA Bag , 1*User Guide.




EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station EFDELTA, UPS Power Supply 1260Wh Battery Pack with 6 1800W (3300W Surge) AC Outlets, Solar Battery Generator for Outdoor Camping RV

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station EFDELTA Generator

EFDELTA Portable Solar Generator

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station EFDELTA Generator

EFDELTA Backup Power Station

Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there with the EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station. It is a landmark of both design and function, bringing you the most power, the fastest recharge, and peace-of-mind in any situation with no gas, no noise and no fumes.

1260Wh Capacity & 1800W Pure Sine wave AC Power Surge to 3300W.

• Recharge from 0-80% in 1 hour & Universal Solar Input up to 400W

EFDELTA Backup Power Station

More Protection EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station EFDELTA Generator

  • 1. Overload Protection
  • When the input current continuously exceeds 20A during a charge, the overload Protection Switch button will automatically pop out.
  • 2. High/Low Temperature Protection
  • If EFDELTA’s battery temperature is higher than 45°C / lower than -20°C, all the input and output functions will stop and the fan will start working. Once the battery back to normal working temperature, EFDELTA will automatically resume operating.
  • Note:
  • AC Powered Device:For power saving, when the power consumption is less than 20W, the EFDELTA AC power will be automatically turned off in 12 hours. The rated power of your device is between 1800W to 2000W, it can be powered for 3mins then shut off.

Recharge EFDELTA From 0 to 80% In 1 hourRecharge EFDELTA From 0 to 80% In 1 hour

  • In the past two years we’ve dedicated our time and energy into creating the X-Stream Recharge Technology, which provides the fastest recharge rate (up to 1200W) on the market, EFDELTA can be fully recharged within 2 hours by any wall outlet or gasoline generator.




1260Wh Capacity With 1800W AC Power1260Wh Capacity With 1800W AC Power

  • Equipped with 110V /1800W, 3000W surge AC outlets generating pure sine wave output to power wide range of devices and tools, anytime and anywhere (like: computers, heavy duty power tool, coffee machine, hairdryer, microwave and CPAP machines etc. ) and protecting them from undesired.




Compatible With Any Solar Input Up To 400WCompatible With Any Solar Input Up To 400W

  • EFDELTA is compatible with any solar panels on the market. In perfect sunlight and with 400W solar input,
  • EFDELTA can be fully recharged in just 4hours and accepts DC input of 10-65V. For connection of one panel or the serial and parallel connection of up to three or six panels, please refer to the instructions.



13 Devices Powered Simultaneously13 Devices Powered Simultaneously

  • 6x AC Outlet, 4x USB-A, 2x USB-C and 1x 12V car port
  • EFDELTA can power up to 13 devices simultaneously and it can be recharged by Car, solar panels, or any AC outlet at the same time.
  • 1 EFDELTA 1260Wh portable power station, 3 types of charging cable (1*AC plug, 1*Car Charge Cable, 1*MC4 to XT60 Solar Panel Cable), 1*EFDELTA Bag , 1*User Guide.


LCD Display Screen

LCD Display ScreenLCD Display Screen

The EFDELTA features a LCD screen with charge/discharge rate, temperature, battery status, provide power readings to protect your devices from overloading.

  • Operation Environment
  • Charge: 32-113°F (0-45°C)
  • Discharge: -4-113°F (-20-45°C)
  • Humidness: 10%~90%
  • Weight: 30.9lbs
  • Dimension: 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6in

EFDELTA 1800W Solar Generator

Recharge 0 to 80% Within One Hour

EFDELTA packs a massive 1260Wh of energy storage capacity. Finally a battery that an truly be a home generator. Stay powered for hours and hours with a wide range of devices and tools, anytime and anywhere. With an output of 1800W (3300W surge), EFDELTA meets any standard of any wall outlets so you’ll always feel right at home. Charge your laptop,TV, microwave, coofee maker and fridge at once.

  • EFDELTA Specifications
  • Capacity: 1260Wh (350Ah, 3.7V)
  • AC Charge Input: 100-120V, (1200W max.)
  • Solar Input:10-65V, 10A (400W max)
  • AC Output: 1800W (3300W Peak, Pure Sine Wave)
  • USB-C*2: 60W (5V,9V,12V,15V,20V,3A)
  • Fast-Charge*2: 28W (5V,9V,12V, 2.4A)
  • Car Port : (13.6V, 8A max.) + USB-A*2: 12W (5V, 2.4A)

EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station EFDELTA Generator


Q1: What devices can EFDELTA power?

A: The 6 pure sine wave AC output socket on EFDELTA can power any tools and devices less than 1800 Watts (Surge to 3300W).

Q2: Can charge and discharge at the same time? What is the noice level of EFDELTA?

A: Yes. The Noice Level will be less than 50DB ( 2-meter distance ).

Q3: How to choose the solar panel and what is the charge time?

