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Gila Privacy Mirror Adhesive Residential DIY Window Film Heat Control Glare Control 3ft x 15ft (36in x 180in)

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DAYTIME PRIVACY: Mirrored exterior appearance provides daytime privacy (when the sun is down and lights are on inside, film no longer conceals views)
ENERGY EFFICIENT: Rejects up to 79% of total Solar Energy
PROTECTS INTERIORS: Blocks up to 99% of UV rays, helping to keep your interior from fading
INCREASED COMFORT: Reduces glare up to 82%, making interiors more comfortable
EASY INSTALL, LASTING RESULTS: Durable adhesive material is easy to handle and firmly sticks to windows for ongoing benefits

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Gila Privacy Mirror Adhesive Residential DIY Window Film Heat Control Glare Control 3ft x 15ft (36in x 180in)

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36-Inch by 15-Feet, 36-Inch by 15-Feet 2-Pack, 36-Inch by 15-Feet 3-Pack, 36-Inch by 15-Feet 4-Pack, 36 Inch x 100 Feet



10 reviews for Gila Privacy Mirror Adhesive Residential DIY Window Film Heat Control Glare Control 3ft x 15ft (36in x 180in)

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    Kindle Customer

    Right now there is one 26 inch by 26 inch window pane completed. Yes it took us a fair amount of time to figure out the process and install it and yes the THREE of us failed miserably the first two go’s but the third piece went on fairly well. After watching several installation videos on Youtube and getting it to the point of ignoring half of the installation videos advice, we figured out a method. Even after getting this last try installed I hated the end result, but later after about 6 hours I returned to the glass and smoothed it out further and yes! it adhered perfectly all the bubbles and dimples are gone and it looks absolutely fantastic! No its not going to give privacy so someone can’t look into your bedroom window. Why would anyone put this material somewhere one would need that amount of privacy? Yes it has a mirror effect when the light shines onto it, whether it be sunlight or your porch light at night. Yes if its dark outside and you have your porch light on but turn on your interior lights someone can sort of see in. I see this paper as a way to open your drapes or soji screen (which is what we have -soji screen) and yet not be completely open when the UPS driver comes to the door and delivers our lovely Amazon packages, he gets that mirror and does not see in unless he sticks his face to the window and looks. I have just ordered two more boxes. I also want to mention there is a recipe online 1/4 a teaspoon to 32 ounces water to get the application solution. Make sure you use warm distilled water for that, and shake it up into a never used before misting bottle. Your window needs to be absolutely spotless and so does the frame and if you have a dusty house get your dust totally down and out of that room. I think a lot of failures are variables that these people posting negative remarks are not fully considering every possible reason this product as they claim fails. Its possible they are installing on a very high humidity day, or a hot day or too cold or they think their windows clean and it isn’t or they are using the wrong cloth or tools. We spent a lot of time in prepping the area to do the work. The room itself and the window area not a spike of dust and we even ran an air purifier in to the air, wood floors spotless everything from the leather furniture we made sure no dust whatsoever and our seal to the windows absolutely not a bubble or even a dot of anything between the glass and this paper. The paper did not tear or scratch because I purchased lint free microfiber clothes for this too! The moment you think this is all easy to put on …hey folks, anything quick and easy usually isn’t and when it is..its usually junk! So do the work first if you want this look which I love the way what I did put up works with our home. I know my neighbors are going to be doing it next now…hehe

