Eemax EEM24018 Electric Tankless Water Heater, Blue

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Tankless water heaters provide a continuous Supply of hot water and only heats the water you need, when you need it
Instant, consistent and endless hot water
The most advanced, self-modulating technology available, meaning the unit will adjust how much energy needs to be input based on how much hot water is needed
Compact size saves valuable storage space; Resistant and stylish with digital temperature control in increments of 1°F ranging from 80°F to 140°F
Before purchase and installation, Please verify that this EEM24018 is the correct size for your hot water needs.Rated Pressure: 25psi minimum; 150psi maximum

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Eemax EEM24018 Electric Tankless Water Heater, Blue

Eemax electric tank less water heaters provide endless hot water where you need it and when you need it. This product can be used for any of your residential or commercial water heating needs.

The EEM24018 is a 240 volt, 18 kilowatt unit. It can produce enough hot water for up to 1 shower and 2 sinks simultaneously in colder climates. In warmer climates it can produce enough hot water for up to 4 Showers or sinks simultaneously.

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10 reviews for Eemax EEM24018 Electric Tankless Water Heater, Blue

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    Amazon Customer

    This is the third one of these I have installed in my rental units.Have 2 of them in the home I live in.

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    Brianna Shaw

    After months of research and debating on the best way to replace my aging Water heater I decided to choose the EEM24018. Couple reasons that I chose the 18 instead of going larger. I have an older Electrical system that made it difficult to find 3 or 4 double pole slots. I went with the 18Kw since it only has two heating elements and only requires two double pole breakers rather than 3 or 4. Was skeptical if it would be enough for my house or not but It works great and meets all my needs (Central North Carolina.)I installed the system myself since I’m knowledgeable in home repair. If you don’t feel comfortable dealing with Electric and Plumbing then seek professional help before you buy. Depending on current electric service the Electrical work should cost approximately (150$ Material / +300$ Labor) making this project double the cost to replace a 40gal WH. But if you feel comfortable with the work then you can’t beat the cost difference.My cost$290 – EEM24018$120 – 125′ 8/2 Wire (Up to 60′ distance from WH location to Electrical Panel)$20 – 2 Double Pole 40A Breakers$20 – 2 new 3/4″ WH lines (Not required)Total Cost 450$ – 5 Hours of Labor mostly to run the electric lines.Compared to 400$ and 1 hour of Labor for a 40 Gallon Conventional Water Heater.I have my temp set a 114 and run only Hot water for showers. Plenty of pressure since I have 3/4″ Main trunks. Water takes probably 20 seconds to heat up and another 60 seconds to balance itself.Also I have a well with a water tank set around 50 psi, with my old conventional water heater my water temp would fluctuate any time the Water heater took in water or my water tank tripped the well on. This would happen every couple minutes as I have an old mixing valve for my shower and heard about it weekly from the Mrs. This completley solved that issue.I have nothing negative to say about the EEM24018 and will update with any changes as they happen.

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    I believe this type of water heater is going to be the norm in replacement heaters. It is not a do it yourself project unless you are a plumber and electrician or you have a relative or friend who is! I had to install a sub panel for the 2 , 40 amp breakers. Few house panels have room for 2 double breakers. Works great and I am very happy with this appliance.

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    This has cut $20.00 per month off my bill, I am very pleased with this choice. easy install and my electrician uses my install as a sale pitch.

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    Raleigh R. Conquest

    This is my second tank less water heater. I have been using it for a few months. It is impressive takes a little longer to get stablized but once you have reached it”s activation point it keeps up with the demand. My old unit was never this efficent, two people could shower at the same time but it took planning. This heater works very well no mater how much demand it receives. I am very pleased so far. I especially like the digital temp setting screen. If you cannot have a gas unit because of aviability this heater this one will do a lot better than a tank type, and save you a lot of money, unless your water cost are extreemyy high. You will use a little more water with this one simply because it is not instant, not far from it but not instant. Now the closer you get it to the use area the better you will like it. I have at least 60 foot runs from the heater to the source, for all but one of my 7 high use areas…

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    Nice product. More hot water than you can ever use. Never run out plus just don’t purculate waterall day.. love it, bought 3 now.Could not be easier to install.

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    Ronald F. Smith

    It’s a great unit but I MIS-ordered. Completely my error. I didn’t realize that it needed Two Breakers which doesn’t work for my application.I would like to return but realize it’s been 4 months. The unit has not been used, is there a way that you might make an accommodation? IS there a way it can be returned?

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    Amazon Customer

    I have been enjoying my hot water on demand! Saves me money on electric bills since no longer heating water for a holding tank! Love It!

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    Bethany M Hall

    Love this! My water bill is so much cheaper and I love how I can change the temperature of my water just with the turn of a knob. It is also so much smaller!!

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    William D.

    Installation instructions were easy to follow. Had to upgrade wiring to two double pole 40A breakers with four, 8 gauge wires with ground. Installed two double pole cutoff switches near the heater. Easy to adjust the temp and read the display. 125F gives me a hot shower at the other end of the house, 130F was a little too hot. NE Florida, so inlet temp is generally in the 68-72F range. The heater is located in the laundry and near the kitchen so that short run means faster hot water to the tap. Conversely, the showers and bathrooms are located at the other end of the house so takes a couple of minutes to get up to temp. Future plan is to move this heater to the other end of the house and supply the kitchen and laundry with an under sink tanked. Modern washing machine has self heating so no need to use the tankless as a hot water supply. I would definitely recommend this tankless water heater.

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