A: Equipped with EF ECOFLOW MPPT controller, EFDELTA is compatible with any solar panel ( MC4 Port ONLY) as below:

Open Circuit voltage(OCV): 10-65V/ 10A, 400W Max. ( MC4 to XT60 Connector Included )

Charge time: Depends on the input power of the solar panel (the strength of the direct sunshine, realistic data varies from different temperature, angles, weather etc.)

Q4: What is the charging time when EFDELTA is charged by a car port cable?

EFDELTA can be fully charged though a 12/24V DC 10A Max. car charger port in 10-12 hours.

Additional information




Output Wattage

3300 Watts

Product Dimensions

10 reviews for EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station EFDELTA Generator

  1. blank

    Amazon Customer

    So far I’m lovin’ it.

  2. blank

    John E. Keim

    I bought this unit for two reasons: 1. Power for a remote toolshed for lighting and powering tools. 2. As a backup power source in case of outages.For #1 drills, sawz-all, shop-vac and lights work just fine. Large circular saw did not and I knew that would be iffy. Just keep in mind the watt hour limit of the battery. Nice readouts for power consumption. Do the math and you have a pretty good idea of how long it will last.For #2 haven’t tried the fridge in kitchen but the dorm style fridge works just fine. Definitely enough to power a cale modem and router. Even during Superstorm Sandy there was no power but cable was working. Go figure. It isn’t enough to power a house or large appliances but other creature comforts are covered. At least there are options.The unit is heavy but that was expected. Remarkably compact too. No surprises there. An additional feature that maybe i missed is a cover for the unit. It looks like its water resistant or proof. I guess so it can be left out doors. Not sure I’d do that. Plpus there are slots to handle the grounding prong on three prong plugs.The three methods of charging are great. I tried the wall outlet and soalr panel. Haven’t tried the cr lighter option yet.May seem expensive but its like insurance. When you need it you’ll be glad to have it.

  3. blank


    This product far exceeds the expectations one would have regarding a portable power supply long lasting and short charging times make this a winner

  4. blank

    Tools. Electro. DIY

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I’m using two 100w flexible solar panel with it and at a cloudy day it takes in about 120w and max out at 180w of power!!! It is astonishing that it can also run my table saw and miter saw with 1800w output! What a monster! This is by far the most powerful power bank I own.I plan to mount those panels on my roof so I can use the power bank in my office. Please click helpful if you find my review useful. Thanks!

  5. blank


    Do your research on youtube.. most everything published is spot on. The only things I saw where people had a problem was covered in the manual or faq. The unit has more safeties on it and it keeps you from making mistakes. Sometimes this was reviewed as a flaw … and it truly wasnt in my opinion. Example.. It actually does easily charge from zero to full in about an hour and half. What it does not do is immediately after you do a heavy discharge charge back this quickly. This is a protection circuit kicking in and throttling back the charge rate to half.. in order not to overheat the unit. It gradually increases as the unit cools. Even so.. it charges faster than anything I have ever seen. One thing pointed out and I agree is the stated capacity is actually about 1000 vs what is advertised. HOWEVER, if push came to shove, the battery is probably exactly as advertised. What I am referring to is what I can actually get out of it. I am a picky anal geek that is seldom satisfied. This fits the niche of if you want to wait till the last minute for a weekend get away, throw the charger on house charge whild you are packing and gasing up.. it will be 100% ready to go. NO looking for inverter.. no looking for cables.. no looking for extra fuses.. etc etc. Grab it and go and plug in.. If I were younger I woud try and sell the things.. Hope this helps. I hate putting crap reviews or reviews that are “paid for” by the manufacturer etc and then being disappointed. I certainly am please..

  6. blank

    don r.hieronimus

    Money well spent

  7. blank

    Jonn Coleman

    It does everything as advised, charges off my one panel (270 Watt, 24 volt Renergy) in about 3 hours in full sun. It will also power all my garage power tools and will run my huge fridge for 15 hours. Tested it. Will pack it for my Army field TDY’s.

  8. blank

    EB Green

    I was looking for a portable battery that could handle 15A power tools so I could use a lawn vacuum and pressure washer in places that were too far away from an electrical outlet. I was getting frustrated having to unwind and wind increasingly longer extension cords and make sure they didn’t fall into the pool. I also wanted to have something I could hook up to a solar panel and keep as an emergency backup power source. I looked into a couple of options like Ego Nexus (no solar input) and Goal Zero (never in stock). I saw that the Ecoflow had good reviews and bought it.It took almost a month to get to me due to the shipping company losing it. Customer support was great, though, and they of a replacement unit. They were very friendly. I’ve only had the unit for a couple weeks, but it’s done everything I’ve asked of it. It runs all my high amp power tools, even the 15A ones. I hooked it up to a 110w solar panel, and now I’m charging all my battery powered garden tools like my lawnmower, string trimmer, blower, and hedge trimmer off grid!The packaging was excellent, and it comes with all the cords you will need, including a car charger and a solar connector. While not light, the handles provide for a sturdy grip so you can carry it anywhere. The display easily tells you time remaining to charge, input, output, and charge level. I do wish that all the AC and DC outlets were on the same side of the unit, but that’s minor.Overall it’s an excellent battery at an attractive price.

