DOKIO Solar Panel Monocrystalline 4pcs 100W 12V Flexible Thin Film

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  • Semi-flexible: the panel can be flexed to a maximum of 30°, this allows the panel to be flush mounted to curved surfaces like RV’s, sailboats, campers, tents, etc., ultra-thin: solar panel is only 0.1inch (2.5mm) thick
  • Solar panel and junction box are completely water resistant, suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions
  • Extremely light weight and efficient, the solar panel weighs approximately 4.9lb (2.2kg). and utilizes highly efficient mono crystalline solar cells .
  • The panel is easy to transport and mount, which is ideal for mobile applications, six evenly spaced metal grommet mounting holes are available to attach fasteners, the panel can also be mounting using adhesive or Velcro
  • Fulfilled by Amazon, ship from USA after ordered,attentive customer service, any questions, please contact us at any time through amazon, we will be the first time to propose solutions for you ~.~
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DOKIO Solar Panel Monocrystalline 4pcs 100W 12V Flexible Thin Film Lightweight for Caravan RV Boat Camper Any Other Irregular Surface

(1) Flexible and convenient

It can be curved to a maximum 30 degree arc, which makes it ideal for storage in tight spaces or crowded areas. This solar panel packs 100W of power, but it only weighs a mere 4.9lb (2.2kg), making it easier to transport, hang and install.

(2)Nice Details

4 Holes on panels are pre-drilled for fast mounting and securing, perfect for non-permanent installations. The junction box on the panel is sealed and waterproof

(3)Safety Protection

Short circuit and surge protection technology keep you and your devices safe.

(4)Widely compatible

Applicable for RV, boat, cabin, tent, yachts, car, trucks, trailers, etc

Specification 1pc : 

* Optimal power [Pmax]: 100W

* Working voltage [Vmp]: 18V

* Working current [Imp]: 5.56A

* Short circuit current [Isc]: 5.81A

* Open circuit voltage [Voc]: 22.5V

* Dimensions: 1190*540*2.5mm/43*22*0.09inch

* Net weight: 4.9lb (2.2kg)

Package Contents:

4x Dokio flexible 100W Solar Panel

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1 review for DOKIO Solar Panel Monocrystalline 4pcs 100W 12V Flexible Thin Film

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    Virtual1 (verified owner)

    Solar panels are officially rated using an unrealistic amount of light, you should expect to see around 65-75% of what’s printed on the label, if the panels are decent. (I have seen this exact same panel type described as 200, 300, and even 400 watt each, haha yeah right whatever) Comparing with another 36 cell and also a 32 cell panel I already have, these perform slightly better than the other 36 and of course better than the 32. MPPT settles down right around 16v which is per spec on the label. Each panel was then producing around 4 – 4.5 amps at 16v, and quickly topped off the battery I had discharged a bit for testing, with all four together delivering around 16 amps to the battery. Also bear in mind they are quoting watts off the panel, NOT into your battery, so the unavoidable losses in your controller are NOT being accounted for in that “400w” spec. Surprisingly, these panels were about 1/2 the weight of my existing 36 cell panel, which were about twice as thick. Flexibility is good, but I’m not going to test/abuse them like you see in some of the ads where they roll them up like a rug, that’s just asking for damage. My application for them is to be lightweight and rugged enough to quickly toss in the vehicle to go camping or whatever, (on top of the pile of stuff already loaded in the truck) without having to worry about damage in transport or lots of weight taking them out for setup, rather than say a glass solar panel. I was using a “Harbor Freight Special” but it was lower power, heavy, and extremely awkward to transport. This is SO much better. Solar panels don’t produce continuous power due to clouds etc, so you will need a battery, and of course a controller. The trick is to find one that’s MPPT *and* uses an efficient buck regulator. You’ll get the less efficient PWM if you insist on going cheap. Try to find a controller with a meaty iron toroid inside, for a 10-15% boost in conversion efficiency over PWM. My tests were just using a cheap PWM converter, so I would have probably seen 1-2 amps more with proper buck conversion, but my only buck reg can’t handle that much current. (the upgraded controller – an Epever 40 amp – hasn’t arrived yet) I was averaging just under 75 watts from each panel (they differed slightly, maybe not the most consistent quality control here) measured with four independent power meters at the same time. I was only getting about 225 watts out the controller (that’s 65w per panel) to the battery though but that was due to the lower quality controller I was using, that’s not the panels’ fault. I would expect at least 250 with a better controller. So, getting 75 watts from a “100 watt rated” panel I consider to be totally acceptable, especially considering the reasonable price. Individually these panels might go for $115-150 each, so this is a good deal. These measurements were made with full sun about 10 degrees off axis, located in Iowa on July 1, for your comparison. You will need the proper connectors unless you just plan on cutting the ends and splicing to the wires – I don’t know the name of the connector but everyone just calls them “solar connector”, buy a bag and make sure you mind your polarity, you’re dealing with at least tens of amps. These connectors, as well as the panel, are waterproof, though I don’t know their IPA rating, should be at least 3ft immersion, so fine for even heavy rain. These panels also have 8 attachment points to strap them down if you’re semi or permanently mounting them somewhere. Be careful, they’re black and will get quite warm during use. (cool them with airflow if you can, it will increase their energy production) Also use a decently thick wire, especially if running for any distance. I like to place my panels 15-20ft from the tents so I run #10 copper twin lead, which works great with those connectors. These panels do include low-drop schottky isolation diodes in the breakout box on the back, so you can place them in parallel without worrying about burning up a panel if it gets shaded. (the seller really should include this feature in the specs) All four panels shipped in a single modestly-thick cardboard box, with a few thin sheets of foam for protection. I would have liked to see more protective packaging, but they’re supposed to be durable, and my panels arrived undamaged, so that’s ok I guess? Hopefully your mailman doesn’t attempt the Gorilla Luggage Test on them. Shipping (to USA) was VERY fast, only a few days, I was impressed, and I had the panels days before the new controller was due to arrive. Also pick up an inverter (I recommend Edecoa pure sine wave) if you need 120VAC power, and a Startech USB power hub (that runs off 12v) for charging your phone/tablet if you need them. I’ve also got a Ravpower USB power bank that I can charge off the Startech and use to top off my phone or my usb-c laptop when I’m hiking or overnight etc. Giving you some brand names here because with that stuff if you buy cheap you get cheap and won’t get good results. These panels are a bit generic-ish, but appear to deliver the goods. And i have NO idea why they are asking me to rate the “Warmth” of this product… so I guess 5 star, since everything else is 5 as far as I can tell. Probably going to buy one more set of four, which may be a little overkill for my needs but owell, I like overkill.

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