Dual HydroCell Kit

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Complete kit for Diesel Engines Dual Cells produce 5 LPM at 15 amps per cell
1 quart reservoir/bubblier last 750 miles measures 6″x5″x4″ Designed for large V10
Includes PDF copy of our new book Converted. We Work With All Members To Get Them Results
Converted is the must have PDF for HHO education. Includes installation manuals along with our vehicle database
Vehicle database shows all cars we/members have installed on, with their MPG results and how acheived

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Dual HydroCell Kit

Don’t just buy products. Join our club! We have the best techsupport in the HHO industry. We educate our members and help each member individually get results. Our kits comes with a PDF copy of our new book converted which is a must for anyone interested in HHO Installing our dry cell will increase your engines performance, increase horse power, reduce emissions, increase MPG 30% minimum, eliminate harmful unused fuel, clean engine of unused fuel deposits, increase your engines life expectancy and also qualify you for a tax credit.

This all occurs by allowing you to use all of your fuel put into your vehicle. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for unused or unassembled products, if you receive products and are not happy for any reason. We also offer a $25 rebate for any member who sends us a testimony video of their HydroClubUSA install. Here is a couple testimonies.

1986 GMC Truck before install 10 city-12 hwy. After install 18 city-26 hwy. 2009 Hyundai Genesis before 22 city – 33 hwy. After install 35 city – 52 hwy. 1992 South Wind RV. Before install 7 MPG. After install 14 MPG. Our Dry Cell was designed with four goals in mind. Produce a cell 1. small enough to fit on every vehicle. 2. powerful enough to supplement all vehicles on road. 3. made with only the best quality materials. 4. priced so that your average person commuting daily could afford one. We exceeded all of these goals. We are a small family business located in northeast Tennesse looking to gain your trust.

Each product is handmade here in our factory. By hand crafting our products we are able to offer jobs to our local community. We are large enough to serve you but small enough to care. We have not had one major problem with any of our products! This is due to our detailed quality control. We have not received one report of any type of engine damage. Join the leader in water fuel technologies and convert your car to a water/gas hybrid today. Don’t be held hostage by high gas prices.

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    So I was working on building one but after a couple trips to the store it is cheaper to buy this kit yes it leaks at first they all do tighten the bolts on the generator and you’re good also to the genius who wrote a review for one star who said that your engine has to male the energy for this I find that a small splat panel hooked up to a charge controller for my spare battery has no problem running this kit so keep your lack of imagination to yourself and go watch CNN

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    I bought a 2011 kia sedona and it was getting 9 mpg. Put this on my vehicle. Installed it correct. It got 14 mpg after this. Went to the mechanic and we poked around the vehicle. Brakes were hanging up and had a bad wheel bearing. As anyone knows if your on a bicycle and you put your foot on the ground it slows you down. Same idea with the brakes and bearing. Fixed those issues and were at 33-35 mpg depending on my foot.So folks if your car is not well maintained in areas such as this it will not help. Other thing is to not push to much through it. More gives increased power to the engine but more gas consumption. Less gives gas saving and a small amount of power. This is what were shooting for. Fine tune your system, go over and over his pdf and you will get results like I did!

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    R. Harris

    it was everything I expected. I don’t have mine working at Peak efficiency but it’s still gave me a significant fuel mileage increase. It is well worth the money.

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