Eccotemp EM-4.0 Electric 4.0-Gallon Mini Tank Water Heater

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Price: $153.56

Compact design fits virtually anywhere, easy and ready to install
Adjustable temperature control 50 Degree-140 DegreeF
Temperature/Pressure relief valve included
Floor and wall mountable (bracket included)
25-45 Minute recovery time

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Eccotemp EM-4.0 Electric 4.0-Gallon Mini Tank Water Heater

Mini Tank Water Heater

The Eccotemp EM-4.0 is a point of use Mini-Tank Water Heater with a tank capacity of 4.0 gallons and is designed to supply on-demand hot water to any faucet without the wait. It’s small, compact and lightweight design allows the Eccotemp EM-4.0 to be perfect for residential, commercial and industrial use. The Eccotemp EM-4.0 Mini-Tank Water Heater can supply hot water for up to two sinks or can be plumbed in series with your existing hot water system to ensure instant hot water whenever you need it.

Equipped with easy and accessible temperature controls and a minimal recovery time of 20 minutes, this Eccotemp Mini-Tank Water Heater is designed to operate at a maximum of 150 psi water pressure. Easy installation allows for the unit to be mounted on a wall or left free-standing and plugs into a standard 110/120v outlet.

Provides instant hot water in those hard to reach places

Install under a sink in your garage, laundry room, utility sink or office

110/120v plug allows for quick and easy installation

Mount on the wall or place on the floor

No need for costly re-circulating lines and pumps

Eccotemp 4.0 Mini Tank Water HeaterSuggested Uses

What’s Included:
4.0 Gallon Mini Tank Water Heater
Standard 110v Power Cord
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
Mounting Bracket
Instructional Manual

Eccotemp EM 4.0 Gallon Mini Tank

Product Features
ETL certified
Frustration Free Packaging
Perfect for stand alone sinks
1/2″ NPT Hot and cold water feed
20 Minute Recovery Time
Manual Adjustable temperature range 50F-140F

99% Energy Efficient ✓ ✓ ✓ ETL Certified ✓ ✓ ✓ Includes T&P Valve ✓ ✓ ✓

Mini Storage Tank Water Heater

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EM-2.5, EM-4.0, EM-7.0


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10 reviews for Eccotemp EM-4.0 Electric 4.0-Gallon Mini Tank Water Heater

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    Eric Chapin

    I set this up in my small RV to provide hot water without burning through propane. Having only 30 amps to play with, a tankless unit just was not an option.Installation is insanely simple. Just install the pressure relief valve, 2 water connections, and plug it in.It heats water very fast and on full blast the 4 gallons of hot water is just enough to enjoy a quick shower. You need to crank down the cold a bit throughout the shower, but by doing so I can get about 5 minutes of shower time before the water from the tank is just warm.

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    The product came on time. Installed it in my RV for hot water. It’s perfect. The temperature is just right throughout the entire RV. Installation was a breeze. Saved myself over a thousand dollars with the Eccotemp EM-7.0 Mini Storage Tank Water Heater. I would recommend this unit and the seller.

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    Initia Discala

    So pleased with this product. We have a cabin in the woods that used to be off grid, so the hot water system is an Ecotemp on demand hot water heater that works off a propane bottle. The kitchen is quite far from the pump room, and I always struggled to get hot water in the kitchen – either it takes too long, or the pilot does not kick on (not enough water flow thru the unit). NOW, there is steaming hot water coming out the kitchen faucet.A few things to know ….. once you start using the water, keep in mind, there is COLD water coming into your water heater, and after a few minutes, the water becomes luke warm. This is just the way we set ours up,.We sourced out of the cold water line, and not the hot water line so we can stop messing with the gas from our on-demand system.If you install yours inline with your existing hot water source, and do not have the issues we face, I am sure you will barely notice a change in water temperature, since your heater is being filled up with hot water, not cold. So… for anyone who wants to use this as a sole source of hot water, or have a weird set up like us, just keep that in mind.I am still giving 5 stars! Even if I have to wait a few minutes for the water heaters to go back to HOT to run the dishwasher, this is a world away from the hot water struggles I have faced for years in our cabin.

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    Sherry A Miller

    Easy to install. Good value. I use it in my camper bathroom for the sink & shower. Now I don’t have to wait so long for the hot water to get there. Doesn’t seem to trip any breakers with AC or other appliances going (except for the space heater–that was too much of a load).

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    Dennis J. Faulkner

    Had an Ariston 4 gallon electric for many years to supplement condo’s central “hot” water – replaced it with Bosch, who had bought Ariston, had problems – so trying this unit. So far build quality seems better than Bosch, easy to hook up, anxious to see how unit ages – have Clearwave electronic water conditioner on line to help with extremely hard water – like the design of this much better than the ugly Bosch – the old Ariston was a cool looking unit –

  6. blank


    I purchased a 4.0 gal for my boat and it was a super simple and straight foward install. Loved it so much I decided to go with the 7.0 gal. This tank allows for me to get a nearly 20 minute super hot shower. AWESOME! Takes about 1 hour to fully heat the tank. Recommend and would purchase again.

  7. blank


    installed easily, flawlessly, per directions. this was a perfect solution for my problem and seems to be working perfectly.used on hot water line under kitchen sink to “boost” water from the 80 gal whole- house water heater, which is located 60 ft from the kitchen. this unit provides immediate hot water instead of having to wait a full minute and waste all that water.

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    Stuart Griffith

    Fast cycle rate. Produces enough hot, hot water for a couple of showers.

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    Ben F. Anderson

    Have been using 2 months. It works flawlessly, and I had it installed in 30 minutes. I use it for showers, dishes, and etc. 2.5 gallons is not much, but heats back up in 10-15 minutes. I set the thermostat to approximately 75% max.

  10. blank


    Bought this to replace the gas water heater on my vintage Burro camper. Used a couple of shark bite fittings and set it up to back feed thru the drain on my old water heater which let me keep the old heater in place, just turned off the supply valve. I set up the heater on the outside of the camper and hook up the supple line( hose) to the campground water supply and the feed line (heat resistant rubber hose) connects to the drain on the old heater. This doubles the amount of hot water in the holding tanks. Plug the heater into the campground outlet and in 1/2 HR lots of hot water

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