DQXY Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator, Portable Hydrogen Water Ionizer Machine

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【High Quallity & Safety】DQXY Hydrogen Water Generator has four independent functions, with intelligent cleaning function, constant temperature heating function, negative ion function, hydrogen-rich magnetization function. Professional digital touch LED display, touch sensor, nano-grade titanium platinum material, long service life, high hydrogen concentration, no worries, no ozone characteristics.

【Design for Healthy Life】With regular use, purified HYDROGEN WATER will simply reset your metabolism, helping prevent bad cholesterol and slowing down the aging process. Rich in antioxidants, it helps improve sleep quality, fight off inflammation and improves your skin’s health in a natural manner.

【High Capacity】The function of V8 negative ion water can generate 10 million negative ions, and can effectively remove PM2.5 and smoke from the air. 2L large capacity can meet the needs of the whole family.

【Convenient and Easy to Use】Instead of using a homemade hydrogen water formula that cannot guarantee a positive result, or constantly buying cans or bottles of hydrogen water, it is better to buy a machine that is proven to inject molecular hydrogen into water, which is a good choice. DQXY hydrogen rich water machine should be worth the investment as no recipe is needed, they are easy to use and better for the environment, and they last for years.

【Friendly Customer Service】We will provide friendly customer service. If any problems with the product, welcome feel free to contact us via Amazon at any time, we will solve your trouble within 24 hours.


DQXY Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator, Portable Hydrogen Water Ionizer Machine, Hydrogen Rich Water Maker 2L Large Capacity Health Cup for Family Use

DQXY Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator, Portable Hydrogen Water Ionizer Machine

What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water, hydrogen-rich water or hydrogenated water is conventional water (H 2 O) into which hydrogen has been injected. This gas raises the concentration level of molecular hydrogen in the water, which is easily digested and immediately penetrates into the cells, thereby promoting overall health. Hydrogen water (also called hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen-infused water or hydrogenated water) is just water injected with hydrogen.


1、Improve human immunity
2、Enhance physical fitness
3、Improve skin condition
5、relieve fatigue
6、Help the body detox

Product parameter:

Name: Hydrogen water machine
Dimensions: height 25.8 cm diameter 17.8 cm
Body material: borosilicate glass
Weight: 0.65 kg
Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius
Hydrogen concentration: 0.8-1.2PPM
Capacity: 2000ML
Ammonia output: 1000-1200PPD
Heating power: 200W-350W
Electrolysis power: 20W
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
The package includes:
1x full English color box
1x Hydrogen water machine
1x full English description

Warning and attention:

This is not a sodium hypochlorite manufacturing machine and cannot produce disinfectant water. This is a machine for producing hydrogen-rich water. Please pay more attention when buying.
There is a removable dark green protective film on the display. If you don’t like it, you can tear it off.


Additional information


Product Dimensions‏:‎

5.87 x 4 x 6.24 inches; 2.65 Pounds

Date First Available‏:‎

November 15, 2019





9 reviews for DQXY Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator, Portable Hydrogen Water Ionizer Machine

  1. kronox

    Besides benefits of hydrogenated water I find it useful that it heats the water.

  2. Jedi Master

    The directions are in English. So do not worry about those old reviews that are not accurate now.

  3. Guillermo Sacchi

    Excelente funciona de maravilla

  4. Crystal H.

    So pretty

  5. Missie Merritt

    If you store the water created in a bottle, you will hear the fizz when you open it. The directions really aren’t necessary so the language barrier isn’t a real concern.

  6. Nonbrain

    Very effective hypochlorus acid making device.

  7. Hector Bernabe

    Easy to use

  8. Robyn

    I find that to see the tiny bubbles… it is best to use a small flashlight or headlamp and shine the light from the back to the front. Shine at an angle but not in your eyes. They are mostly seen on the right hand side close to the body of the unit.

  9. Heather Furtaw

    I love this! Unique full English digital display screen, and It has 4 independent functions, it cleans the water, warms the water, oxygenates the water and hydrogenates the water.And it comes with an English manual and US plug, easy to use.

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