Delta Faucet Single-Spray Shower Head, Chrome 52650-PK

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LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY. You can install with confidence, knowing this Delta shower head is backed by Delta Faucet’s Lifetime Limited Warranty
INTENSELY POWERFUL. Immerse yourself in the steady, intensely powerful full body spray with forceful streams of water to satisfy all of your showering needs
2 CONVENIENT SPRAY OPTIONS. Shower head spray options include full body spray and pause
EASY INSTALLATION. Install in minutes onto a standard shower arm (sold separately)
STEADY WATER FLOW. The 2.5 GPM flow rate provides consistent, steady water flow

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10 reviews for Delta Faucet Single-Spray Shower Head, Chrome 52650-PK

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    Filboid Studge

    I bought three of these shower heads for my bathrooms four years ago. I like to turn off the water while soaping, and if I use the shower faucets, it takes about 20-30 seconds for me to figure out the faucet position to get the right temperature. With this shower head, I can turn off the water while soaping or shaving and when the flow is restored, the water temperature is perfect. The flow rate is at 2.5 gpm, and it is sufficiently forceful for me.After four years, one of the three shower heads got blocked/damaged from the inside. This had to do with the faucet brass seat disintegrating and jamming the shower head. I tried my best to clean it, but could not restore the flow rate. So I called Delta today. They’re shipping me a replacement for free, without requiring me to send them the old one back. That is very high quality customer service, and the main reason I will continue to replace the Price-Pfister products in my house with Delta products.

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    Teh Arbitrageur

    Absolutely my favorite shower head of all time. I’ve always liked the simple little brass ones (Delta makes the smaller size too), but this is their big brother. Though it’s a low-flow shower head, it delivers a constant torrent of ecstatic spray in a fairly narrow cone. Makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning, just to experience it again.Has a nice shut-off valve (which is designed to drip a little bit, to keep your water the same temperature), but nothing can really ever wear out. If mineral deposits clog it, they can be dissolved with vinegar. This will happily last a lifetime.

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    The build quality of this shower head is outstanding. Very solid and heavy. It’s also small and simple-looking. The flow feels like way more water than is actually coming out. The spray is fine and spread very evenly, and it allows for very high pressure. The valve is an added bonus as it shuts off the water completely at the head. Mine drips just a bit with the valve off, but that doesn’t bother me. It’s only for a moment while washing up.The ONLY thing I dislike about this design is that the spray is so fine that the water cools considerably before it even reaches your body. I like my showers to be scalding hot, and the fine spray allows the water to cool a few degrees as it travels through the air. This isn’t really a problem with the shower head. It’s more a trait of the thermodynamics of water, which I cannot change. The solution to this “issue” is simply to turn the temperature up a few more degrees or to stay fairly close to the shower head.

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    Most people don’t give their shower head a second thought, I am not one of those people. At one point in my life I was moving about once every year. I never liked the idea of using the shower head that someone else had used. Yes, I realize how OCD that sounds. One of the times I had moved I left behind the shower head so off to Home Depot I went. I purchased another brand and wasn’t happy with the output. Back to Home Depot again! I came across this odd little shower head and thought “why the heck not?” Even the cashier questioned my purchase by saying “I’ve never seen anyone buy one of these.” I was undeterred. The next morning when I got in the shower I was amazed! This little shower head was like standing at the base of a tropical waterfall. It has a fine yet strong mist quality. I have now purchased about 4 of these and will continue buying them as long as they make them. Make sure you get the one with the lever on the top like this one because it has the added benefit of adjusting the flow without changing the temperature.

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    Jeff M.

    I have loved the “Incredible Shower Head” for 20 years. Now that Delta has obtained the production rights, it is still my favorite for a good shower and a quality product at a reasonable price. Back in the day I considered taking this around to hotel managers when I was traveling and selling it to them to save water and provide their customers with a good shower. But that was more of a pipe dream. I mean, who has the time? This shape used to be called the “Euro Model” because it has slightly more flair and style than the straight one. Both provide the same brisk shower force while saving water. I have used them both and I like this shape better. I was going to do a test and see if other “water saver” shower heads had the same water usage as this, but as yet that has not happened. If I do I will amend this review. But as far as a good strong shower goes and the quality of the product, this is the one.By the way, Amazon has this item listed as “Material — Plastic.” The packaging states clearly that it is “Solid Brass.” I let them know so they may have changed it. Also they had the weight as 3.2 oz. It is actually 7.7 oz. in the package, 6.6 oz out of the package.

