Digital Energy 8-ft Heavy Duty 10-Outlet 3500 Joules Surge Protector Power Strip, 8 Foot Long Extension Cord, Two USB Charging Ports, Coaxial, Phone Protection, ETL Listed. 15 AMP, Black

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✅ ALL IN ONE: 10 Outlets includes 2 Wide-Spaced Outlets, On/Off Switch and Indicatior Light, Wall Mountable, Protection for Phone, DSL, Modem, Coax Cable
✅ Heavy Duty 3500 Joules Rating Surge Protection: Home Theaters, Computers, Offices, and Gaming System, SmartPhones, Modems, Computers, and Tablets
✅ Specs: 8 Foot Long Cord, 14AWG Heavy Duty Wire. ETL Listed File No 3165047, Conforms to ANSI / UL Standard 1363 and Standard 1449. 15 A / 125 VAC / 1875 W / 60 Hz
✅ Two USB Charging Ports for Tablets, Smartphones and any USB enabled charging device
✅ LIFETIME WARRANTY – 100% money back guarantee.

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Digital Energy 8-ft Heavy Duty 10-Outlet 3500 Joules Surge Protector Power Strip

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Surge Protector

10 Total Outlets includes 2 Wide-Spaced Outlets, On/Off Switch and Indicator Light, Wall Mountable, Protection for Phone, DSL, Modem, Coax Cable

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Power it up with DE
All in oneWhy Surge Protection?

A surge protector enables you to protect your various electronics from power surges. What causes a power surge? The most common reason why a power surge may occur is, your local power company switches the power intensity they send throughout the power grid to homes in your area. This is a very common occurrence and why an investment in a surge protector is important.

An avg home gets 345 power surges per year
Power surges are the #1 cause of data loss
Lightning Strikes is another reason for power surges
There are over 20 million Lighting Strikes recorded per year in the 48 contiguous states of the US.

Long Cord

Personalize your Room

Available in black & white, the Digital Energy Heavy Duty 10-Outlet surge protector can complement any of your electronic components. In addition to the variety of colors, the surge protector is available in two sizes, 15ft and 25ft.

Surge Protector Power Strip Key Features

On-Off-SwitchOn and Off Switch

Our on and off switch comes with a built-in circuit breaker






USB-Ports2 USB Ports

2 USB Charging Ports for tablets, smartphones, and any USB enabled charging device.






Outlet-Protection10 Outlets

All in one 10 outlets includes 2 wide-spaced outlets, extra long 14AWG cord, and coax cable






Surge-Protector-HomeHeavy Duty 3500 Joules

3500 Joules of protection with 125VAC line voltage for all your home devices, media, and home appliances





Product Highlights

Prevent damage to your devices with the DE Surge Protector Power Strip
Featuring 10 Protected Outlets and two USB Charging Ports, the DE Surge Protector Power Strip is perfect for your entertainment needs while providing safety from swells, spikes, and voltage fluctuations
Keep your devices safe
Surge Rating: 3500 Joules
Line Voltage: 125VAC
Maximum Line Current: 15A/60Hz/1875W ETL
Clamping Voltage (3-line): (L-N) 500V, (L-G) 600V, (N-G) 600 V
USB Charging Ports: 2.1A/10.5 W/5V Combined
14-Gauge Heavy Duty 4 Real Panel Keyhole Mounting Slots
ETL Listed, Conforms to ANSI / UL Standard 1363 and Standard 1449

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8FT, 25FT


Black, White


Item Weight


10 reviews for Digital Energy 8-ft Heavy Duty 10-Outlet 3500 Joules Surge Protector Power Strip, 8 Foot Long Extension Cord, Two USB Charging Ports, Coaxial, Phone Protection, ETL Listed. 15 AMP, Black

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    This product is great. The 15 foot cord enables me to manipulate areas that have few wall outlets. Also, there is very good spacing between outlets so there’s no problem fitting cords into the surge protector.

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    I’m very happy with my choice. It has really protected my devices that I plug into it. I use a lot of plugs and it handles them just fine.Pro: Works just like a charm! Everything it promises, it does correctly.Con: I wish the light wasn’t so bright. I can’t sleep with it on so I have to turn it off every night because it lights up my room.

