Solar Panels Portable Camping Foldable Solar Charger with QC3.0 Quick Charging USB DC Type C Port Kickstand Extension Cord DIY for Outdoors RV Boat

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【Multi-purpose Usage 】:With external wiring,you can connect it with MC4 terminal,XLR head,SAE terminal,DC and so on (sold separately). as you need.So compatible with the most portable generator power station on the market.Also for mobile phones, power banks, tablets, laptops, GPS, digital cameras, etc.Please note that it an not be connected with batteries directly.
【Powerful High Conversion Efficiency 】: With high efficiency US Solar Cell, grades A+ solar cell, you will get greater power efficiency even though the panel is smaller than a traditional model Maximizes system output by reducing mismatch loss. It performs better than similarly rated polycrystalline solar panels at low-light conditions.
【USB Smart Charging Technology】:QC3.0 & USB-C, Made for smartphones and tablets, GPS, cameras, etc. The built-in smart IC chip intelligently identifies your device, and maximizes its charging speed while protects your devices from overcharging and overloading. And 18V DC output keeps your DC devices full of juice, without having to rely on a wall outlet or a power bank, and brings you an unplugged lifestyle.
【Portable Foldable with Adjustable Kickstand】:The solar panel Is ultra-light, easy to take anywhere. This solar panel only weighs 2.97lb (1.35kg), folding dimension:11.22*15.74*0.78inch (28.5*40*2cm), making it easier to transport, hang, and remove.ideal for outdoor activities,RV, camping,road trip, emergency Slightly adjust the angle with the kickstand, get more sunlight than flat laying.
【What’s Included & Customer Service】:PD charging is not avaiable.1*Beleeb 60W Foldable Solar Panel, 2* Anderson cable, 1*DC5521 cable.12-months product warranty backed with our friendly customer service available 7×24 hrs.

Brand Beleep



60W Solar Panel for Portable Power Station Generator and USB Devices

50w solar panel

This high quality 60W folding solar panel is unlike other wires inside, Beleeb solar charger has realized the outward extension wires, it is more convenient and useful.With USB ports and DC ports, you can diy for different needs.

Why Choose Beleeb Solar Charger?

solar charger

Beleeb A+grade sunpower solar panel has high efficiency conversion rate, American brand – Sunpower cell adapted,the transformation efficiency is up to 23%-25%, while most of the similar products on the market is 15% or even lower.

Small in Size and Easy to Take Can be affixed to your backup, bicycle or tent when you’re out enjoying the great outdoors. Perfect for yard, tent, hiking, camping, trekking, climbing, drive travel, car/boat/RV battery, and other outdoors and emergency.

Adjustable Kickstand For better getting sunshine with slightly adjust the angle.

Quiet generator & Green clean power Build up your Portable-Solar System Ideally suited for the outdoor life and even unexpected power outages. Great conversion rate and output provide with endless and green solar power supply

-Safety Protection · The build-in smart IC chip intelligently identifies your device, and maximizes its charging speed while protects your devices from over charging and overloading.

-Quick Charge

-Wide Compatibility

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50 watts Monocrystalline silicon cell, 60 watts SUNPOWER cell



10 reviews for Solar Panels Portable Camping Foldable Solar Charger with QC3.0 Quick Charging USB DC Type C Port Kickstand Extension Cord DIY for Outdoors RV Boat

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    Lauren Mongeon

    I recently purchased my 100w solar saga and only used it once! And I love it!!!! First off it’s so easy to open / lay out/ plug in and put away! Second, it’s sooo light! Third, as soon and the sun hits it, it starts working. Comes w a power output to use on my Jackery e500 portable battery and also 2 USB so if I go out i can charge my phone or whatever is needed that uses usb! And keep it hiden inside it’s zipper compartment. Before purchasing this I did actually contact customer service through email and they reached out by the next day. They were so helpful, caring, and solved all my concerns. I’m so happy with jackeryUSA all around! I’ll buy from them again!!

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     Will use this to charge a battery bank I will build to power laptop, a small fan, and other cameras when I go off the grid. Comes with a charge controller and it fits in a small pocket it came with. Charged my battery on a simple set up I did.

