ECO-WORTHY 1400 Watts 24V Solar Wind Turbine Generator Kit: 1pc 400 Watt Wind Turbine + 10pcs 100W Mono Solar Panel + 1pc Solar Wind Hybrid Controller

Price: $2,567.84

Daily power generation of 6KWH combines with a solar wind hybrid controller keeps 24V battery systems charged or power appliances running
Low start-up speed, high wind power utilization, lightweight, low vibration with 3 blades, auto windward direction adjustment
400W blade wind turbine allows for power generation throughout the night, combined with monocrystalline solar panels for more power per square foot
20A PWM hybrid controller has overload and short circuit protection, and can automatically identify 12v / 24v systems. It can expand 500W solar panels at 12V and 1000W at 24V
Package includes: 1pc 400 Watt Wind Turbine + 10pcs 100W Mono Solar Panel + 1pc 3500W 24V Inverter + 4pcs 100AH Battery + 1pc PWM Controller + 4 pair of Y Branch + 1 pair of 16Ft Solar Connector Cables + 1 pair of Battery Cables




ECO-WORTHY 1400 Watts 24V Solar Wind Turbine Generator Kit


Package included:


  • 10pcs 100W monocrystalline solar panel
  • 1pc 400W wind trubine
  • 1pc 20A hybrid controller
  • 4pcs 100AH battery
  • 1pc 3500W 24V-110V pure sine wave inverter
  • 1pc wind turbine extension cable (29.5ft)
  • 1 pair of solar cable (16ft)
  • 3 pair of battery cable (14in)
  • 1 pc Tray cable (6.5ft)
  • 4 pair of Y branch solar panel connector
  • 10 set of Z bracket


In the case of both wind and sun, the two play a role at the same time, realizing all-weather power generation function, which is more economical and scientific than single fan and solar energy.

At night and rainy days without sunlight, wind power generates electricity, and sunny day generates electricity from solar energy.


  • Fully utilizes wind energy and solar energy to complement power generation without external power supply;
  • With the characteristics of complementary day and night, seasonal complementary
  • 400W wind turbine, can still generate electricity at low wind speed
  • Complete system accessories, no need to purchase other wires
  • Independent off-grid power supply, will not affect the electricity consumption of all users in the face of natural disasters;
  • Low voltage power supply, safe operation and simple maintenance.


scenery complementary system installation

After reaching the minimum starting wind speed, the fan passes through the complementary controller together with the electricity generated by the solar panel and is stored in the battery pack.

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