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    A lot of people have trouble installing these things so I am going to do a brief guide.Three months ago I had never installed one of these things. Now I have covered approximately 15 windows with this mirror film, and with Gila’s other products, rice paper film and frosted glass film.People when they look at my windows believe that I bought special windows, they usually don’t realize that I just put window film up.Directions: Someone in a review said to watch the instruction film at Gila. Also someone said to buy the application kit. Therefore I watched the video twice all the way through, and I bought the kit. This is correct advice. Later when you learn how it all works you can improve on the stuff in the kit, or just not use some of it–but when you are starting you should buy the kit.I watched the instruction video several times, and had it on as I did my first installations so that I could look for answers to my questions. What is essential is that you cut the film to fit carefully before you begin, have the window very clean, and use a lot of the application spray as you install–if you don’t use enough application spray then your film might have a life of its own and move in ways you don’t like, sticking to itself–when it really adheres to itself it instantly leaves permanent creases. You can avoid this by using a lot of application spray.Four of the windows I covered with the film are about 49″ by 42″. Four of the windows are about 59″ X 34″ and were slightly inaccessible because they are high and because I stupidly left a bunch of wooden boards with nails sticking out of them directly beneath the windows. I did all the windows without a helper and all of them look pretty okay at least to me.Hints: (1) They say to use tape to separate the film and the backing–this is correct. You can adhere the tape in the pattern of an X so that the ends of the tape stick off in different directions, then peel the backing off enough to make a split–then fold the tape that is on the backing over onto the front, to prevent the backing from readhering to the film. I know this may not be clear, sorry. But I believe this will help some people.(2) You need a big raised space to prepare the window film and cut it to size–I used a big desk that I cleaned carefully–make sure you have a permanent marker and a long straight edge and measuring tools (I used an angle square as well as a measuring tape). I made jig marks on the desk with the permanent marker so that I could easily see the most common measurements I needed for my windows.(3) You want to measure the windows carefully and have approximately one inch of clearance around the window on the film–you can cut this off later with your razor blade. More than one inch and the film might become unwieldy. as you are installing it.(4) The different window films are different. The rice paper sometimes peels from corners and edges–after you have followed the regular installation instructions you can have some clear silicon ready so that you can put a bead around edges that are peeling or might peel, then smooth it with your finger. It doesn’t look perfect but it’s better than having your sheet peel away.(5) You have to clean the window sills carefully because the window film if it gets into the dirt on the sill might suck the dirt up and prevent adherence–a tiny speck of dirt is enough to make a big white bubble and mess up your installation.(6) You have to identify which side is the lining and I put all my magic marker markings on the lining side so that no matter what they wouldn’t end up visible on the window.(7) As soon as you get each roll of window film take a peek through the inside of it because I received one roll that was all wrinkled on the inside although the outside was okay–it was impossible to install the wrinkly film cleanly. and until now I have one window that looks really horrendous to me, but perhaps not so bad to others or at least they are not complaining about it.(8) Seems will definitely be visible, but they will bother you less than you might think. My advice based on my experience is that you want the seems to be above the halfway point on each window–it makes the window look a lot better that way. You have to plan to make that work.You’ll learn a lot as you go but I hope you can benefit from my own experience. I spent about $250 on various window films from Gila and I like it a lot. The mirror film is a very big security asset in the building I have it on. I have a bird feeder just a couple inches from the outside of a window and I can have my big face parked half an inch from the inside of the window and the birds eat merrily, without flying away. The rice paper is probably the least attractive because it tends to peel and by the way one side of the glass looks very different from the other side when you apply the rice paper film inside your house–however although it may be the least attractive of the films I certainly intend to buy more.The mirror film also makes a big temperature difference–I currently am without air conditioning in the house and so with a sunny house I needed to act to reduce the heat. Side by side, mirrored to untreated, with my hand I felt about a ten degree difference between the amount of heat coming through the windows. I believe this house was almost unusable previously in the summer without air conditioning–and now I am functioning adequately in it (I still do need to resolve the problem of air conditioning at some point however).I haven’t tried the other non-Gila kinds of window film, but this Gila stuff works well enough for me that I have spent a lot of time and money putting it up–and my eyes are wide open I bought a small amount, installed it, and from there decided to continue with the rest of the house. I recommend it but I can’t compare because I haven’t yet tried anything else.