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    This product fulfilled our needs completely. We had multiple extension cords running under furniture to supply our sitting area with power for lamps, phone, device chargers, etc that we needed at our primary sitting and work station. I felt it was a fire/shock hazard. I found exactly what I needed in this product. It has 2 USB ports,10 outlets, and is a surge protecter. It also has coaxal cable outlets and phone jacks that we don’t use. A suggestion for improvement is to include pet and child protection by providing caps for outlets not used. I put tape over them for protection.

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    Maryl Lincoln

    Love this extension power strip! I recently went on a trip to England and knew I needed several power and USB outlets from possibly just one wall plug. This power strip was great. It was easy to pack and gave me the outlets I needed. I just used one UK adapter to plug it into the wall. I wish the extension cord was longer, but I liked the fact that it wrapped around the power strip neatly and was fairly lightweight. I didn’t know what the situation would be with the wall outlet, when I got to my destination, which ended up being behind a heavy dresser. A longer cord would have been nice, but I used long USB cords, and my other cords were long enough to be ok. The power strip worked beautifully! I do recommend it for traveling!

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    Awesome power strip. I have it on my wall to power my pc gaming desk. Powering multiple screens, my tower, printer, my laptop and it still has 5 plugs! I would highly recommend this to anyone.

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    Stephanie Newman

    Our new, 10-100 times faster internet modem hub needed to be placed someplace other than the kitchen counter. The cable connection caused it to be up on top of a bookshelf in the basement. The outlet was on the other side of the door leading to the furnace and laundry room. To keep from running the cord across the door, or pulling down the modem every time we wanted to use the laundry, and to make it less noticeable, we needed a long cord that could run up and around the door frame. I couldn’t find what I needed in town. This arrived quickly and worked well. Thanks!

  7. blank


    I needed to bring power into a large closet for many computer and communication related devices. This strip has a nice heavy duty cable, which gave me the confidence to plug in all of my devices. Spacing is generally well thought out (I have 8 items plugged into the strip without any problems so far). The only small criticism would be the position of the USB charging ports. They have been placed where the largest AC adapters are designed to be plugged in, and which then cover or partially cover the ports, making them unusable. Overall, though, I would definitely recommend this power strip where you need a longer cable and the ability to power many items.

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    It’s Bear

    We live in a 103 year old home. With every cool thing about it, there is a tech drawback……one of those drawbacks is not having enough outlets in every room. I wanted to set up my entertainment area in a place that wasn’t designed with 2020 in mind. A $40 extension cord is the answer for now, adding outlets and rewiring later. Went with the 25ft option and it’s perfect. A lot of thought was put into the design. The two outlets that are double spaced are nice for those big moose knuckle plugs that we all hate. You can plug them in without sacrificing capacity. The load capacity is reassuring, with a Smart TV, Amazon Cube, soundbar, blue ray player, cable box, lamp & USB port all running through it.

  9. blank


    Honest, I tried buying a surge protector in a nearby store before I gave up and just ordered it on Amazon. It’s next to impossible to find a surge protector at a nearby store that has a cord over 3 feet long. 3 feet just barely goes from the wall to where it is most practical. This one is heavy duty, 10 outlets, 2 USB ports plus a 15 foot cord — all for the price of a 3 foot long one at the nearby store without USB ports. Amazon, you’re making me a Prime Shopper for life!Amazon makes buying what you want, exactly what you want, so much easier.

  10. blank


    I bought this because I was constantly unplugging one item to replace it with another. I honestly didn’t know the difference between a surge protector and a power strip. My husband is an electrician and he is very impressed with the quality of this item. I love that the cord is heavy duty and has enough length that I can plug it most anywhere. With the two USB ports I don’t have to use that block like adapter that takes up so much space on the power strip, this allows me to have much more use because I have more space to plug in things. My husband is impressed because this surge protector has ports to plug in other types of cables like for the TV and some port that looks like you could plug in something that looks like where that hard plastic connector on a phone would go. I had no idea I was buying such a quality product but I really feel I made a good purchase.Susan

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