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    David L

    I got this solar panel to complement another similar panel that I purchased recently due to the recent wildfires and rolling blackouts that have affected much of the state. I wanted something that looked similar to the one I got earlier so that I can connect the two and get a higher wattage output to quickly recharge bigger things like power stations in the event of a wildfire-related blackout.The configuration and the appearance of the panels look the same as my old one (with this one slightly cheaper and not having laptop DC adapters that I won’t be needing in this case – and this one using clasps and velcro for securing the panels versus retractable ties on my other panel), even though my old one was rated at 63W and this one was rated at 60W. I am pretty sure they are still the same panels nonetheless and it’s just the variance in how the maximum wattage was measured.Looking at the contents of the box, it seems like they give you the panels themselves (with an integrated converter that cannot be detached), a DC 5.5*2.1 cable, and a pair of MC4 connectors (I am not sure why they named them 2* Anderson cable in the listing, but they are MC4 connectors without the cabling itself in case you want to connect this to a battery pack or something else that uses MC4 connections).Since the listing indicated that the DC output was only 18v, I wanted to make sure that the output voltage was indeed similar to my other panel so I can connect the two panels (the other one was rated at 19v). Not surprisingly, the no-load voltage from this panel was 24.46v. This was quite close to my other panel having also approximately 24.44v at no-load. Testing this with my mid-sized battery pack, you can see that it was able to maintain a fairly high voltage at 21.73v @ 1.72A, despite testing this under smoky skies in the current California wildfires. This performance was in line with the previous discharge curve I did (but under clear skies and direct sun), so I am quite satisfied with how this panel performed given the circumstances.Unlike the other solar panel I have which has detachable converters, this one has one that is non-detachable but with detachable DC cables. What’s interesting about this panel, however, is the controller that was builtin to the converter itself. As you can see by my test adapters, this adapter pretty much supports all and any quick charge protocols you throw at it (even QC2.0 @ 20v, which is fairly uncommon – even in those all in one adapters). Both the A and C ports support a wide range of protocols, as you can see by the tester result in my screenshots.What I did find quite interesting was that even though the item description specifically said that this panel does not support PD charging, my tester says otherwise. While connecting to the panel using a C-C cable, my tester was able to request the PD 3.0 PDOs from the controller, in which the following are available:5V/2.4A9V/3.0A12V/3.0A15V/3.0A20V/2.25AThe maximum wattage, when charged under USB-C PD in this case, is 45W when the 20v voltage level is used. While this does not allow the laptop or the mobile device to use up the power available when the intense sun is available, this is a good setting because it allows some buffer space to allow the device to charge properly with a stable 20v voltage. If the sun is not strong enough to provide at least 45W, the power draw from the device may cause too high of a voltage drop from the 20v level that may end up halting the charging process.One thing to note for panel is that when both the USB-C and USB-A ports are used at the same time, all quick charge functionalities would be disabled and that charging is only limited to 5v. This is very common for a lot of chargers out there so this is not a surprise.Lastly, I took my OnePlus 6T and plugged it into the USB-A port. And surprisingly, the phone recognized it as a Warp Charger and you can see that it was able to charge my phone at 5.03v at 3.67A. The best thing is that the port doesn’t even require the official DASH cable, which normally is required to trigger the DASH charge function on “authorized/authentic” chargers.While I was not able to test the power output specifically for this panel, the discharge curve tells me that I should get very similar readings from this panel (~54W on a sunny day). Combining two panels using a DC barrel “T” adapter, I should be able to get approximately 110W with the two panels under direct sun. Even when this panel is used alone, I am quite happy with the “all-in-one” charging controller they have included which supports pretty much all the quick charge protocols out there except PPS.This is a great general-purpose panel that you can charge most of your mobile devices quickly and efficiently, and I highly recommend it. Do note that if you decide to use the DC port, the output on the port can be as high as 24v, and most likely will not reach 18v until you hit the end tail of the discharge curve (~2.75-3A). Unless your device can handle 24v natively, you may want to need to step down the voltage using an external buck converter or use a trigger cable to trigger specific voltages either via QC 2 or PD-C.

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    Lorretta Gerker

    Looks and feels like a well made product. Charged battery faster than I expected. Attractive black material seems easy to keep clean and dried quickly when afternoon rain got me by surprise.

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    Another great addition to my camping gear. I used to charge my portable power station, it works perfectly. It shows a 14w-16w on the battery screen. There are 3 different types of connections, you can charge your device while charging the power station, but I wouldn’t recommend that, it just split the input to the battery, I would always charge the power station first. I like its design, 3 panels fold like a suit case. Pocket for all the charging cables. Kick stand to adjust angles to the sun. Compact size to keep in my van while not using. A perfect power source for outdoor camping.

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    I am in Ca, we had a lots of mountain fires this year, because of that our place had a few days no electricity, it made us very difficult. After this experience I decided must have a solar power bank station and a solar panel. This Solar panel is very light and easy to carry, charged fast. I like it because it is so convenient and useful. Would like to recommend this to everyone.

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    Amazon Customer

    WOW this feels amazing. Child happiness. I can’t believe I am outside with this solar product charging my phone when no power around. Always wanted to have camping solar panel. This unit has multiple setups. I did swap cable connection on a left output to the right output to charge my phone with prebuilt 2 USB ports.

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