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    After a year it’s holding up without any issues. I applied it to a full glass screen door. Works like it should.i studied some YouTube videos on how to apply this before I applied it. I would consider myself a very handy man. This was easy for me because I studied, had patience, and used a lot of the soap to keep it wet while working it.My tip is to cut it slightly larger than the area your applying it to first. Then use painters tape to hang it over the window. Once it’s hung, peal the backing off between the window and the film slowly from top to bottom. This is when you start spraying everything(window and sticky side of film.). The spray will pool between the backing and the film as you pull the backing down and that’s ok. As you pull the backing down the film will start to lay itself to the window. Once all the backing is peeled, lightly squeegie one stripe straight down the center. Then make a cross. From there, lightly work from the center out. Apply more and more pressure as you go. You shouldn’t have any bubbles this way. But if you do it’s ok to peel the material up and spray and squeegee again. If there are tiny bubbles that’s ok leave them alone they will go away as it dries. Once this process is done trim all the excess off and squeegee the film to the edges.I hope this helps.Enjoy

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    We just installed our window film and we expected it to be a lot more difficult to put up. Trimming was a little difficult because we didn’t have a counter space big enough for the film but we managed. We ended up with a couple creases in the film which showed, so try to keep it as smooth as possible. But once we stuck the film on the window we were pleasantly surprised: it stuck immediately and we could slide it around to get it to the right spot. We didn’t buy the solution (we used the baby shampoo substitute) or the installation tools (we just used a pocket knife which wasn’t perfect but it did the job and credit cards to smooth it out) and it worked great! I included pictures of our window, one covered the other not covered yet to show the difference in light. There’s also a picture from outside, you can’t see through it all during the day which is what we wanted because we have a cat we aren’t supposed to have and she likes to chill in the window and we don’t want her spotted… Shhhhh :)We’re happy with it right now! We’re hoping it will come easily when we move since our place is a rental. If it’s a bad experience I’m sure I’ll edit this post.

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    Amanda B

    I love this and I am pretty sure my cats are loving it. I got this so the birds could not see my cats watching them and scare them off. It was very easy to apply to my window and you get a lot for the price. The only downside (which i read in prior reviews and was aware of before i purchased) at night you can not see out and anyone outside of the window can see in, but i did not need it for night time and close my blinds so it made no difference to me.

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    Crazy Diamond

    Awesome product! We have our entire sunroom windows covered with this stuff. So I knew exactly what it was about. Our entire sunroom is glass windows so this was our best choice for privacy. My favorite bonus is being able to watch the kids play in the yard and they have no idea they’re being watched. It’s very bright during the day. Looking in the windows from the outside you are just looking at yourself in the mirror. Looking outside from the inside is just a light tint. At night however you can see inside a little and especially if the inside is really lit up….more of a view the brighter the inside is. This has never been an issue for us because at night our motion lights go on and our landscape lighting is on so the outside is not completely dark. This order I got for our front door which is all glass. I am so happy that I did it. I got a really nice birdfeeder that I set on our front porch and is filled with Blue Jays and Cardinals and our cats can sit 2 feet away from it inside and watch them and the birds have no idea. Also it’s nice that nobody from the outside can see inside including people that drive by, solicitors, even the mailman…whatever. I can have my door wide open and still have privacy. From the outside It just looks like a big mirror which is fine because it reflects landscaping and flowers. nighttime is not an issue because number one we usually don’t have the door wide-open at night and number two if we did the outside porch light would be on . The key to getting the backing off of the film is to put a piece of tape on each side and pull apart slowly. The key to successful application is to completely soak the glass. I used invisible glass and it worked great . The wetter it is the easier to apply. if it’s sticking and not sliding around easily you need to spray more. The key to using the squeegee successfully is to also spray the outside film once it’s applied to the window. it makes your squeegee work a lot easier. Hope this helps ! I’m attaching a picture of the view from the inside looking out and one from the outside looking in.

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    James S.

     Here is an example of how awesome this daytime privacy window film works. You can clearly tell that the one half of the sliding door has the mirrored reflection privacy film and that the other one does not. I am totally buying more of this to do every window.

