ECOTOUCH Electric Tankless Water Heater Point-of-Use Hot Water Heater Digital Display for Energy Efficiency 5.5kW at 240V, White

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【INSTANT & SUFFICIENT HOT WATER】Applied with 5.5KW heating system, the electric water heater supplies instant, consistent and endless hot water of 116℉or higher temp shortly, no waiting for preheat nor terrible temp up & down, perfect companion for sinks. Time to get rid of those “lukewarm” toys.
【SMART SELF ADJUSTMENT】The hot water heater adjusts power input based on flow rate and temp setting in real time. For example, less power will be applied by the system when waterflow reduced, thus you still get ideal temperature instead of scalding hot water, which means comfortable experience. Optimal energy efficiency of 98% saves considerable electric charge.
【CONVENIENT USE】The tankless water heater comes with digital display & touch control panel so temp setting is easy job. Now turn on the tap and let the smart unit do the rest, you needn’t go through hard lesson about temp setting by a mixer tap without any hint. The Black model comes with Remote control, useful for installation under sink.
【SAFE and DURABLE】Applied with multiple protection devices, every piece goes through strict tests to ensure 100% safe. Inner water and electricity lines are designed to run separately so as to avoid leakage or harm of scale build up. Approval by ETL and qualifies for UL, you can expect outstanding performance for years to come.
【POINT of USE】The sleek tankless water heater is compact as an oatmeal box, making it possible to install anywhere close to outlet and avoid energy waste. It can be mounted horizontally, vertically, obliquely, ideal for kitchen, bar, school, hospital, community and hair salon. Please verify it is the right size for you: 5.5kW@240V; dimensions 11″ x 7.5″ x 2.35″; pipes fittings :1/2″ NPT.

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ECOTOUCH Electric Tankless Water Heater

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1 review for ECOTOUCH Electric Tankless Water Heater Point-of-Use Hot Water Heater Digital Display for Energy Efficiency 5.5kW at 240V, White

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    T. Barnard (verified owner)

    I am using this heater for a shop sink. There are some reviews, like usual, that give this product some false information. I will start with the water connections. The connections are 1/2 npt, which is the exact same as found on 1/2 galvanized pipe and your common faucets! Nothing strange or hard to find concerning these! On the hot outlet side there is a restrictor which causes you to possibly have to buy a 1/2 brass coupling and nipple, but there are hoses being sold for these that will work, but they are not as common as the 3/4 water heater hose. One of the top reviewers discussed this already and even posted a picture of how he used the coupling and nipple. The electrical connections could not be any simpler either! White, Black, Green. On most 220 water heaters You have 2 hots and a ground. (There is no neutral on most 220 heaters.) 10/2 wire has black, white, and a naked ground wire. The black and white will be your hots. The naked goes to ground and your green ground wire. Most any half decent diyer can handle this installation with ease! They really could not have made it much simpler to install, but you have to remember when reading any review on anything, there will be several reviewers who blame the product on their own stupidity. If you can’t figure out how to hook this up, then you will not have any better luck with any other heater. You better just get plumber and give up your diy career. I am very satisfied with the heat! I am using it for a sink, but I could also use this for a shower. I know it says it isn’t for showers, but I really think it would work just fine for most people. I do want to mention that right now it is in the 80’s here, so it is possible when it gets colder it probably won’t be as hot as it is now, but for a sink in a shop it will still be better than the ice cold water I had last winter. The unit itself seems very sturdy and well made! It does not look cheap at all, like I thought it might. The wires are copper and it has a nice sturdy feel. It is heavier than I expected, not light weight and fragile like I was worried it could be. I am really impressed with this unit. Looking through reviews and seeing how the company responds to customers also gives me a good feeling! They seem like they really want to stand behind their product, which is becoming rarer and rarer here in the states now days. My conclusion is that this is an easy to install heater. It appears to be very good quality. The customer service appears to be there. It is one of the least expensive heaters out there and with better reviews than the more expensive ones! At present I can not speak for longevity, but from everything I have seen, I excpect to get my money’s worth out of this product!

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