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CyberPower P705G Energy-Saving Surge Protector Power Strip, 2100J/125V, 7 Outlets, 5ft Power Cord

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7 Outlets (4 Energy Saving, 1 Master, 2 Always-on) with safety covers
2100 Joules of Surge Protection; 5-FT Cord with Right Angle, 45 degree offset plug
Energy-Saving Outlets automatically turn off up to three connected devices when your computer is shut down or goes into standby mode
Lighted “Protected” and “Grounded” indicator lights. On/off switch; Keyhole slots allow it to be mounted on a wall, under a desk, and in other configurations to optimize space
Limited Lifetime Warranty with $250,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee

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Brand CyberPower



CyberPower P705G Energy

CyberPower P706G Essential Surge Protector



Technical Specifications:

Surge suppression: 2100 Joules
Circuit breaker: 15 Amp
Outlets: 7 outlets (1 widely spaced for AC power adapters)
Plug type: Right-angle (NEMA 5-15P)
Power cord: 5 ft.
P706G Essential Surge Protector
For Safeguarding Electronics

The CyberPower P705G is a commercial and residential surge protector for personal computers, large flat screen TVs, printers, speakers, scanners and home electronics. It offers seven (7) total surge protected outlets and four (4) Energy-Saving outlets designed to turn off up to four connected devices when your TV or PC is shut down or goes into standby mode. The Energy-Saving Threshold Switch keeps the energy-saving feature active when the Master Outlet detects low power consumption.

Energy-saving Outlets
Threshold Switch – High/Low


Reliable Power Protection

CyberPower designs professional-grade surge protectors that safeguard IT networks, A/V systems, and equipment for home offices and entertainment centers. Commonly occurring power surges (caused by storms, activity on the power grid, or high-powered equipment turning on and off) can severely damage sensitive electronics, shorten equipment life, and result in data loss.


Typical Use

This surge protector diverts excess voltage away from sensitive electronic equipment and connected devices during an AC power surge or power spike. Designed for use in the home office, it is ideal for protecting personal computers, phones/ faxes/ modems, CD and DVD players, consumer electronics, and similar devices. The unit safeguards valuable documents, image files, and connected equipment from loss or damage due to power fluctuations and surges, as well as uncontrolled equipment shutdown caused by power interruptions.

P705G CSP706T CSB706 CSP708T Surge Protected Outlets ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Noise Filter (EMF/ RFI) ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ECO Outlets – Automatic On/ Off ✓ Phone/ DSL (RJ11) Surge Protection ✓ ✓ Space-Saving Flat Right-Angle Plug ✓ ✓ ✓ Threshold Switch ✓

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10 reviews for CyberPower P705G Energy-Saving Surge Protector Power Strip, 2100J/125V, 7 Outlets, 5ft Power Cord

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    bob woods

    We have several Roku devices in our house. I like the fact that when I turn the power off to the TV it also turns the Roku devices off. They’re not constantly running in the background now eating away at our Wi-Fi data. You wouldn’t believe how fast you can go through a terabyte of data a month when the roku’s are constantly playing even when the TVs are turned off.

  2. blank

    Amazon Customer

    Great product, and quick delivery

  3. blank


    Thought if using it in conjunction with my miter saw to extract the saw dust. Connected the extractor to the auxiliary (switched outlet), the miter saw to the Master, and voila! Every time that the miter saw starts, the vacuum starts working. Very good value!

  4. blank


    Clearly marked easy to use.

  5. blank

    Frederic J Marsik

    Easy and safe to use and saves energy.

  6. blank


    Love the threshold switch, this Cyber Power strip fixed an issue I had with a competitors power strip where an energy efficient TV would cause the strip to power down during use.

  7. blank


    Why I Bought ThisI wanted several of the devices to my computer to be completely off when the computer was sleeping or off. I plugged in my multiple monitors, computer speakers, etc. to the dependent outlets so that power would be cut off when they were not in use.The Good Parts* When the threshold is set to “High”, all the dependent outlets power off to save electricity* Has a couple of independent outlets that are always on* One of the independent outlets has extra horizontal space to accommodate a power brick* Long power cord* Mountable* Decent build qualityCould Be Better* There could be more space between the outlets, as most computer setups have more than one power brick to deal with and/or oversized plugs.* The “safety” sliders don’t lock in place, so I have doubts about how effective they are.

  8. blank


    This is a nice smart power strip. I read the reviews and it seemed to be a nice unit for the price and it is. I use it in my home shop to turn on the shop vac I use as a dust collector on my miter saw, when the saw is running. I was worried that the initial surge from the 15amp saw and 6hp shop vacuum would be to much for it coming on together but no worries it works perfectly and the vacuum even stays on a few seconds longer than the saw which is a bonus in my situation. It has nice sliding built in dust covers for unused outlets on it. If if works good for what I’m using it for a tv and some components should be a breeze for it. It makes my life easier and I recommend it to you

  9. blank


    I am an an energy saving fanatic. This is a very innovative device. There is no doubt that this power strip saves energy in my home and helps to preserve the environment by reducing vampire electricity draw and the need to feed the American glut of energy use. I have been using this for > 1 year. I have this set up with my 2010 55″ Samsung LCD TV as the control device. The Onkyo surround sound system with subwoofer, X Box, Xbox controller battery charger and Samsung Blue Ray Player all power completely down when the TV is turned off. The power strip is made of quality materials and appears well designed. If you have slightly older entertainment equipment (some say this does not work well on newer TVs) and are TRULY into being green, I recommend trying this power strip. Save $ and help to preserve our environment.

  10. blank

    Jason Lemieux

    Works great

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