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Learn how to build a powerful homemade water cell battery right in your own home.
Research has proving that you can build a simple water cell battery, powerful enough
to run a car as well as your home lighting. Although these plans are simple in design,
you can provide yourself with hours of fun as well as doing complex research in this
field. To recharge your battery you simply replinish the water tank with fresh water
and your battery is fully charged again. Many people like to use pure water with just
a touch of Chlorine or rain water. Rain water has some acid in it.

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There are many uses for homemade batteries cells. They are great for Emergency home lighting, as well as running small motors etc.. In many countries
electricity can only be used for a few hours a day. which effects many people
around the world who live in these areas, there economy’s just can not afford
to run there power plants for long periods at a time. Many of these people
have to use candles and oil lamps just to be able to eat or to read a book.
We have given away much of our technology to help many of these people,
But there are still thousands of cities all over the world that can not afford to
build such machines or they can not get the parts.
This is why we have introduced our Homemade Battery plans, It is a cheap
alternative energy source for these people to use. Even if they built small
cheap water batteries, these small batteries can still be used for low lighting
which is better than nothing.
A good source for low emergency lighting is the use of a low amp LED diode,
by using a bright L.E.D light in series with a 1 meg resistor connected to any
type of battery, you will get a light source that can last for months! if you left
the circuit in figure 1 on for 24 hours a day the batteries would last up to 6
months, and if you use the light only at night it would last 12 to 14 months!
Figure 1 is very easy and cheap to build.

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