ECO-WORTHY 400W Solar Panel Kit 24V with Battery and Inverter

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Price: $1,215.99

Package Includes: Solar Panels + Charge Controller + Battery + Inverter + Z Mounting Brackets + Connectors + Solar Cable
Easy Installed: each 100W solar panel comes with pre-drilled hole and 2.9ft 12AWG cable
Output Power: This premium solar panel kit daily output generate 1.6kwh per day under 4 hours full sunshine
Widely Use: with 60A LCD controller, suitable for Sealed, GEL, Flooded, Li battery, can expand this kit up to 2160W (24V) or 1080W (12V)
Connection Order: First, connect battery and charge controller. Second, connect solar panel and charge controller




ECO-WORTHY 400W 24V Complete Solar Panel Kit with Battery and Inverter. Off Grid Solar Power System Kit for Home House Shed Farm RV Boat, 24 Volt Battery

ECO-WORTHY 400W Solar Panel Kit 24V with Battery and Inverter

ECO-WORTHY 400W Solar Panel Kit package includesECO-WORTHY 400W Solar Panel Kit package includes
4pcs 100W Solar Panels.
4 set Z Mounting Brackets.
1pc 60A Charge Controller.
1pc 24V-110V 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
1 pair of 16.4ft 12AWG Solar Cable.

2 pcs 100Ah Battery.
1pc 6.56ft 13AWG Tray Cable.
1 pair of 14inch 5AWG Battery Cable.






Rated power: 100W.
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.6V.
Short circuit current (Isc): 6.13A.
Working current (Iop): 5.78A.
Output Tolerance: ±3%.
Size: 39.8*20.1*1.4 inch.
weight: 18.96 Lbs.








How solar panel worksHow solar works

Solar panel generates electricity and trickle flow to battery, the controller fully protect the charging, make it to be safer and more efficient.



ECO-WORTHY 400W 24V Complete Solar Panel Kit with Battery and Inverter Off Grid Power System

ECO-WORTHY 400W Solar Panel Kit charger controller

Automatically manage the working of solar panel and battery in solar system.
Easy to use: Comes with a display that can clearly indicate the status and data, Therefore it can be conveniently switched modes and parameter configuration, suitable for home, industrial, commercial etc.

how to connect 60A LCD Charge Controller60A LCD Charge Controller

Maximum Charging Current: 60A.
Maximum Discharging Current: 60A.
Rated Voltage: 12V/24V.
Standby Current: <10mA.
Environment Temperature: -35℃–75℃.
Charge Off Voltage: 13.8v/27.6v.
Load Off Voltage: 10.5V/21V.
Load On Voltage: 12.5V/25V.
Size: 7.72”*3.23”*1.5”(196*82*38mm).

battery100AH Battery

Normal Voltage: 12V.
Rated Capacity(20hr): 100AH.
Battery Cell Type: Lead Acid.
Battery Dimensions: 326*215*168mm(12.8*8.5*6.6″).






inventer1500W Off Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Output Volt: 100/110/120VAC.
Continuous Power: 1500W.
Efficiency: >90%.







Solar cablesSolar Cables

A: Connect solar panel and charge controller.
B: Connect battery and charge controller.
C: Connect battery and battery.








Z style mounting kit & Y branch MC4 connectorsZ style mounting kit

Z style: simple design, convenient installation.


Additional information


400W with battery and inverter



6 reviews for ECO-WORTHY 400W Solar Panel Kit 24V with Battery and Inverter

  1. blank


    I have a total of 10 panels now because I was so impressed with them after I tested them on a cloudy day. The charge lasted for a day and a half. I like the price tag on these as well. Not too much. Just the right amount.

  2. blank


    I rated a 5 because it sounds good but I haven’t bought this yet, am looking for a system I can use on my RV trailer to run the a/c does anyone know if this would work and how hard is it to install for a non mechanical person???

  3. blank

    Kindle Customer

    I’ve had this system running for a month now. This system was very easy to install for a novice electrician like me. Recommend that anyone get a YouTube education on electrical basics for peace of mind. I am using it to power my barn. Lights, power tools, cell charger, battery tenders etc. Doesnt even touch my capacity on a daily basis. Only critique, the manual with the inverter is impossible to understand. I seems to be a poor translation. Didnt affect the install but cant tell you what the buttons and images on the display mean

  4. blank


    In my locality there is a major problem of load-shedding, much of the time there is no current. I heard about this product by one of my friends. So, when I bought this, I was amazed to see its qualities and performance. Now, when there is no current, I face no more problems. Thank you so much ECO-WORTHY for such a helpful product.

  5. blank

    Kerstin Dyroff

    Originally I had ordered one set but after 3 months I was happy with the results so I got myself another one just last week. These are well built panels and they don’t wobble. Prior to these two I had a set which weren’t as strong as these.

  6. blank

    Eunice Hall

    Like product but don’t by one as yet

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