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    Jeff R.

    I love this showerhead. It is all metal construction and feels very well made, heavy and solid . The spray is wide and full and satisfying even with the low water flow. The soap-up valve allows you to shut down the flow as much as you want while soaping or shaving. Some people complained that it has a “misty” flow and that the flow feels cool because of this. Well it is a little more fine of a spray then the older “stream” type of heads but the spray is strong and full and I felt no loss of heat in the shower. It was satisfying and invigorating and I love that I am not wasting water. Love it.

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    I have purchased these for about 30 to 35 years. They have never failed. To those who whine about not “shutting off” is incorrect. This product NEVER claims to have an on/off function. The lever on the side is the adjustment for flow. This is a self cleaning water saver shower head with a lifetime warranty. The warranty does not cover on/off because it doesn’t have that function. Installation takes less than 1 minute. The look is pure modern. The function is purely simple. The side lever is genius in design allowing water flow adjustment from full invigorating force to a trickle. Get 1 of these by Delta ~ Still the BEST Adjustable Flow shower head !

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    Daniel Perez

    I can best describe this thing as industrial. It almost looks like it was designed for an anti-tamper environment. And with a solid HEAVY brass body that is chromed out, I don’t know how it is not more expensive. I literally bought a copy-cat of this head from the big box home improvement stores, with a chrome painted plastic body and it performed like a cheap plastic toy. Do not be fooled. The Delta version was only a few buck more and in construction materials alone, is worth the difference. If it doesn’t say Delta on it then don’t be tempted.To be fair I will also disclose that some may have a problem with this head because it does make a bit of noise. It is more like white-noise. Some may find that soothing. The noise is generated by the design and how the water is leaving the a large hollow orifice at high velocity. The stream is powerful! The droplets are blasted out in the shape of a cone. You wont see the individual streams like with other shower heads but rather the droplets are totally random in the shape of a cone. It does feel good (to me) and has the rinsing power that most are seeking. The high velocity nature of this head actually moves a lot of air so you will feel a chilling breeze when entering the shower.Be advised the “lather-up” lever on the top does not completely cut off the water flow. This is clearly spelled out on the package and is not a flaw in the design. It is there because plumbing codes call for it and it is the smallest trickle. The best I can surmise is that some shower valve bodies have temperature compensation built in and the temperature can only be measured accurately if there is some minimal water flow. Water standing in a brass fixture will cool quickly causing hot water compensators to open and possibly cause surprise scald burns when opening the lather valve. It’s a very safe design.It is smaller than your typical shower head so it takes a little while to walk into your shower and not think something is missing or out of place. You will not be disappointed once you start using it though.

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    The Mad Hatter

    We pay a lot for city water/sewer so I was interested in saving some water, if possible, but did not want to sacrifice my daily shower for a few dollars a month. I find the 2.5 GPM to be a nice balance between water pressure and water efficiency. And this shower head has some nice features, such as a good price, all metal construction and a temporary shutoff lever that can be used to stop the water for a minute while you shave or whatever. Installation is fast and simple like most shower heads, just make sure you have teflon tape on hand because none is supplied.

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    My previous shower head was old when my wife and I moved into our new home so we were in the market for new one. A problem we were running into though was water pressure. Since the shower is in the upper level of our home, the pressure of the the water coming out of the shower resembled the appearance of a wet noodle hanging from ones hand… After reading the reviews on this product I figured it was worth a try and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase. In fact, I am going to buy another one to replace the shower head in our second bathroom too.Pros:-easy to open packaging,-Easy to understand instructions-Extremely easy installation( it took -5 minutes)-Water pressure was increased-Uses less water-Has an adjustable water pressure lever attached to it to allow you to customize the pressure/ water consumption to meet your needs-Well built and looks good (different but good)Cons:I didn’t buy this earlier…

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