ECO-WORTHY 84Wh Battery Solar Generator Lighting System Kit, Portable Power Station with 18W Solar Panel, 3 LED Lamp for Outdoor Camping

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Price: $55.99

【 26000mAh/84Wh High Capacity Battery 】- Solar Powered Generator, 12 years lifespan, cycle more than 3000 times, storage solar generator power to battery with solar panel and supply power to LED light and mobile phone.
【 Meet Long Continuous Lighting Needs 】- The generator built-in lights of 2 levels, full charged continue lighting up 64 hours. 3 external lamps with individual switch continue lighting up 40 hours. High brightness up to 140Lumens/W, low consumption.
【 Lightweight and Small 】- Portable power station, only 2.1 lbs weight, plug and play. Comes with a handle, easy to carry. Perfect emergency power backup for home and widely applicable to travel, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, expedition for outdoor activities.
【 2 Charging Ways 】- Solar panel charging: 4.2V/18W high-quality solar panel, charging 1 day, lighting up to 2.5 days. USB charging: suits for wall plug, battery, car, etc.(TIPS: When charging, please turn on the blue switch)
【 Our Guarantee 】 -This solar power generator is reliable. We offer 2 Year Warranty and 90-Day FULL REFUND service if our generator kit doesn’t meet your needs! * JUST BUY IT NOW*





84Wh/26000mAh Backup Battery Portable Power Station with 3 LED Lights & USB DC Outlets & Solar Panel for Camping/Fishing/Hunting…


Why choose our solar lighting system?

Solar Panel 4V/18W solar panel with 10 feet(3M) extension cable
Battery Type 84Wh/26000mAh LiFePO4 battery
External lamp 6W *3 LED lamps with individual switch(1 lamp works 40 hrs; 2 lamps work 20 hrs; 3 lamps work 14 hrs)
Built-in lamp 1200 Lumens full brightness 32 hours; 600 lumens half brightness 64 hours
Multi-design USB output(5V/2A)/DC output(3.2V)/ safe and reliable
Compact and portable the generator only weights 2.1lbs. Easy to carry
Complete accessories out of the box. plug and play. home/outdoor use.

Emergency Lighting and Charging


Welcome to the ECO-WORTHY Family.

ECO-WORTHY is a manufacturer of renewable solar energy products built in 2002. It appears for environmental protection, provides recyclable solar energy application products. So far, we have developed solar fountain pumps, solar street lights, and other renewable energy products. And, in order for more people to enjoy new energy, from the customer’s perspective, supply high-quality and cost-effective products.

Solar energy makes life more interesting, when you enjoy the clean environment of solar energy, be a greener, respected by friends and neighbors. Help us grow into a meaningful company. All Happy!

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10 reviews for ECO-WORTHY 84Wh Battery Solar Generator Lighting System Kit, Portable Power Station with 18W Solar Panel, 3 LED Lamp for Outdoor Camping

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    I recently wrote… It has to be plugged into a power source to work, either the solar panel or the USB charger. It does not store power in the battery and I need the lights to work when I don’t have sunlight or electricity, so it is useless. Since then… Lidia from the company contacted me saying something was probably “Loose” and offered to replace the unit. I was able to find the loose connection and it is working perfectly, just in time for my electricity free camping trip! Very fast response from the company, I will definitely buy from this seller again.

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    RVing Mojo’s

    This Lithium 3 light solar unit is better quality then I was expecting for the price.Shipped quickly packaged well. I tried it last night it was already charged and ready to use. The light is awesome almost like daytime inside. I can not beleive what a deal this was. Great must have for boondocking RV’res when off grid. The solar panel is top notch also.

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    Nichole Gates

    We were planning our 1st camping trip with my 5 month old & i needed something small, lightweight, & easy to use. This definitely worked great. It is much lighter than I expected. Setup is super simple & just one of the lights was enough for our huge 8-10 person tent. I was also able to charge my phone as needed to take photos (there was no cell service in the area). Great for small things but I was hoping to use it to plug in the bottle warmer & it doesn’t work for anything that needs heating up. We made do with warming bottles the old fashioned way but still used this product many times over.Also, if the power ever goes out in my home, I now know I dont have to worry about digging around in the dark for flashlights, batteries, or extra candles. Great for peace of mind & always better to be prepared.

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    I bought this both for camping as well as an emergency back up at home if the power goes out. It’s extremely lightweight, I thought the solar panel was going to be a little bigger, but it works great and is very effective charging the generator. So smaller lighter is a plus. The lights work great, very bright!

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    ED L.

    With all the wildfires and rolling blackouts going on in California, I bought this to add onto our an emergency kit. Upon the second day of receiving this item, we lost power at night, thank goodness this was charged, so we were able to use it with the lights provided. Additionally, we were able to charge our phones with it. Overall, this is a great portable power generator, just what was needed in times of a power outage.

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    I love this! We love to go camping, and this helps ease my anxiety about being able to charge my cell phone. It also comes with great lights, so it will be helpful many times. It has a large, high quality solar panel, to recharge the generator. This is a must- have item that works great!

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    Thanks 👍.This is absolutely awesome! I was waiting for the results before I write anything. I sent this to a remote island in the Caribbean, and I was amazed watching videos they sent me on how well it’s working far beyond the posted working hours.The village used it; all the lamps connected, for more than 18 hrs straight.It worked as intended, and I am quite pleased.Thank you for such a great product 💯

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    Blue Sky survival

    I bought thinking it was to good to be true for the price and I was wrong. I tested all 3 lights on with a fully charged battery and they lasted 14+ hours full blast. After that they start dimming and last another 5-6 hours before they completely die. It takes about 2.5 hours to 3 hours to charge it via usb. About 7-9 hours of full sunlight to charge via Solor panel. Depends of the intensity of the sun. For the price range you can’t beat it and recommend this solor charger/ light combo kit.

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    Joseph A.

    Bought for a a light indoorz so I can save on my electric bill. Works somewhat for this purpose.Light (1 lit) lasted me about 24 hourz on first full charge. Solar pannel charges well for unit. Approximately 6/8 hours to full charge. The battery housing is kinda thin and I am worried that it won’t take a big fall without cracking. I DID only use 1 light and not 3 at once.Overall this is an introductory solar set up with a great portable led light on a cord.Happy with it. Serves purpose bought for.

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    Mom of 4

    This is one Awesome, Lightweight, little Power Machine! Charged it by USB before it’s first trip out as we were dispersed tent camping for a week with the possibility of rain. It Never ran out of charge, even with a few cloudy days & 1 solid of rain. The lights are super bright…no more need to lug around that heavy ‘ole propane tank & lantern with it’s always failing mantles! Charged Android & Iphone along with a tablet, each day! We plugged it into the solar panel every day, but it probably didn’t need it, but personally want to keep it fully charged at all times. 😉 It’s been on a few trips with us now so far & working beautifully, will update if anything becomes an issue, but we Definitely recommend if you are looking for a good solar generator!

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