  9. blank

    Scot Breithaupt Jr

    Recently picked up the Delta and was super skeptical about it because of its bold claims, long warranty, and the price tag being over $1,000. I can say over the past few weeks of using this Power Station, it was totally worth the cost. Here have been my use cases and how the Station has done. Btw, as I’m typing this review, my video editing desktop setup is plugged into the Delta, running at full speed ;)Also before I talk about the use and functionality of this Power Station, can we talk about the boxing?! EF ECOFLOW really impressed me with the boxing of this product. When you receive it, it looks exactly how Apple would box their products. Once you get the box open, there’s more than enough custom molded foam to keep the Power Station, its instructions, and accessories all safe. Look for this in my video review coming soon 😉Now onto using the Power Station!A full campsite Power Source, enabling Glamping at its finest. The main reason why I’ve gotten into these portable power stations is that during Coachella last year, someone in our group had brought a smaller unit and used it to blow up our mattresses, charge our phones, and camera batteries, and it worked the entire weekend. It did recharge during the day with a solar panel, and I was damn impressed. I tried these smaller units myself, but I guess I’m a bit more glampy with my needs.Test #1 – Setting up a full campsite in my bedroom to get an idea for what my campsite will look like once we’re all able to get outdoors and go camping again (damn you COVID19). This Station effortlessly powered some Edison bulbs, a projector, two MacBook Pros, air pump, two smartphones, Sony a7iii battery charger, 42” 4K TV, and an Nvidia Shield. This was after using the Power Station for some photo lights I used to light the room extra bright (to really stress test this unit) while setting everything up.This Power Station powered everything flawlessly! We had it hooked up to most the items listed above all night long, and when we woke up, still had enough juice to fire up my hot water kettle and make a French Press full of coffee. I would say Test #1 was a huge success.Test #2 – Working on photo/video projects anywhere I want. I’ve always had the dream of #vanlife, but I’ve never pulled the trigger. So, in a way to emulate it, I’ve always wanted to setup my editing desk in a scenic spot, looking over an ocean, lake, or some mountains. With the Delta, I had to give this a go. As you’ll see in my video, the location was stunning, the weather beautiful, and my entire editing setup was being powered by a battery! This was just a dream, and the Delta enabled me to make it happen. I worked outside for about three hours, then packed up and headed home. The Delta had only used about 20% of its charge.Test #3 – Recharging from the wall outlet and a solar panel. This unit can indeed go from a few % charge to 80% in an hour when plugging into the wall. When I first plugged it in, I thought it was going to take hours. Fast forward 30 minutes, and this thing had steam rolled through the 40% mark and was damn near 50%. It took just about an hour twenty to full recharge this station.Solar Panel recharging time. I have a 60w solar panel from another brand and seeing that with an adapter (not included) I was able to run it, I did. The panel is supposed to be able to charge at 60W, but in reality it gets closer to 25-30W. Because of this, even after a full morning and afternoon, I was not able to get to a full charge, but it was exciting to see that I could recharge from solar at all, especially with a different branded panel. If you’re going to go this route, get a significantly bigger panel, or just concede that solar will just stretch your charge out.After all this praise, I think its important that I touch on the negative pieces of this unit. Two things come to mind. One is the weight, but it’s kind of expected when you can carry around this much juice in a well-constructed unit. For me it’s totally fine, but for my girlfriend who is smaller, it’s tough for her to move around.The other item is the fan sound. This Power Station does have some pretty aggressive cooling fans that kick on under heavy load or when charging. With the amount of electricity pumping in and out of this station, I kind of understand it, but I’m sure some clever engineer could solve this problem, maybe install larger slower moving fans?All in all, this is a very happy purchase, and I’m excited to get my test video live later this week!

  10. blank

    John DePaemelaere

    I ran a line from the ECOFLOW 1300 to my RV Refrigerator/Freezer. I took off the external Refrigerator/Freezer cover. At the stud where the AC power outlet is, I drilled a hole in the stud. I used an extension cord with 14 gauge wire. I cut off the male end and pushed the wire into the hole. Now there is the female end of the cord just under the AC outlet. I just unplug the Refrigerator/Freezer from the AC outlet and plug into the female end of the cord. The exit location is in the cabinet under the oven. Your location may vary. I purchased a male 120 inlet and mounted it under the refrigerator. I could then run a cord from the ECOFLOW to the inlet. It will power your unit for about 4 hours before depleting the batteries. I recently made a 9 hour trip using this device. After disconnecting from shore power, I turned off the Refrigerator/Freezer. I then travelled for 1.5 hours. Stopped and turned on the Refrigerator/Freezer for 1.5 hours. I alternated in this pattern for the whole trip. When I got to my destination, everything in the freezer was frozen and the refrigerator was cold. I also had a 12 V cord plugged into the RV and then into the 12 V inlet of the Eco/Flow. This allows your 12 V system to recharge/maintain the EcoFlow while the it is providing AC, although it is very slow, it does help a little.

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