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    Bryan G. Sandor

    It is one of the best things I’ve ever purchased for my apartment!My situation: there is one apartment next to me which shares our balcony, and my own is at the top of the stairs leading to the balcony from the ground floor. My neighbor frequently had visitors and they would usually glance into my window (and into my apartment) every time they came up or went down the stairs. I don’t think they were trying to be rude, but at the same time, I didn’t like it and didn’t want to keep my blinds closed all the time. In one afternoon I installed this film on all my windows. From the side receiving light, it’s as though you’re looking into a mirror and the effect is increased the brighter the light source.As stated in the product information (which people seem to neglect to read), the drawback is at night the inside of my apartment is visible from the outside and I see the mirror-like reflection and can’t see out, however, I have my blinds drawn at night regardless. It also diminishes the light level entering my apartment during the day, so it’s a little darker inside my apartment. This is also supposed to reduce sun damage to interior furnishings, and I did notice the very next day that the back of my couch did not get warm from the sun shining on it like it usually does. It also makes my apartment cooler in the summer months — maybe a couple degrees.The installation does require a degree of patience but note that I did install it all on my own without any help. This product DOES NOT INCLUDE INSTALLATION MATERIALS (i.e. squeegee, trimming blade, application spray) which as of this writing costs roughly $8. As suggested, when applying the film, use the spray *very* liberally. It makes using the squeegee to remove the air bubbles much easier.All this said, I’ve enjoyed the privacy these past four years and have had no issue with the film fading or peeling away from the windows. Just know you should trim it a few millimeters from the windowpane edges and not expect “flush” fitting.

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    Leo K

    Finally got to install this window film on my backyard sliding doors. I will not lie, installing this film on a sliding door was a challenge and I had help, but it’s not impossible. I went ahead and bought the recommend solution, just because. I’m not sure if this was stated on the box (I didn’t see it), but the actual instruction on how to apply this film was rolled into the film. Not inside the roll or the box, but actually rolled in with the product. Discover this as I began unrolling the film to measure what I needed for the first door. Those instruction were a heck of a lot better than what’s on the box.If you’re going to install this film on something as big as a door, I highly recommend removing the door from its frame, laying it flat on the floor or dining room table to make application of the film a heck of a lot easier. I will be purchasing a couple more rolls of this for a few windows around the house which share too much to the outside world the inner happenings of my house.One final note, while it might look like your applying it wrong, you’re not. What I mean, when I final separated the protective clear film from the mirror one, the side that faces the glass looked less reflected than the back. It confused me for second or two, and re-read the instruction to make sure I was applying it right, and I was. But like magic (or physics), once the door was placed back on its frame, the outer surface became more reflective and obscured anything on the opposite side.

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    I tried a Chinese film before this Gila version. I noticed that this one was more reflective and a lot thinner. This was a double edged sword. It was more difficult and easier to work with in the sense that it was lighter, but it is easier to fold over itself and cause creases.Be careful and try to keep this film as flat as possible when applying it to the window. I also had a couple of times where the adhesive side rolled over to the non adhesive side and stuck. One time it stuck so bad that when I tried to get it unstuck, it creased all over and had to use another cut of film.Instead of using Gila’s film spray, I just used my own mix of Palmolive and water. Just very little soap and a lot of water. I just eyeballed the soap to water. Gila says you can use baby shampoo, but I didn’t have any on hand. Use LOTS of slip solution, it definitely helps.The results are fantastic. I did it on a weekend where the sun was facing directly onto one of my living room windows. I put my head next to the non-tinted window and the one I applied the film and and there’s a huge difference in heat transfer. The installation process sucked since I’m not a pro, but the end result is worth it. You can’t see inside of my house until it gets dark, then the effect is reversed.Be aware that you’ll not be able to see outside your windows at night unless the light outside is brighter than inside. You may or may not consider this a security issue. I’ve also found that when you start seeing yourself inside the house, it’s a good time to shut your curtains or blinds because the visibility is going the other way during the darker hours.A couple of issues I had during my installation included the film folding over itself and sticking, the corners on some cuts kept rolling up for a while, and larger cuts were harder to manage. For the corner lifting issue, I just kept flattening it over and over and they eventually stuck. I think the reason for this is the way the film is rolled up. Pre-cutting your pieces and flattening them out might help with this, but I just wanted to get it done without having to wait. For the larger cuts, it’ll definitely help if you have someone help you.The tools I used were actually from a car vinyl wrap kit. This included a plastic card with the felt on it, a sharp blade, and a thin edge tool.

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